Special Guests

  • George Canyon — CCMA & Juno Award Winning Country Recording Artist
    Multiple-award winning Canadian country music artist, actor and philanthropist, George Canyon, has just released Classics II - the highly anticipated follow-up to Canyon’s Gold certified 2007 album, Classics. This latest release will showcase country’s most recognized songs of the last 70 years. In support of the new album, the Classics II Tour will also turn back time to the ‘good old-time radio show days,’ similar to the Grand Ole Opry, with performances across Western Canada and Ontario. Classics II features a duet with Blue Rodeo’s Jim Cuddy and Canyon’s interpretation of Glen Campbell’s largest selling hit, “Rhinestone Cowboy,” which was debuted during Canyon’s performance at the 2012 CCMA Awards in Saskatoon. This album also pays homage to some of Country musics most notorious poets - Johnny Cash, Lefty Frizzell, Merle Haggard, and many others. Since appearing on USA Network’s Nashville Star, George Canyon has carved out a career punctuated with industry accolades, achievements and sustained success. His last album, Better Be Home Soon, became his fastest selling release to date and spawned 3 Top 10 hits including the title track, “Surrender” and “Sunshine”. The album went on to win Canyon and Richard Marx the 2011 CCMA Award for Record Producer of the Year. Outside of music, Canyon’s entertainment career includes acting in various films and television shows such as Heartland, A Mile In His Shoes, a 2013 major motion picture and Dawn Rider; a film with Donald Sutherland, Christian Slater and Jill Hennessy. *On December 3rd George Canyon and his band return to The Rose Theatre in Brampton to perform all their classic, country music favourites from his Classics II album!

  • Jonas Woods — Singer / Songwriter, Former Frontman for Farewell June
    Jonas has been involved in the music industry now for almost 10 years. He fronted the band Farewell June. (It was their song, Leanin' Heavy, which we played at the start of every show for years!) He's performed in front of hundreds of thousands of people and has toured with and shared the stage with artists like Audio Adrenaline, The Newsboys, PETRA, Bethany Dillon, FFH, Mute Math, Casting Crowns, Jars of Clay, Michael W. Smith, and Mercy Me. But the REAL reason Jonas joins us is because a few months ago, his wife Becky was diagnosed with lymphoma. Today we'll hear from Jonas and Becky about their battle with Cancer.

  • Dr. Mike Bechtle — Author Of People Can’t Drive You Crazy Unless You Give Them the Keys
    You don’t have to be controlled by difficult people! Strange as it may seem, other people are not nearly as committed to our happiness as we are. In fact, sometimes it seems like they’re on a mission to make us miserable! There’s always that one person. The one who hijacks our emotions. The one who seems to thrive on drama. If we could just “fix” that person, everything would be better. But we can’t fix other people. We can only make choices about ourselves. In this cut-to-the-chase book, communication expert Mike Bechtle shows you how to stop being a victim of other people’s craziness. With commonsense wisdom and proactive advice that you can put into practice immediately, Mike gives you a proven strategy to handle crazy people-and stay sane while doing it. There will always be difficult people. But this fresh perspective on dealing with them can change your life-starting today!

  • Bill Wood — Juno Nominated Recording Artist
    The former Juno-nominee and teen heartthrob from the Gold-selling 80's pop band Eye Eye has never stopped putting out music. Along the way, Eye Eye toured with Glass Tiger, Honeymoon Suite, Gowan, Images In Vogue, and arena act Platinum Blonde. After Eye Eye dissolved, Wood then took a journey into Christian music, after helping some young musicians in that vein. He formed the rootsy band Ghosttown, and released two albums. “I wasn’t religious. I have a simple faith and I wanted to try my hand at some spiritual-based music,” says Wood. Well, Bill Wood is still playing and joins us to perform LIVE in studio.

God Blogger

  • Joining us today: Chris Schryer
    In preperation of this festive season (“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” - Benjamin Franklin) we bring to you torontobeerblog.com - a resource for all things beer in the city of Toronto - reviews of beers and bars - news and events - and lots of other helpful information. “I regularly describe myself as an "ardent supporter of beer", which pretty well sums it up. While I'm not working or busy being a husband and dad (okay, honestly, sometimes while I'm doing those things), I am drinking beer, attending events, visiting pubs, and thinking about beer. I work at Castro's Lounge, my local bar in the Beach, where I host beer events and take part in most things beer-related.” Chris Schryer (For those with their panties in a wad – he's also a Jesus guy!)

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on The Counsel Of Many: A couple wants to know if they should end their friendship with another couple who are “super-religious, legalistic, judgmental jerks”.

    “We've been friends with another couple from our church for many years. Our kids are the same ages, play the same sports, and attend youth group together. Over the last couple of years though, our friends have really turned into “religious” people. By that we mean that they seem to always take whatever opportunity they can to turn any conversation into an issue. For example, one of our older kids decided to get a tattoo. Well our friends decided to pull us aside to express their 'concern' for our son and his 'walk with the Lord'. They saw a picture on my husband's Facebook page which showed him drinking a beer, so they messaged him and conveyed their concern for his 'witness' thinking that others might also see this pic and wonder if he was a 'real' Christian (something you talked about last week). They've made subtle little comments about a variety of things, including the kind of movies we watch in our home when their kids are over. Anyway, our question is... we're just wondering about ending our friendship with this couple. Should we be intentional about it and confront them with the reasons for our decision to stop being friends with them? Or should we just naturally let the friendship run it's course? It sort of seems that we might be making much ado about nothing, but to be honest, we are just so tired of their super-religious legalism. I guess we could maybe take the 'high' road and try to help them see what kind of judgmental jerks they're being, but to be honest... they'd never listen. Does anyone have some advice for what might be the 'right' way to handle this awkward situation?”

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My! Religion & Faith & Cults - Oh my!
    Today's God & Stuff guest: Paul Brandeis Raushenbush - Senior Religion Editor for The AOL/Huffington Post Media Group