Special Guests

  • Leigh Anne Tuohy — Mother of A Superbowl Champion & Sandra Bullock's Stunt Double!
    Aired on a variety of networks last weekend was the Sandra Bullock hit, The Blind Side. The story of the Tuohy family and how they came to adopt a young black kid who needed a break in life. This past Sunday, #74 on the Baltimore Ravens – the kid who need a break - won his first Superbowl! “People ask me all the time, 'How has this movie made you different?' Without hesitation my answer is that it has rocked my world! Not because people recognize me or tell me what a wonderful person I am, which is laughable, but it's that I look at everyone and think they have potential and value. I drive by a person holding a sign that reads, 'will work for food' and think, if I just invested time in that person, they could be the next greatest teacher or the best mechanic or the most amazing sales person in the world. That is the life changing impact The Blind Side has had on my life and the lives of my family. Don’t ever think one person can’t make a difference! The power of 1 is a game changer, the question is are you in the game?”

  • Laila Biali — Award-Winning Canadian Jazz Pianist, Vocalist & Songwriter
    Laila Biali has toured with Suzanne Vega, Chris Botti and Paula Cole and recorded with and supported the inimitable Sting. She takes the best of pop, rock and soul, informs it with her knowledge of Jazz and weaves it into her musical arrangements. Laila's music has been presented at prestigious venues spanning four continents including the North Sea Jazz Festival, Tokyo's Cotton Club, Peru's El Festival Internacional de Lima, and Carnegie Hall in New York City. Her latest studio recording Tracing Light received a JUNO nomination for "2011 Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year" and her most recent release Live in Concert, recorded live in February 2012 in front of a gracious audience at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, captures the spirit of live performance so essential to Jazz. Live in Concert was in rotation at 73 radio stations in North America. Laila is also a member of the all female New York based neo-Classical crossover quartet Rose & the Nightingale whose members tour with Grammy award-winner Esperanza Spalding. Her accolades include "SOCAN Composer of the Year" and "Keyboardist of the Year" at Canada's National Jazz Awards. She currently splits her time between New York City and Toronto.
    *Laila is on tour NOW and hitting venues in New York, Quebec City, Ottawa, Markham and Hamilton this February and March! For tickets...

  • The Wiebes — GMA Award Winning Recording Artists
    The Wiebes are a TWO-TIME Covenant Award-winning group based out of Stratford, Ontario. (That's right – the Wiebes are from the same town as The Biebs!) Husband and wife duo, Shane and Angela, officially formed "The Wiebes" in 2007, and have since released four studio albums, including their most recent, "The Hymns Collection" (which won "Inspirational Album of the Year" at the Gospel Music Awards of Canada). Shane got his start when he climbed to the Top 5 spot on Season 2 of Canadian Idol, where he had the privilege of working with both Gordon Lightfoot and Lionel Richie. The Wiebes have literally sung for millions, appearing numerous times on television, and even charting on Canadian radio for their hit single "Christmas With You". What's most apparent about The Wiebes is their heart for God. To quote Shane and Angela, "We do what we do because we love music, we love each other, and we love God". And THAT'S why they're our Valentine's Day Special Guests!

    Are you single and looking? (Yes there's a difference!) If so, then Drew wants to help you find that special someone! This Saturday during our Valentine's Day Special we're beginning a brand new segment on TDMS – THE DATING GAME, sponsored by Christian Mingle! A bit of fun looking for love - and we'll pick up the tab!

    Email us (mingle@drewmarshall.ca)
    1/Your contact details 2/Your picture 3/As much information about you as possible, including why YOU would make the best choice as a contestant on THE DATING GAME!

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    Maybe you've got a friend who would be PERFECT for this! Spread the word TODAY because we'll be choosing our contestant during the show THIS Saturday! (Contestants must live in the GTA and be over the age of 21)

  • Dawn Bennett — Divorce Lawyer
    Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a divorce lawyer! It can be overwhelming when your marriage breaks down, but the fact is that even Christians end up divorcing. And unfortunately many people feel a sense of rejection from their church rather than support and healing. When the painful decision to divorce has been made, it's important to have someone that really knows the law but also understands your personal & spiritual needs. Dawn Bennett is a Family Lawyer who appreciates that divorce is a reality, and there are many Christians in need of legal council.

God Blogger

  • Fawn Weaver
    “First, there were the Stepford Wives. Then came the Desperate Housewives of Wisteria Lane. Followed by the "Real Housewives" of Orange County, Atlanta, Washington D.C., New Jersey and New York. Wives are miserable. Marriages usually fail. Husbands eventually cheat. This is what so many have come to believe. But this is not everyone's reality. It is certainly not mine. I am a happy wife. I love being married. I adore my husband. And I am not an anomaly. Yes, there are some unhappy wives, marriages that end in divorce and husbands who are unfaithful. But are they the majority? We don't believe they are and we're setting out to prove it. We're searching for at least 1 million happy wives all over the world. Those like us who enjoy being a wife, absolutely adore their husband and are still head-over-heels in love. Are you a Happy Wife?”

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel of Many
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A wife wants to know how to get out of the “28 days of sex” campaign that her church AND her husband are promoting.

    “For the month of February our church has been encouraging the married members to commit to 28 straight days of sex. They also want the singles to commit to NOT doing anything sexual for a month as well, which actually sounds more appealing to me. We're officially one week into this challenge and let's just say... I'm done! Sex everyday for an entire week is more than enough for me. To be honest, I'm really just doing this for my husband. I've never seen him sit up and pay attention to anything that our church has done before this. And I guess I can see where our leadership team is coming from with this whole thing. They are trying to get us to see that the drains of everyday life have had a negative impact on our marriages. That intimacy is being forced out of most marriages. They're trying to get us to ramp up the intimacy in our marriages with the hopes that it might take our relationships to a whole new level. BUT I WANT TO STOP NOW! I am just not interested in the least, in having sex everyday for another 3 weeks! But this is what the leaders in our church want us to try. This is what my husband wants to try. And I've tried – and I don't like! I believe it COULD bring us closer together. I believe it COULD help us to grow spiritually even. BUT I JUST DON'T WANT TO DO IT ANYMORE! I really don't want to let my husband down or have him feel rejected by me, so does anyone have some advice as to how I can get out of this, without driving a nail through his heart?”

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My! Today's God & Stuff Guest: Kevin Eckstrom - Editor-in-Chief of Religion News Service

  • Valentine's Day Survey
    Guys! What are the top 2 things you look for in a woman?
    Ladies! What are the top 2 things you look for in a man?