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Special Guests

  • Paul Henderson — Canadian Icon / NHL Alumni / Hall of Fame Inductee / Team Canada '72 Hero
    Paul played over 1,000 games in his professional career with the NHL and WHA, during which he scored 376 goals. But it was his goal for Team Canada versus the Soviet Union in the 1972 Summit Series that made him a national hero. Since retiring from hockey, Paul has invested his life mentoring and teaching countless men and women. His latest book, The Goal of My Life: A Memoir, was released in 2012, and he and his wife, Eleanor, have recently recorded a 12-week DVD series entitled Talking Faith with Paul Henderson. Today we'll catch up with Paul about his ongoing battle with Cancer, his ongoing love affair with his wife, and find out some of his secrets to living life to the fullest!

  • Tory Christman — Ex-Scientologist
    According to her Wikipedia page: “Tory Christman is a prominent American critic of Scientology and former member of the organization. Originally brought up to believe in Catholicism, Christman turned to Scientology after being introduced to the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health authored by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard while staying with her parents inChicago, Illinois. She identified with concepts described in the book including the idea of attaining the Scientology state of clear, and became a member of the organization in 1969. She hitchhiked from Chicago to Los Angeles, California, in order to begin the process of studying Scientology, and initially felt that it helped improve her life. In 1972, she joined the elite division within Scientology called the Sea Org. After being a member of the Scientology organization for ten years, Christman reached the spiritual Operating Thetan level of OT III, and learned the story of Xenu. She subsequently rose to a higher Operating Thetan level of OT VII, the second-highest within the organization. Her medical condition of epilepsy caused difficulty while in Scientology, as the organization did not approve of taking medication in order to manage her condition.” Today we'll find out the rest of the story!
    Tory's YouTube Channel
    *Tory will be one of the guests at one of the largest gatherings of Scientology critics & ex-Scientologists - GETTING CLEAR CONFERENCE June 22-26 @ Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre. www.gettingclear.co The Getting Clear conference is planned by Jon Atack and Professor Beverley. Jon is author of A Piece of Blue Sky, one of the most famous books on Scientology. Professor Beverley has been studying Scientology since 1978. He has lectured on Scientology at various international conferences.

  • Andria Spindel — March of Dimes President & CEO

    On June 4th, Drew Marshall will be once again be the official auctioneer at the March Of Dimes Ability & Beyond Gala, which has raised close to $3,000,000! This event has an illustrious history, having hosted very special guests and speakers including Amy Grant - American Music Icon, Alan Thicke - Actor, Debbie Reynolds - Legendary Hollywood Star, Bob Woodruff - ABC News Anchor, David Plouffe - President Obama’s Campaign Manager, H.R.H. The Princess Royal (Princess Anne), The Rt. Hon. Paul Martin, Senator Elizabeth Dole, former Ontario Premiers Hon. Mike Harris, Hon. Ernie Eves, Hon. David Peterson, disability advocate Kyle Maynard, Hollywood Actor Leslie Neilsen and musician Liona Boyd. On Thursday, June 4, 2015 guests at the Ability & Beyond Dinner presented by Bell will be inspired by Captain Mark Kelly's "Endeavour to Succeed" keynote address. Captain Mark Kelly is an American astronaut, who flew missions aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour, the Space Shuttle Discovery, and is one of only two individuals who has visited the International Space Station on four different occasions. He is also a retired US Navy Captain, bestselling author, prostate cancer survivor, and an experienced naval aviator. Named one of Esquire’s 2011 Americans of the Year, Kelly exemplifies leadership, the importance of teamwork, and courage under pressure. Captain Kelly will speak about his incredible life and his personal experience caregiving for his wife, former US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, during her recovery from a traumatic brain injury, the result of an assassination attempt in 2011.
    *Andria Spindel was recruited to March of Dimes in 1981 as Executive Director, and was appointed President and CEO in 2001. She began her career with a bachelor's degree in sociology and went on to teach in East Africa and the Northwest Territories (now Nunavut) before returning to the University of British Columbia to complete a Masters degree in Social Work. In June 2013, Andria received an honarary Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Guelph.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks - It's time for our monthly visit with our favorite Hollywood Correspondent!

Meanwhile, Back On The Farm...

  • With Grant Marshall (Drew's Dad)
    We're losing a generation. A generation of respect, integrity and honour. A generation who were not afraid of hard work and sacrifice. Drew's father IS that generation. Growing up on the farm taught him more about life than Google. So maybe we should take the time to listen – before that generation is gone.

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • This Week's Recording Artist: Angie Nussey
    If one could imagine an uncompromising union between Josh Groban, Sarah McLaughlin and The Barenaked Ladies, it would only begin to set the stage for this unique Canadian talent. Award winning recording artist, Angie Nussey is best known for her emotional, philosophical and at times autobiographical ballads. However, she also doesn’t miss an opportunity to poke fun at everyday situations, the human condition, not to mention herself. Her world-class performances never fail to take her audiences on an emotional journey from totally ridiculous to deeply intense. After five full-length albums, 12 years of touring, and over 15 industry awards for songwriting, vocals, and performance, including Best Song, Best Vocal performance and Female Performer of the year, Nussey is currently recording her new album, Wisdom and Foolishness. Nussey’s secondary passion lies in spirituality and self-discovery. Having battled with depression and acute sensitivities to the world around her, she speaks publicly about her past and enjoys sharing ideas about what our ideal future will look like from the humanistic side. In the spring of 2014, Nussey was featured as a speaker at TEDx Nickle Centre’s Think in 3D. Through words, music, and understandings influenced by leaders such as Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Nelson Mandella, and Marianne Williamson, Nussey eloquently expressed her own points of view on being true to ourselves, and how we all must prepare for the discomfort of the future and the mourning of our past.
    AND Check out our Drewtube page to see some of our previous recording artist LIVE!

Talkback, etc.

  • W.here's T.he F.aith?
    Join Drew and various religion reporters from an assortment of news outlets, as they catch up on happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults (Oh My!) Today's W.T.F. Guest: Terrorism Update with DA BOMB Mubin Shaikh. Ex-Muslim Extremist / Turned Undercover Intelligence Operative, Author of Undercover Jihadi