Special Guests

  • Kimberlin Brown — 'Sheila Carter' on The Bold & The Beautiful and The Young & The Restless
    Kimberlin Brown is a true renaissance woman. Best know as popular villainess Sheila Carter on CBS’s multi award winning international soap operas, “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful,” she is now a successful business woman and passionate political activist. Kimberlin began her career modeling for the famed modeling agent Nina Blanchard in the 80’s. Moving into acting was a natural progression and she quickly captured rolls in films including “Who’s That Girl” with Madonna, “Eighteen Again” with George Burns, “The Opposite Sex” with Courtney Cox and “Eye Of The Tiger” with Gary Busy. Kimberlin also landed many television guest roles on shows including “Matt Houston,” “TJ Hooker,” “Diagnosis Murder” and many more. In 1991, she landed the roll of Sheila Carter on CBS’s “The Young And The Restless”. Together with producer/writer William Bell, Kimberlin created one of daytime dramas most popular villains ever. The already popular show witnessed the highest ratings share to that point in their history prompting William Bell to cross Kimberlin’s character over to his sister show “The Bold And The Beautiful.” The week Kimberlin started airing, "The Bold And The Beautiful” soared to number two in the ratings giving the Bells the top two rated shows in daytime television both nationally and internationally. For the next fifteen years, Kimberlin played the part of Sheila Carter on both shows crossing back and forth and enjoying her time equally on each. Kimberlin also had long term rolls on daytime’s “Port Charles,” “One Life To Live” and most recently on “All My Children.” With her own children now grown, Kimberlin has had the time and ability to travel for film work. She had roles in the independent film, “American Hero,” film short “The Necklace,” winning several audience choice and outstanding actress awards for that part, and most recently the independent release of “Five Hour Friends” staring opposite Tom Sizemore. Recently, Kimberlin has engaged in yet another passion, political activism. As a proud American and Republican, she was a prime time featured speaker at the Republican Convention in Ohio following Dr. Ben Carson. She fervently spoke about small business and women in business. She is a member of California Business Women for Trump.

  • Lindsay Vandenhurk — Owner of Discover Your Yoga
    It was Lindsay’s first time professionally speaking and she was incredibly nervous. Her biggest fear was getting up and speaking in front of a group of women. And for some reason, she accepted an invitation to… speak in front of a bunch of women! In Lindsay’s experience, women have been judgemental, catty, cruel, condemning, backstabbing & untrustworthy. However, when she was done her talk, the room erupted into applause. Her talk about vulnerability - about facing fears - about experiences early in her life with “mean girls” - turned into a beautifully awkward exhortation about how women need to encourage other women instead of judging them on what they wear and how they talk. Today, we’ll hear this talk and then speak to the woman who resigned from her “safe” job as a school teacher in order to take the leap into teaching yoga full time and pursue her dream of opening up her own studio.
    *Lindsay has always fearlessly lived her life with passion, curiosity, trust and an open heart. Following the breadcrumbs the universe lays before her, she is a seeker of truth, a dreamer of dreams and a lover of this beautiful practice. Known for her inspirational teaching style and ability to create a safe and sacred space for students to practice, Lindsay supports students in finding their own expression of each posture while exploring and flirting with their growing edge. Her classes are a blend of Kripalu/Vinyasa Flow yoga infused with yoga philosophy, technical alignment and her heartfelt humour. Her classes emphasize non-judgmental self-awareness, developing witness consciousness, being present in the moment and the practice of yoga beyond the yoga mat. She has travelled extensively around the globe and draws on these life experiences to bring a truly multi dimensional practice. Lindsay is a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher as well as the owner and director of Discover Your Yoga. She has filmed yoga classes for

  • Alan Graham — Author of WELCOME HOMELESS: One Man's Journey of Discovering the Meaning of Home
    HOMELESS! No other word better describes our modern-day suffering. It reveals one of our deepest and most painful conditions-not having a sense of belonging. However, Alan Graham, founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes and Community First! Village, is improving the quality of life for a large quantity of people through sharing his personal story of becoming more human through humanizing others. Graham believes the more we can give people dignity, the power of choice, and genuine community, the better we'll be able to offer solutions that will have impact on the world at large. And while his missionary work is focused on giving a home to the physically homeless, he also wants to transform the lives of every living person by shifting the paradigm in understanding what it means to be "home." In Welcome Homeless, Graham delves deep into what it means to be connected to God, the earth, and each other. In doing so, he shows us the home we've all longed for but never had. Welcome Homeless is about becoming fully human by being fully present. It is about finally connecting with the disconnected and finding our identity through knowing the true identity of others. Graham wants to engrain the human story in you so deeply that you start being who you were made to be-that you start finally being like the image from which you were made and start empathizing instead of sympathizing with the people around you. Alan Graham also shares his personal story, the stories of the homeless, and the stories of those whose worldviews have been shifted by the homeless. Because of his raw, humorous, and honest voice, he achieves a rare and profound universality. Houses become homes once they embody the stories of the people who have made these spaces into places of significance, meaning, and memory. Home is fundamentally a place of connection and of relationships that are life-giving and foundational. Graham invites you to make everyone feel truly at home by finally inviting those living on the fringes of society into your heart.
    Sponsored by HarperCollins Canada

  • Angie Draskovic — President & CEO of Yonge Street Mission
    After 16 years as an executive in Telecommunications, Angie moved into the social profit sector in order to support initiatives that invest in people and work toward the end of poverty. Just prior to joining YSM in 2013, Angie founded and led ZOE Alliance Inc, a for profit social enterprise that equipped and empowered village based businesses in developing nations for sustainable growth. Angie serves on the Advisory Panel to the City of Toronto for the Poverty Reduction Strategy and currently co-chairs the Executive Directors Network in Regent Park.


  • Outi Hakkarainen
    One of the many journeys Drew heard while he was walking 1000 KM’s on The Camino de Santiago in a vow of silence, was from a Finnish woman named Outi. One night at dinner, she shared her story of growing up with a mother who told Outi that she was worthless. That she would never grow up to be anything - to mean anything, to anyone. However, her older brother was spoiled with money and cars and loads of encouragement. This despite the fact that her brother was incredibly selfish and cruel. So cruel, that when Outi was 8 years old, he shot her in the eye with an air pistol, causing her to lose almost all of her vision in that eye. But Outi rose up out of those ashes of lies and became a nurse. Taking care of others was something she had learned to do at the age of 5 when her mother decided that she was old enough to take care of her 2 year old sister. Then, when this beautifully courageous woman began to have children of her own, she laid down her career and invested everything she could into their lives. Yet, even today, Outi has a hard time wondering why Drew would even bother to ask her to share her story on the radio. “Why would anyone want to hear my story? I’m nobody special.”

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • Tim Gibbons
    It was in the hazy days of the late sixties that two young Blues music enthusiasts first met in front of the Sherwood Lanes pool hall in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. For guitarist 'TG' Gibbons and bassist 'Swampy Joe' Klienfiltr, it was to be the auspicious start of a longtime musical collaboration. "I had started out playing drums at some local teen things and occasionally backing up strippers," says TG. "I guess I felt more drawn to the guitar for I sold my kit to a guy who worked at the local gas station, named Patch. This guy was so over the top he set the kit up right on the station lot. Whenever he could get a minute from pumping gas he would play a mean boogaloo on those drums. He was great and it wasn't long before me and Joe were playing the blues with Patch." SWAMP TOOTH COMB is the new c.d. release for TG and the Swampbusters, featuring an exciting You Tube video for the top track, 'Bayou Preacher'.

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Pub Crawl

  • Drew & His Mates Crack Open A Few!
    Current affairs, pop culture, even touchy-feely-relational stuff. Listen in OR call and join us, as we crawl from topic to topic! (Got a topic you want the gang from the pub to crack open? CLICK HERE)

    This Week on The Pub Crawl:

    Kimberlin Brown - Actress on The Bold & The Beautiful and The Young & The Restless
    Lindsay Vandenhurk - Owner of Discover Your Yoga

    1/ Does it bother you that the wife of Canada’s Prime Minister celebrated International Women’s Day by suggesting in a Tweet that women should “celebrate the boys and men in our lives who encourage us to be who we truly are, who treat girls & women with respect, and who aren’t afraid to speak up in front of others”? Was that disrespecting the women and the point of the day?

    2/ A couple’s dog ran out onto the road and was hit by a car and killed. Heart wrenching. Then, they received a $2500 bill for damages to the car. Fair or cold?

    3/ Which women’s group do you think made more of an impact this past International Women’s Day?
    a/ “#DayWithoutAWomen”, who encouraged women to protest, strike, not shop and not show up for work
    b/ “#WeShowUp”, who encouraged women "to continue working, serving, giving, sharing and loving their communities, their families and their endeavors?"

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