Special Guests

  • Donald Miller
    Author of... "Blue Like Jazz," "Searching For God Knows What," "Through Painted Deserts" and his latest, "To Own A Dragon." His candid, often hilarious writing on life, faith and meaning has attracted a devoted cult following! This guy gets it!

  • Hiram Joseph
    Performs LIVE! Join us as we catch up with one of the sweetest voices in Canadian Christian Music! (Sorry about the sound quality during Hiram's songs... he literally blew the mic away! What a POWERHOUSE!)


Talkback, etc.

  • Should couples stay together just for the kids, or should they face the music and just divorce?
    There seems to be a growing trend towards couples staying together for the sake of the kids. Are you and your spouse doing this? When they get old enough, are you planning on divorcing? What age do your children need to be, before the damage and impact becomes "minimal?" If you're in a "loveless" marriage, do you think God wants more for you?

  • Does swearing bother you? Do you swear casually?
    Would you say something to someone who was swearing around you? Do you use words that were considered swear words 20 years ago but aren't today? Which swear words offend you and which ones don't? (How the heck are we gonna do this friggin' topic on the stinkin' radio?)