Special Guests

  • Michael Sweet — Stryper Frontman
    The quintessential Christian rock band Stryper is back with a new CD of cover tunes from some of the bands which influenced the boys over the years. The Covering comes out in February and is already causing some controversy. With songs from bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Van Halen, UFO, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Kansas, some have wondered if Stryper has lost their way. Michael’s response: “We wanted to step outside the box and record a record that shows you, the fans, where we come from - our historical, musical roots so to speak. It's a side to Stryper that no one has really seen or heard before, or at least quite like this. For those of you who may think that we're walking away from our faith - your wrong. We've never been more serious about our faith at any point in our lives. It is however important to enjoy what you do and lighten up from time to time. That's what we plan to do. This was a fun record to make and we hope that this comes through, as well as the chance to showcase the abilities that we've been blessed with.” More than a quarter of a century ago, Stryper broke on to the scene with their debut EP Yellow and Black Attack and have since gone on to sell millions of records worldwide and tour the world, spreading an inspirational message through their branded sound of rock songs, heavy guitars, and pristine harmony vocals.

  • The Honourable David C. Onley — The Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
    The Honourable David C. Onley has championed disability issues on many fronts and for many years. Having lived with polio and post-polio syndrome since the age of three, he has broken through social barriers and become a role model. In his 22-year career with CityTV, he was Canada’s first senior newscaster with a visible disability. A popular news anchor, host/producer, science and technology specialist, and weatherman, he showed that ability outshines disability. In view of his success in life, Mr. Onley credits his Christian faith and the ongoing support of his wife, singer and Christian recording artist Ruth Ann Onley, and their three sons, Jonathan, Robert, and Michael.

  • Diane Lee-Clemons — Gospel Recording Artist
    Diane has performed at the Vibe Gospel Music Awards, sung the national anthem at NBA and CFL games, and appeared on Canada’s largest national Christian television program, 100 Huntley Street. She also appeared in the CTSNetwork The Rev and made a guest appearance on Train 48. More recently you may have seen her on the covers of Hello Canada!, AMOI and Planet Africa. Diane recently graced the stage at the "House of Blues" in New Orleans and will perform this year in the Dominican Republic, Arizona, Edmonton, and Toronto. Along with her husband, CFL legend Michael “Pinball” Clemons, they’re committed to building 131 schools in third world countries in the next five years.

  • Amoy Levy — Gospel Recording Artist
    Amoy Levy’s three octave vocal range allows her to excel in everything from traditional and contemporary Gospel to Pop, Jazz, R&B and Rock. Other than being a soloist with the Juno Award Winning Toronto Mass Choir,Amoy has toured across Canada and the United States and has performed in The Canadian Country Music Awards, YTV awards with 98 Degrees, The Rita MacNeil Show and the Anne Murray Show. Amoy has shared the stage with Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Michelle Wright and gospel greats Danny Brooks, Fred Hammond, Hezekiah Walker, Ricky Dillard and John P. Kee. She has also recorded with producers Jack Lenz and David Crystal for various commercials and television appearances. A much in demand session singer, Amoy’s powerhouse soprano voice is a staple in Canada’s music industry.

    Both Amoy & Diane will be featured in this year’s production of The Evolution of Gospel Music on Friday, February 4th and Saturday, February 5th at The Global Kingdom Ministries in Scarborough, Ontario. In collaboration with the Juno Award winning Toronto Mass Choir, this powerful musical journey moves audiences from the early days of Negro spirituals, through the turmoil of the 60s, to today’s contemporary gospel music scene. The production boasts a phenomenal cast representing some of the best Canadian actors, dancers and gospel musicians; and celebrates the music of Thomas Dorsey, Mahalia Jackson, and James Cleveland. For tickets call 905.794.1139.

  • Rabbi Jonathan Bernis — Author of A Rabbi Looks At Jesus of Nazareth
    Raised in a traditional Jewish family, international television host Jonathan Bernis was taught from a young age that "Jews don't—and can't!—believe in Jesus." Yet in his study of the Bible, including the Torah, he found overwhelming evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really was the Jewish Messiah. With warmth and transparency, Bernis talks about discovering Jesus in history, and how it was that the Jewish Yeshua became the Gentile Jesus. By presenting historic evidence that Jesus is Messiah and refuting common Jewish objections, Bernis gives Christians the knowledge and tools they need to share their Lord with their Jewish friends in a loving, effective way.

  • Heather Gingerich — Director of The International Medical Geology Association Canada
    Is the Christian Aid organization you support inadvertently poisoning the community they’re trying to help? Bugs in the water are definitely bad news for babies but "drilling and dashing" without testing the water supply for chemical contaminants like pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial waste or naturally-occurring arsenic, is slowly poisoning adults too. And along the way, our geological research is playing a massive role in eventually collapsing the food chain. “It’s just a Third World problem, isn’t it?” Think again. It's happening in Ontario! “It’s not really affecting me though, right?” Actually according to Heather Gingerich, the Director of the International Medical Geology Association in Canada, your kid’s IQ and your sex life might already be at risk. “Genetics load the gun – Environment pulls the trigger.”

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    This week on The Counsel of Many: A man is worried that he won't be able to stay in a committed relationship with his current girlfriend with out cheating on her.

    "I'm 30...ish, a marketing manager and in pretty good shape. I have a successful career with a high profile job in a women's clothing firm. I share an apartment with a buddy of mine, but hope to move into my own condo soon. Here's the problem – I can't love any woman who falls in love with me! As soon as I feel a woman has committed to me, I cheat on them, and then break up with them! My current girlfriend has not put any pressure on me to get more involved, but I'm anxious that I'll repeat the pattern of using women that developed while playing semi-pro hockey. She seems very committed to me though and it makes me nervous 'cause I like her. I have never been in therapy before, but am willing to try it because an old family friend of my dad's told me I needed help. I'm not sure that I need help and I'm REALLY skeptical of any approach that is too religious. I don’t want to be preached at, I got way too much of that growing up and really want nothing to do with religion because of the hypocrisy I observed in the church. I admit that I do drink quite a bit and I sometimes wonder if I may actually be depressed and might need medication??? I know it seems odd that I'm writing into a “Christian” station for advice but I've heard your show a couple times and you seem pretty down to earth and might understand where I'm coming from. Thanks."

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