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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a 20 year old girl wants to know how to reconcile with her mother whom she hasn't spoken with for two years.

    I'm 20 years old and living far away from home. I chose to live so far away because it was far away from my mother, and that was a definite advantage at the time. When I was 18 I had a major disagreement with her and had to move in with a friend to finish the school year. Now, two years later, I've thought about it quite a bit and I sort of want to reconcile but don't know how to go about it. I mean, God tells us to forgive others and respect our parents and all of that, but fails to mention how. I guess the reason we still haven't talked is that I'm still a bit mad and apprehensive so I haven't actually gotten around to initializing contact. I also have some self-confidence issues which always manage to get worse when I'm around her. Our initial argument was actually pretty insignificant: she disagreed with my career choice (which is fine) but gave me an ultimatum and told me I could either choose to leave home and go on that career path or stay home and go to university and get a government job (which was not fine). There were a few underlying issues but that was the straw that broke the camel's back. So my question is: how do I reconcile with her? How do I reach out and start up again? Is there a way to keep the confidence I've built up since I moved out? And how do I forgive and forget?"


    It's our last show of the year so we thought we'd open up the phone lines and let everyone call in about anything! Crazy idea eh? Maybe you'd like to discuss some of our previous topics, or maybe you'd like our listeners to pray for someone, orrrrr maybe you want to just talk to Drew - no really - he has feelings too ya know! It's a perfect time for all you wanna-be theologians to ask Drew what he really believes.

    *12 Hot Topics of 2009 Include:

    • Should Canada change the prostitution laws in order to protect sex trade workers from rape, abuse and murder?
    • Should Canadian churches be perfume free?
    • Do you believe a Christian can get rid of a "gay spirit" through deliverance or exorcism and no longer be gay?
    • Do you think the Pope is someone we should hold in higher esteem than any other pastor, minister or priest - or human for that matter? OR Do you think the Pope should refrain from wearing his cross while visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem?
    • Has your pastor, minister or priest ever flirted with you, hit on you, or worse?
    • Do you think that God reaches out to people through any religion?
    • Do you see anything wrong with a Christian nudist park?
    • If a Pastor gets divorced, should they step down?
    • How many kids are too many kids?
    • Is scaring the Hell out of people the right way to sell Jesus?
    • Do you think churches should have their non profit charitable tax status revoked?
    • Is Drew a jerk for not wanting his son to get into "ministry"?

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