Special Guests

  • George Canyon
    This Nova Scotia born, gentle giant, catapulted to fame 18 months ago as runner-up on the American country talent show Nashville Star after 14 years of struggling for recognition. Now he's absolutely raking in the awards - from a Juno to dominating the Canadian Country Music Awards - George canyon is the real deal. Genuine, humble and very willing to give credit to His Creator!

  • James Rutz
    Author of one of the most controversial and talked about books out there right now - "MEGASHIFT!" Jim tells stories of Christianity growing in astounding numbers around the world primarily due to the "Home Church" movement. Jim also feels that there is a direct co-relation between the spiritual growth of these home churches in other parts of the world, and powerful movements of the God's hand... such as a number of full blown incidents of many people coming back from the grave!


  • Denise Moxam
    Losing a child is every parent's nightmare. Just over a year ago, Denise and her husband watched their son Jordan lose his battle with Cancer. Listen as Denise shares her pain as she processes one of the deepest human pains there is.

Talkback, etc.

  • Would you consider leaving your traditional church to join the growing phenomenon known as "Home Church?"

  • Which is it that makes you question a person's spiritual life more?
    If they smoke? Drink? Do drugs? Swear? Don't go to church? Gay? In prison?

  • Recently, Christian artist Jaci Velasquez just announced her divorce. Should Christian Bookstores and Christian radio stations pull her material?
    When Amy Grant went through her divorce, many Christian radio stations stopped playing her music and many Christian bookstores refused to stock her albums. Should the same thing happen to Jaci? Do you consider a divorced person damaged goods?