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  • Barry Shainbaum — Bipolar Jew
    Barry is a broadcaster, speaker, and photographer. For years though, Barry suffered the personal hell of bipolar disorder. Hitting bottom was a swirling cloud of suffering, medication and poverty, as he languished for over a year in a skid-row boarding house. Modern medicine predicted Barry would be mentally ill and drug dependant for life. Against all odds, Barry has overcome bipolar disorder and has completely turned his life around.

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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a man wants to know if he should stay married to his wife despite the fact that she is pregnant with another man’s child.

    “I have an agonizing problem that just guts me. There is not one day that goes by that I do not feel extreme rage which quickly subsides and turns into fits of tears and deep sadness. Here’s the story: My wife and I have been married for 12 years. For various reasons, both selfish and noble, we decided that the family life with children was not for us. We have deep respect for the sanctity of marriage and believe in the vows we took on our wedding day. However we have opted instead for a life of work, travel, humanitarian aid trips to Africa and church involvement. In retrospect I see a subtle shift in my wife’s attitude about children, I can remember vividly several times in the last year or two my wife making off the cuff comments expressing regret over not having children and wishing she could go back and make a different decision. I did not connect the dots. But I was absolutely destroyed when my wife recently told me that she is pregnant with another mans child (I know it true, for surgical reasons). Being committed to a pro-life position means that for us abortion is not even an option. However from there our desires diverge, she wants to keep the child, refusing to put the child up for adoption and saying that the other man (being an unemployed, drug addicted dead beat) is not in a position to raise a child. I however can't imagine that I could love this child, and would see him as a painful reminder of this betrayal. My wife says that if I insist on not wanting custody of the child, she will seek a divorce, since the child comes first. The family life minister at my church thinks that as a husband and a Christian man, it is my obligation to care for this child and love it as my own. The therapist we see agrees with my wife, if the child won't be welcomed with me, the helpless infant comes first and she must move on... I am seething with anger and emotionally destroyed. I have discovered my blood pressure is through the roof, my position at work is insecure because of my emotional state, my stomach is riddled with ulcers because I am so distraught with the unfairness of it all. I was the victim and yet I have all the obligations and I'm having the future of my marital life dictated to me by a situation that I would have done anything to have avoided. What do I do? Am I being a failure in my duties as a husband and a man? Am I obligated to love this child? Or is my best friend right when he says, "Let her leave, women of depth and character do exist, and the window for them to find you will be opened with your wife bailing. It’s not a divorce; it’s an exodus from a marital Egypt." I love my wife and want this marriage to continue, but the pain, jealousy and deep sense of rejection and the reminders in the form of a small child are too much for me to bear... Help!”

  • Is Drew a jerk for not wanting his son to get into “ministry”
    “I’ve got a personal, family issue I’d like some advice on. That is if you don’t mind it finally being about ME! My 20-year old son wants to go into full time “ministry” – working at a Christian camp, going to Bible College and... wait for it… yes, working at a church! (God sure is funny…) I DO NOT want my son to have to endure the garbage that comes with that turf – especially being expected to work more hours for less money just because he’s ‘working for Jesus.’ Sure there are perks and positives to doing this kind of work, but I don’t want him to have to endure the politics and the pettiness that tends to plague ‘ministry’ because Mickey Mouse management doesn’t have the budget to hire the right people so they end up taking “those whom the Lord has sent,” which ends up being “those who couldn’t make it in the real world.” Never mind not being able to provide properly for a family! Oy Vey…”

  • Fun with Humble, Tim & Drew
    Join us, won’t you, for a little light banter, holiday frivolity, and dead air... with three of the most ADD men in… how many is Tiger up to now? Call in and join us as we discuss the exhilarating lives of others.

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