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  • Michelle Stewart & Linda Masson — 2 Mothers 2 Daughters 1 Disease
    Michelle recently got the news that her 15-year old daughter, Emma Grace, has Leukemia. For the last number of weeks, Michelle has been by her daughter's side at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. During her time there, Michelle met Linda Masson, the mother of 12 year old Mackenzie, who had the same type of Leukemia as Emma. Sadly, Mackenzie passed away just a few weeks ago on October 16th, after an 18 month, courageous battle. Today, both mothers have graciously agreed to share their own journeys through one of life's seemingly unnatural injustices - helplessly watching their own child suffer beyond what any child should have to bear.
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  • Hannah Chapplain — Recording Artist
    For a girl of 19, Hannah Chapplain’s voice is complex and mature. After posting several songs on MySpace in 2011, Producer Anthony Santonocito (Killingsworth Studio) invited Hannah to New York to record her debut album “Hannah Chapplain”. And then everything took off! She's opened the Boost for Kids Foundation fundraiser concert along with Blue Rodeo, performed at a benefit concert with Dan Hill where she also received a prestigious music scholarship, and opened for Canadian rock legend Kim Mitchell at the Canada 3.0 digital media conference where, as a budding entrepreneur, she also pitched her new music model to tech-savvy investors, raising $25k in seed funding. Two weeks later she opened for the Jim Cuddy Band at Illuminaqua. In August 2012 Hannah joined a superstar line-up of country and rock artists, including Paul Brandt, Sheryl Crow, Tim McGraw, Kid Rock and Carrie Underwood, at the Boots and Hearts 2012 music festival, performing tracks from her new EP“Country Girl Soul” produced by well known Executive Producer, Marc Ganetakos. Hannah is coached by Canadian Opera superstars David and Sandie Pomeroy, and has developed a powerful vocal style and a unique voice. Hannah is releasing three new EPs and two singles this fall in a variety of Rock-crossover styles which she will be market-testing with fans through social media channels before finalizing her next full album in 2013.

  • Randal Rauser — Author of The Swedish Atheist, the Scuba Diver, and Other Apologetic Rabbit Trails
    In the real world, we don't usually sit in lecture halls debating worldview issues in systematic arguments. Chances are that we're more likely to have haphazard, informal conversations over a latte in a coffee shop. Meet Randal Rauser (a Christian) and Sheridan (an atheist). Over the course of one caffeinated afternoon, they explore a range of honest questions and real objections to Christian faith. Do people hold to a particular religion just because of an accident of geography? Is believing in Jesus as arbitrary as believing in Zeus? Why would God order the slaughter of infants or send people to hell? How do you know you're really real, and not just a character in someone's book? Their extended conversation unfolds with all the rabbit trails, personal baggage and distractions that inevitably come in real-world encounters. Rauser provides substantive argument-based apologetics but also highlights the importance of apologetics as a narrative journey. As we get to know Sheridan, we better understand the personal history that drives his atheism and the issues that motivate his skepticism. This imaginative narrative is a model of the rigorous pursuit of truth in conversation. Apologetics is not just about winning arguments; it is a transformative apprenticeship where eternity touches down in everyday life. It's about the discovery of truth through winding, weaving, honest, aimless, pointless and completely purposeful conversations between people who desperately want to know the way things really are. Randal's work is described as progressively evangelical, generously orthodox, rigorously analytic, revolutionary Christian thinking!

  • Leslie J. Smith — Employment Lawyer
    Have you ever been treated unfairly at work? Do you have an employee you'd like to fire but want to make sure you're going about it the right way? Every once in a while we interview people who can give us practical advice in a variety of fields. As a member of The Drew Marshall Show's Legal Network, Leslie J. Smith has practiced law in a large firm in Hamilton, at the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario, served as a Deputy Judge, Small Claims Court, and has begun her own practice in Oakville, earning a reputation as a trusted and straight-forward Employment Lawyer. Leslie writes a legal column for the Burlington Post and the Business Link Newspaper and has lectured at legal continuing education programs on a variety of topics. She is currently an active member of the Christian Legal Fellowship and has lectured at their Continuing Education forums. Leslie also offers legal services in the areas of Residential Real Estate and Estate Planning.

God Blogger

  • Joining us today: Malcolm Guite
    Malcolm Guite is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Cambridge. He's a priest, chaplain, teacher and author of various essays and articles, a book about contemporary Christianity, and a book on theology and imagination called Faith Hope and Poetry. He also plays in the Cambridge rock band Mystery Train, and lectures widely in England and USA on poetry and theology. “I should say at the outset that my blog consists largely of original poems, interspersed with some prose reflections, all intended to deepen spiritual life. My purpose as a writer, as I understand it, is to use my love of language and such gifts as I have with it, to kindle my own and other people's imaginations for Christ. So I'm not necessarily going for topical things, courting controversy or trying to get long conversations going in comments. I'm just offering something hopefully memorable, hopefully beautiful, that might crystalize an insight for my readers. The other thing that my blog sometimes sparks, which I love, is artistic collaboration. So for example, my advent sonnets ended up inspiring the excellent Canadian singer-songwriter Steve Bell for some songs. The result being that we have collaborated on his new Advent/Christmas album, which has been wonderful.”

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  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on The Counsel Of Many: Someone is angry that their church refuses to recognize Remembrance Day and wants to know if their church is wrong.

    I was raised with a grandfather who lived through both WWI & WWII, so Remembrance Day has always been something important to me because I sat at the feet of someone who lived through it and truly knew what was at stake. Over the past few years I've noted that my church has not acknowledged this special day. I asked why that was. It was explained to me that it's because Nov 11th did not fall on a Sunday. Well this year it does, so when I offered to help out with it, I was informed that it would still not be recognized. I pushed the issue and asked why and was told: 1) non-violence 2) separation of church and state. My response was 1) Remembrance Day was not about WAR. It's about remembering those who gave all so we could have the freedoms and privileges we enjoy here in Canada, and remembering to avoid war. 2) People didn't fight for the state. They fought for stuff beyond/outside of that. I was told that it was still not going to be a part of the Sunday service. I'm a little angry & confused. Am I way off on this? Should churches NOT take part in Remembrance Day?

  • W.here's T.he Faith?
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My! Religion & Faith & Cults - Oh my!
    Today's God & Stuff guest: Abe Levy – Religion Reporter for The San Antonio Express-News