Special Guests

  • Lisa Whelchel — Blair from Facts Of Life, Certified Life Coach, 2016 Camino Pilgrim
    “I am grateful to have played many roles in my lifetime (and some of them on screen). I discovered acting at the age of eight and proceeded to perform in musical theater for the next four years. At the age of twelve, I was chosen from a nationwide talent search for new Mouseketeers and moved to California to be on ‘The New Mickey Mouse Club.’ After taping 186 episodes, I spent the next couple of years filming a variety of movies (that went straight to video,) telefilms, and guest appearances on television shows. I spent the majority of the eighties as ‘Blair’ on ‘The Facts of Life.’ We filmed the last episode in March of ‘88. I got married in July of ‘88. Then had a child in ‘90, ‘91 and ‘92. (Obviously, Mrs. Garrett taught me the facts of life well). At that point, I left showbiz to be a stay-at-home wife and mother and that has been my favorite role yet.”

  • Eric Metaxas — #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author of Everything You Wanted to Know About God (But Were Afraid to Ask)
    Best known for his #1 New York Times best-selling book “Bonhoeffer” and the more recent “If You Can Keep It”, Eric Metaxas provides a witty and highly accessible resource for those who want to explore honest questions about God and Christianity but may not be planning to crack open a Bible anytime soon. What makes this book stand apart is that it avoids the usual religious and theological jargon often found in books on apologetics. Presented in a straightforward Q & A format, Metaxas addresses common questions people have, including:
    How can a good God create a world that has evil and suffering?
    Is God anti-sex? Is God anti-women?
    How can anyone take the Bible seriously?
    How does prayer work?
    Doesn’t science make God obsolete? What does the Bible say about evolution?
    What’s the real story on miracles?
    If God is everywhere, why go to church? Don’t we already have God within us?
    Isn’t God too busy running the universe to care about the details of my day?
    What does the Bible say about things like UFOs, ESP and the afterlife?

    Metaxas, who is also a nationally syndicated radio host, notes that regardless of the title, Everything You Wanted to Know About God (But Were Afraid to Ask) is not meant to be definitive or exhaustive. He hopes it will start important conversations that will go far beyond its pages.

  • That Canadian Guy (Glen Foster) — Comedian
    Glen Foster has been one of the top headliners in Canada for over three decades. He didn't just work the road, he's one of the guys who helped to build it. Glen appeared in his first one hour comedy special, "That Canadian Guy" in 2000 and, since then, the moniker has stuck. Many of his fans, don't even know his actual name, but they do know one thing: "That Canadian Guy" is one of the funniest comedians anywhere. Glen's comedy appeals to those who appreciate a more intelligent, but slightly "edgy" brand of humour. His material is mostly clean and always clever, topical and timely, reflecting his own experiences as well as current events and popular culture. He's also not afraid to inject his own political and often "politically incorrect" opinions and social commentary. Glen recently appeared in his second one hour Comedy Network special and has also performed on numerous other television shows including EIGHT appearances with CBC's "Just for Laughs", as well as "The Winnipeg Comedy Festival", "Halifax Comedy Festival", and "The Mike Bullard Show". He can also be heard frequently on CBC Radio's "The Debaters". Glen has released three full length concert CDs, His latest is "Prickly: Live at The Rose".
    *That Canadian Guy's Canadian Guys Comedy Tour will be stopping by Oakville Saturday April 1st 8:00 PM at The Pic-A-Deli Restaurant in Oakville Ontario. Also joining Glen will be our good friend Howard “Humble” Glassman from The Humble & Fred Show.

  • Howard “HUMBLE” Glassman — Radio Legend, Comedian
    Listen to Humble & Fred every morning LIVE from 7am-9am on SiriusXM Channel 168, and anytime at www.humbleandfredradio.com
    Howard will be performing his version of “comedy” at That Canadian Guy's Canadian Guys Comedy Tour during the April Fool's Day show Saturday April 1st 8:00 PM at The Pic-A-Deli Restaurant in Oakville Ontario.
    *Listen to Humble as he chats with Drew & 'That Canadian Guy' Glen Foster (see above). Then head over to the 'Pub Crawl' and listen in as they discuss this weeks topics with Tal Bachman!

  • Drew Sokol (Pastor) & Cory Markum (Atheist) — Hosts of the HINGE Podcast
    HINGE is the podcast of two men whose lives have led them to different conclusions about the most important questions in life. Cory and Drew, also wrestle with one of the most polarizing questions in history: Who was Jesus Christ?

    *Drew is a Christian pastor who, in 2014, found himself confronted with doubts about his own beliefs. After spending months re-evaluating everything he believed about Christianity, Drew is now carrying his own private wrestling into public conversations about Jesus. Drew is currently moving with his wife to New York City, where he will be working with Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

    *Cory is a writer/philosopher who grew up Christian but, for numerous reasons, lost his faith and became an atheist late in his teens. After years of study, Cory seeks out discussions with people of faith, out of curiosity and in hope to bring together those who stand on different sides of the theological aisle. Cory recently moved to the Philadelphia with his puggle, Darwin.

  • Heather Avis — Author of The Lucky Few: Finding God’s Best in the Most Unlikely Places
    Heather Avis, founder of popular Instagram account, @macymakesmyday, is sharing the story of how she and her husband became adoptive parents to their three children, Macyn, Truly and August – two of which have Down syndrome – and recounts the joys that come out of being willing to accept the unexpected. In her debut book, The Lucky Few, Heather is upfront with readers that she was broken hearted as a young married woman after learning she would not be able to have children. She never planned to adopt, especially not children with special needs. While her path to motherhood was completely unexpected, today she is incredibly grateful for the journey. “The three children Josh and I have the privilege of parenting today are not the ones I would have found on the path I had set out for myself,” said Avis. “They are my wildflowers, pushing their way through the dirt and stretching up to the sun. My wildflowers have required me to be a certain kind of wild myself—the kind of wild I couldn’t have become on my own. Today I can see I was created for profound experiences far beyond the reach of simple expectations.” Avis confesses that it has not been an easy path, with the stressful adoption process and the added complications of Macyn and August’s health struggles related to Down syndrome, she and her husband had to learn to rely on their faith to make it through the darkest times. Throughout The Lucky Few, Avis recounts the steps in their journey and even though many of them were harrowing, she is extremely grateful for the lessons she has learned along the way and would not change a thing.
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LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • The Small Glories
    Folk powerhouse pair The Small Glories are Cara Luft & JD Edwards, a dynamic duo planted on the Canadian Prairies. A self-professed “study in contrasts,” Luft's folkie yin proves a perfect match for Edwards’ rocker yang. Thrown together purely by accident for an anniversary show at Winnipeg’s venerable West End Cultural Centre, The Small Glories is a partnership that could almost make you believe in fate. Straight out of the gate these two veteran singer/songwriters built a buzz around their tight harmonies, authenticity, visceral live performances and equally well-matched guitar prowess that doesn’t come around often. Luft packs a mean banjo as well. The Winnipeg Free Press asks, "can two singer-songwriters be better than one? Yes, emphatically, yes, if the two in question are Cara Luft and JD Edwards... It’s our loss they didn’t [join forces] sooner... It’s magic.” Their 2016 debut album “Wondrous Traveler” is steeped in classic song structure, delivering instantly appealing melodic Americana with first-rate playing. The album found its way onto many critic’s Top 10 lists across North America and Europe, and The Small Glories are finding themselves on stages from Vancouver to London and beyond.

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Pub Crawl

  • Drew & His Mates Crack Open A Few!
    Current affairs, pop culture, even touchy-feely-relational stuff. Listen in OR call and join us, as we crawl from topic to topic! (Got a topic you want the gang from the pub to crack open? CLICK HERE)

    This Week on The Pub Crawl:

    Howard “HUMBLE” Glassman - Radio Legend, Comedian
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    Tal Bachman - Recording Artist
    He’s the She’s So High Guy! Tal was also featured in Bill Maher's mocumentary, Religulous, as an ex-Mormon. He’s the son of legendary guitarist Randy Bachman from The Guess Who (American Woman) and Bachman Turner Overdrive, (Takin' Care Of Business). He’s also really good friends with THIS GUY
    Tal's Facebook Page

    1/ We’ll ask a Jew and an ex-Mormon: “Which bugs you more? That Canadian Senator Don Meredith - who allegedly groomed a teenage girl for years so that when she turned 18 he could have sex with her - is a Senator or a Pentecostal Pastor? READ ARTICLE

    2/ Three guys discuss how they’ve screwed up their own kids. Drew has 2, Howard has 2, Tal has... more than 2.

    3/ If you had US$100,000 would you join eight other people and travel 4,000 metres below sea level in a titanium and carbon-fibre submersible to visit the Titanic? What WOULD be on your bucket list?

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Talkback, etc.

  • Listener Feedback
    For the first time since we began doing our hugely popular "Live on TDMS" segment we had a guest cancel (due to the flu) with no time to re-book! So Drew figured it was a good opportunity to share with you, some of the listener feedback he's received over the years via email and Speakpipe. Turns out people kinda like what Drew does... well most of them...
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