Special Guests

  • Bob Carlisle — International Recording Artist
    Bob was introduced to Christian music in the early 70s during the time of the "Jesus Movement" in southern California. He appeared with several early Jesus Music acts, including Allies, and sang backup vocals on sessions with Bryan Duncan, Vince Ebo, Sandi Patti and Petra before signing with Sparrow Records as a solo artist. Bob’s life changed forever with the chart topping success of "Butterfly Kisses." Some of those changes were good – some, not so much.

  • “Humble Howard” Glassman — Toronto Radio Personality, Reluctant Jew
    Funny man and legendary DJ, Humble Howard is one of Toronto's best-known radio personalities. Humble is also a stand up comedian, part-time pilot, columnist, video-director, golfer, and recently co-published a book entitled The Slime That Men Do. He’s also a man who finds himself wondering about the reality of this God his Jewish family introduced him to, back in the day. As a special favour, Howard returns to talk with Drew about his crisis of faith. We’ll see just who will influence who in what promises to be an even more disjointed discussion than the last time he was on our show!

  • TODAY’S DROOGLE GUEST Karla Yaconelli — Widow of Author/Speaker Mike Yaconelli
    DROOGLE: Drew's Search For God From now until our Christmas show on December 18, 2010 Drew will speak to a variety of prominent people during each show, ask them why they believe in God, and if they've ever had a legitimate personal encounter with Him. We'll even ask a few prominent atheist/agnostic guests why they don't believe there’s a God. Basically, we'll ask each of our DROOGLE guests to attempt to "talk him off the ledge!" Either to jump - or to climb back inside his faith. Our "God Guests" will include celebrities, apologists, theologians, and authors. Bottom line - Drew is asking for an "encounter" with God for Christmas! Click here to read more: www.drewmarshall.ca/droogle.

    *DROOGLE Bits – After each DROOGLE interview, Drew will share DROOGLE emails and Facebook comments from our listeners, and give an update on the ongoing TWEET ME OFF dialogue with Bruxy Cavey and Paul Young.

  • John Martin — Author of Under Pressure, Permission Changes Everything
    Under Pressure begs the reader to ask some difficult questions about themselves, their lives and the world we live in. Why do we do the things we do? What influences and motivates us and do we have the ability to live our lives differently? The first half of the book examines “the Red letters”, the six ugliest, most dangerous, hurtful, harmful words in the English language. The second half looks at the power of permission. Educated in Philosophy and Theology at university, John was ordained a Protestant minister, serving in that capacity for ten years. During his time as a cleric, John became interested in specialized ministry. He worked on the streets of Toronto with the homeless, needy, disenfranchised and lost. From there, he spent the next several years as chaplain in the cancer ward of a large Canadian hospital.


  • Tania Fiolleau
    Tania was trapped in an abusive relationship with a man who tried to run her over with his car. In order to escape this hell with her children, she needed to win sole custody but Tania did not have the means to pay for the associated legal fees. Desperate for money, she answered a misleading add in the paper and ultimately accepted a job in the sex trade. Being a fast learner with a good sense for business, Tania ended up becoming a Madame and was responsible for turning around a brothel in financial trouble. She then purchased one of the leading brothels in Vancouver. Eventually, $350,000 and four years later, with the Supreme Court judge taking nine months to render a decision, the Supreme Court awarded her sole custody. Now Tania needed to decide whether she would follow through on her promise to God to get out of the business should her prayers be answered.

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  • The Counsel Of Many!
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    This week on The Counsel of Many: a newlywed wife of a recently paralyzed husband isn’t sure she can handle a lifetime of shattered dreams and wants to know if divorce is an option.
    My husband and I are in our late 20s, have been married for 3 years but do not "yet" have children. We have both been raised in Christian homes, brought up to value marriage, and to expect and work towards a life in line with our marital vows. This means striving towards a lasting marriage ('Til death do us part), a faithful marriage (forsaking all others), and a selfless & committed marriage (in sickness and in health). However the last year has just thrown up in my face how those vows were probably just words to me and how my family heritage of a strong belief in the sanctity of marriage may not be my own, but me merely following my families status quo. Bottom line: I am far too weak to continue in this marriage. I know I should, but I am desperate. About a year ago my husband fell from a roof top at his construction job becoming a quadriplegic. This was absolutely devastating for both of us. My husband had his mobility taken away, we have lost our sole source of income, and the dreams we both shared about children and grandchildren completely destroyed. In all this, my selfishness is starting to act up. Do I want to continue in this marriage? Do I want to live in a sexless marriage, at least in the traditional sense of the word? Do I want to give up the dream of children? During our many discussions since the injury, my husband has almost begged me to leave him because he feels such shame and self hatred for "being a burden." (I assure him that I love him and that he is not a burden.) He has even suggested an open marriage with a "Don't ask, Don't Tell." policy for my benefit (That seems wrong to me.) I guess I am stuck right now between three impossible solutions. I do not feel that divorce is the right thing. I believe that an open marriage is still adultery. However, I am also emotionally drained, depressed and I am mourning the future my husband and I have lost. I love my husband, but I feel too weak to make this work, though I know I should. Is there grace from God for intentional/knowing sin (divorce/open marriage)? Any feed back would be appreciated.

  • Do you believe in a literal Hell?
    Is there a lake of fire which awaits all those who reject Jesus Christ as their Saviour? Will everyone who hasn’t fully surrendered their lives to God, asked for forgiveness of their sins and chosen to follow Christ, be punished eternally in torment and darkness, with weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth? Or is there a different definition of Hell which could also be backed by Scripture?