Special Guests

  • Mayor Hazel McCallion — Mayor Of Mississauga, ON
    Mayor Hazel McCallion was honoured last week by Regis Philbin during the 22nd annual Mayor's Gala. Philbin praised McCallion, 87, who is celebrating 30 years as Mississauga’s mayor. During Live With Regis and Kelly, he mentioned Hurricane Hazel, listing some of the mayor's accomplishments: attracting 59 Fortune 500 companies to the city and building a city hall, performing arts centre and sports complex without taxpayer dollars. "She's at 93 per cent popularity in the polls and she doesn't even campaign." Some past performers over the two decades of the Mayor's Gala include Aretha Franklin, Bob Newhart, Earth Wind & Fire, Anne Murray, Paul Anka, Burton Cummings and Bill Cosby. In 2004, she became a finalist for the title World Mayor, joining some 50 mayors from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Then on December 5, 2005 Mayor McCallion became the runner up to the Mayor of Athens, Greece! Of the innumerable awards bestowed upon this woman of integrity, the one she is most proud of happened November 18, 2005 when Mayor Hazel McCallion received the "Order of Canada."
    Originally aired February 25, 2006

  • The Jesus Bloggers
    A rare collection of some of the most interesting Jesus Bloggers online today. Drew and the boys will chat about the U.S. election, The Shack, Prosperity Doctrine, and basically anything they want to from the crazy world of North American Christendom. Feel free to join Drew and the Jesus Bloggers in what’s sure to be a wild ride through the world of Christianity 101! Give us a call and weigh in with your thoughts.
    Darryl Dash - www.dashhouse.com
    Bill Kinnon - www.kinnon.tv
    Michael Spencer - www.internetmonk.com


  • Bonnie
    Sexually abused by her Uncle between the ages of 10-27, Bonnie’s idea of love became understandably warped over the years. At 18 she had an abortion and only told her Uncle. Even while experiencing problems in her first marriage, her Uncle was there to "comfort" her. Bonnie tried to free herself from her uncle but was encouraged by her mother to talk to him and felt... "he would not love her if she didn’t comply" ... so the relationship continued. At the age of 25, Bonnie found herself separated, pregnant and living with her parents. Her Uncle’s actions had torn the family apart and catapulted her into a life of unhealthy relationships. Just this past year her Uncle, now in his 70’s, plead guilty to two counts of sexual assault, gross indecency, indecent assault, sexual intercourse with a person under 16 and rape. His crimes began in 1972 and involved many young people including a girl as young as 13. In Bonnie's victim impact statement read out during the sentencing of her Uncle, she said, "Because I have been forgiven by what Jesus did on the cross for me, I chose to forgive my Uncle Bob many years ago and God has healed me, set me free and His love is enough for me!"...WOW...

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A teenager feels his parents are being totally unfair for not allowing anything but Christian music in the house.
    "My parents won’t let me listen to anything but Christian music and I think this is totally unfair. They say that anything other than Christian music is like from Satan or something. I’ve tried listening to some Christian music but the stuff I’ve heard sounds like crap. Music is my life and it’s such a huge part of who I am. They found some of my CD’s and took them from me. They’ve even erased my downloaded tunes! Unbelievable! I’m so angry with them for doing this. All this makes me want to do is to NEVER listen to Christian music ever again. Somebody please tell me they see my point? My parents are crazy, right?"

  • If your Pastor/Priest/Minister/Rabbi etc., was found to have sexually abused minors, do you think that the police should be automatically brought in or would it be better to handle things "in-house"?
    Some people might suggest that the police should always be brought in while others, including the Catholic Church, have chosen to keep things out of the legal system. The clergy would eventually be disciplined, removed from office, then rehabilitated/healed through in-house ministry. What if your pastor was caught abusing children? Would you want him to automatically be dealt with by the legal system and trial by media or would you rather things be handled more quietly and within the denomination or church?

  • How do you feel about Obama being the next president of the United States of America?
    Some people are ecstatic and very emotional that America has voted in it’s very first black leader. Others are worried and even angry that Americans are so ignorant as to vote for someone with a totally unproven track record. Some Christians don’t think he’s a genuine follower of Christ, some claim he’s a Muslim, while others are just flat out frustrated that the Democrats will be holding too much power in Washington. What’s your reaction to last week’s historic events?