Special Guests


  • Debbie Bay
    Debbie is a wife and mother of two. Three years ago her 21 year-old son tragically drowned. How does someone recover from this sort of loss? What does it do to one's spiritual walk? Listen to this very powerful story of God being in the midst of our messy spirituality!

Talkback, etc.

  • Should we boycott stores that refuse to recognise "Christmas" and have bowed to Politically Correct Insanity?
    Do you know of a store that won't actually use the incredibly offensive phrase... MERRY CHRISTMAS? Listen as Drew actually phones Sears, Home Depot & Wal-Mart to find out firsthand if they say, "Merry Christmas."

  • Christmas is a lousy time to be unemployed!
    Give us a call if you're looking for work or needing to hire someone! Let's do a little networking on The Drew Marshall Show and get some people working again!

  • Which witch is better? Narnia VS Harry Potter
    Have you seen, "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" yet? Have you seen any of the Harry Potter movies? How do they compare? Do you have a problem with all the Harry Potter stuff? Is it too evil?

    Just a bit of fun to lighten up all of the grumpy Christmas shoppers... especially that jerk who stole your parking spot!