Special Guests

  • Wayne Rice & Paul Robertson
    ATTENTION ALL PARENTS & YOUTH WORKERS... Two of North America's top youth guru's join us to discuss today's youth culture!
    ** Wayne is the founder and director of "Understanding Your Teenager," a college professor, and a frequent speaker / youth leadership trainer. Wayne has worked with teenagers since 1963 in church and para-church youth ministry. He is the co-founder of Youth Specialties, the nation's largest provider of resources and training for youth ministry, and has authored or co-authored more than thirty books for youth workers and parents! www.uyt.com
    ** Paul is a veteran youth specialist and instructor in youth culture at Tyndale College and has been with Youth For Christ Toronto for over 25 years. Oh... and he only owns two ties!!


Talkback, etc.

  • Paul Robertson takes your calls on understanding today's youth culture.
    Listen as a mother shares about her struggles with a son who has run away from home and another mother who emotionally cries out for help on how to deal with a daughter who thinks she might be a lesbian.

  • Have you ever been a victim of abuse by your spouse? Do you know of anyone within your church who is currently being abused by their spouse? NO MORE SECRETS - PART 2!
    Last week we tried to talk about why the church seems to be a safe haven for spousal abuse... apparently it's still hard for people to discuss! Co-Author of Refuge From Abuse: Healing and Hope for Abused Christian Women, Catherine Clark Kroeger joins us this week, to shed some light on why the church still seems to be a great place for wife beaters to hide.

  • Are you a doubter or one of those irritating 100% faithful believers?
    You know what's really hard to understand? People who have never, ever, in their life, doubted the existence of God. What is it that makes you doubt or what is it that makes you NEVER doubt?