Special Guests

  • Michael Sweet — International Recording Artist
    Currently the touring front man for the classic rock band Boston, most of you will recognize Michael from his days with the heavy metal band – Stryper. It was 25 years ago that Stryper broke on to the scene with their debut EP Yellow and Black Attack and have since gone on to sell 8 million records worldwide and tour the world, spreading an inspirational message through their branded sound of rock songs, heavy guitars, and pristine harmony vocals.

  • Jay Leach — International Recording Artist
    A world-renowned guitarist whose TV work includes... American Idol, Matlock, In The Heat of The Night, Murder She Wrote, Jake and The Fatman and several episodes of Touched By An Angel, Jay Leach has also worked on radio commercials for... IBM, Budweiser, Denny's, McDonald's, Nike, Black Angus Steak House, and Mercedes. He’s performed on various movie soundtracks including... Mars Attacks, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Gone Fishin', Tough Enough, A Simple Wish, Smokey and the Bandit III, Urban Cowboy, Big Business, and Six Days & Seven Nights. He’s played with a variety of artists such as... Roy Orbison, Barry Manilow, Gladys Knight, John Denver, The Pointer Sisters, Bonnie Raitt, Kirk Whalum, Michael McDonald and has been a session guitarist on over 70 contemporary Christian albums including albums by Carman, Barry McGuire and Joni Eareckson Tada.

  • Martin Himel — Award Winning Journalist and Filmmaker
    Martin Himel has been producing and directing news reports and documentaries since 1995. He has served major international broadcasters such as BBC, CNN, NBC, PBS, Global Television, VisionTV and HDNet’s Dan Rather Reports. Mr. Himel has been reporting on developments in the Middle East since 1983, first as bureau chief and correspondent for CTV News, and later for Baton Broadcasting, FOX News and Global Television. His latest project, Twist of Faith, is a documentary series that explores the relationship between religion and current events. In the final episode of this VisionTV Special, producer and host Martin Himel ponders the fate of Jerusalem's Temple Mount, a site holy to Jews and Muslims alike. It is perhaps the most contested piece of land on earth. A mere 38 acres, it lies at the very heart of a conflict that will shape the destiny of millions. SERIES FINALE: Monday, June 1, 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT: The Temple Mount Controversy.

  • N.T. Wright — Bishop of Durham & Leading New Testament Scholar
    N. T. Wright is one of the world's top biblical scholars, a prolific author, and the Bishop of Durham for the Church of England. His book, Jesus and the Victory of God, is widely regarded as one of the most significant studies on the historical Jesus. He has been featured on ABC News, Dateline, The Colbert Report and in Time Magazine. Wright taught New Testament studies for twenty years at Cambridge, McGill, and Oxford Universities. Among his many published works are Simply Christian, The Challenge of Jesus, The Meaning of Jesus (coauthored with Marcus Borg), What Saint Paul Really Said, and his latest with Craig Evans, Jesus The Final Days: What Really Happened.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
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    With a reputation built on Trust, Respect and Integrity, protecting your family's interests is Dawn's primary concern. Visit bennettlaw.ca today.
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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: parents of a teenager want to know if they should let their son attend a completely different church, one they’re not really all that comfortable with.
    “My husband and I are having a tough time figuring out if we should let our 15 year old son attend a different church. Our family has been going to a United Church around the corner from our house for years. A couple of months ago, he started going with some friends to a Pentecostal Tabernacle church quite a distance away from where we live. His friend’s parents take a few kids whenever they have a special youth event on. I never really had a problem with our son going to those events once in a while, but now he wants to go to their youth group and ditch the one at our church. He also wants to go to their Sunday services instead of going to the one at our church. Both my husband and I are a little leery about the stuff they teach at this church. We’ve never gone but some of our friends have told us that it’s pretty out there. Lots of emotional manipulation, always talking about money, and apparently they want everyone who goes to this church to “speak in tongues”. It almost seems kind of cultish and as parents, we just don’t want our son getting involved with a bunch of whacky religious fanatics. And yet, I wonder if we’re being too overprotective. I mean, it’s not like he’s out there doing drugs and getting wasted with a bunch of hoodlums off the street. Maybe some other parents, or teens, could give us some advice? Do we forbid him from going to this church or should we just relax?”

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