Special Guests

  • Scott Stapp — Grammy Winning Recording Artist, Frontman for CREED
    Scott Stapp is back on our show to tell us all about his first tell-all memoir, releasing next week! Recognized as one of the most accomplished artists of the modern rock era, Scott’s memoir Sinner’s Creed, unleashes behind the scene realities about his suicide attempts, alcohol-induced rampages and intimate details about his abusive childhood. Scott collaborated with David Ritz of Rolling Stone Magazine to write a compelling story of his life. (Ritz is a notable writer of biographies and has written memoirs for Janet Jackson and the best seller, “Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye”) During CREED’s decade of dominance and in the years following the band’s breakup, Stapp struggled with drugs and alcohol, which led to a much-publicized suicide attempt in 2006. Now clean, sober, and in the midst of a highly successful solo career, Scott has finally come full circle and is ready to open up and tell his story. He candidly shares his story—from his fundamentalist upbringing, the rise and fall of CREED, and his ongoing battle with addiction, to the rediscovery of his faith and the recent launch of his solo career. He also talks about, with great candor and humility, how his faith was formed, tested, matured, and solidified—complete with all of the slips and struggles he encountered along the way.

  • JUNIA — Canadian Recording Artists
    Junia is a four-piece rock band (rock used loosely with heavy Motown, funk, prog, soul, alt and pop influences). Junia is what happens when four people who don’t take themselves very seriously, find each other and can’t stop making music together. Formed in the Fall of 2011, the band features Amy Towers on lead vocals, Curtis Freeman on the bass guitar, Joel Wilson on drums and percussion and David Siekanowicz on guitar. Their strength does not lie in having a cohesive mindset and focused sound they can all agree on, but rather a shared vision of what they dislike about other music. It’s not that they know what they want their music to sound like, but they know exactly what they don’t want to sound like. “We've embarked on a journey trying to create music between work, play, life, death, love, loss and this mess we've made of our lives figuring out where we fit in this grand plan between the Creator and the rest of creation.” You can download a free copy of their digital EP from Noise Trade at:

  • Kevin Miller — Writer / Producer / Director of HELLBOUND? (In Theaters Now!)
    Hell. A shadowy abode choked with eggy, sulfurous fumes; the stench of blackened, bubbling flesh and screams of agony from souls trapped forever in a lake of fire. A vision made all the more terrifying by the fact that God–the only being who could possibly save us from such a fate–is the one who consigns us there instead. Such depictions of hell have gripped humanity for centuries. But the traditional view of hell also presents us with a dilemma. If God is our pure, all-loving Creator, can he really allow (presumably) billions of people to suffer in hell for eternity? To many people, it seems like we can have a good God or we can have the traditional view of hell, but we can’t have both. Some people simply resign themselves to the mystery, hoping the logic of damnation will be revealed in the life to come. Others suggest alternate views, such as Annihilationism (the souls of the damned are extinguished after the Day of Judgment) or Universalism (everyone is eventually reconciled to God). Still others become so frustrated that they finally walk away from Christianity altogether. Is it possible we’ve gotten hell wrong? Or are recent challenges to the traditional view a vain attempt to avoid the inevitable? Does hell exist? If so, who ends up there, and why? Featuring an eclectic group of authors, theologians, pastors, social commentators and musicians, “Hellbound?” is a provocative, feature-length documentary that will ensure you never look at hell the same way again!

  • Bruxy Cavey Stars In – ASK THE PASTOR! — Author of The End Of Religion & Teaching Pastor @ The Meeting House
    Bruxy’s engaging style, scholarly rigor, and refreshing honesty make him a popular guest on television, radio, and at university campuses around the world. So we figured it's about time that Drew had SOMEONE on his show who could actually provide intelligent answers from callers who have questions about spiritual stuff but were afraid to ask Drew!

  • Dr. James Beverly — Associate Director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion in Santa Barbara, Author of Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions, Columnist for Faith Today & Christianity Today
    Dr. Beverley joins us to discuss Drew's recent trip to the UK where he visited:
    Stonehenge www.stonehenge.co.uk
    Glastonbury www.wikipedia.org/wiki/glastonbury a Mecca for Pagans around the world
    lona www.wikipedia.org/wiki/lona
    Lindisfarne, Holy Island www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindisfarne (Both Islands notable for those on Christain pilgrimages.)
    AND to discuss Drew's meetings with two prominent witches from the Glastonbury community & Chief Grey Wolf, head of The British Druid Order www.druidry.co.uk

God Blogger

  • Joining us today: Mark Sandlin
    “We’re Christians. We’re Liberal. We make no apologies. In fact Jesus' ways are 'Liberal.' That’s why He was killed. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were the conservatives of their time. We’re not ‘New Age.’ We’re not waiting for some earthly leader to come and make everything alright - that man already came. We’re not ‘Communists’ or ‘Marxists’ either. We reject all such labels. We will not be profiled or pigeonholed and we will not ‘Be Quiet.’ We’re Christians. We’re Liberals. Please get used to it. 'The Christian Left' -- left hate behind; left prejudice; left callous attitudes; and followed Jesus as HE left the 99 in the fold, to go find the ones who were lost, ignored, excluded, overlooked, abandoned, uncared-for -- all 'the least of these.' We left hard-heartedness in order to be like the Samaritan who stopped to care for those in need.”

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on The Counsel Of Many: Someone wants to know how many people think God still regularly intervenes in our lives today – and how many people believe that God is pretty much “hands off” today!

    Help me out with this. Just because God has intervened in humanity in the past, as testified in the Bible, and COULD intervene at any time, this does not necessarily mean that He IS intervening in our daily lives. I see people giving God credit for things which could easily have naturalistic explanations, and I see VERY few instances when the BEST explanation to explain an event's outcome is supernatural intervention. Some say God acts in our lives all the time by closing doors and opening windows. Others aren't so sure, because bad things happen to good people and in our 'moral economy' God 'should' have acted, so they deem God 'fickle' and are only mildly comforted with slogans like 'We can't know the mind of God", or "God has a plan", "all things work together..." etc. My question to your listeners: For the sake of argument, if we discount any intervention from God, pre-biblical canonization, to what extent do most of your listeners feel God is CURRENTLY intervening in their lives. I'd like this belief quantified on a scale, please: "1" represents NO intervention from God - i.e. God has set up the world with natural laws, defined elements, and free choice reigns; He'll intervene only at the end - but 'we're on our own'. "Pray as much as you want, I'm not stepping in until the end", He might say. "Free will reigns, people die of starvation due to drought, it's on you". "10" represents CONSTANT intervention - i.e. God is bringing people in our lives, causing successful surgeries, flat-screen TVs fortuitously on sale, and hurricanes to hit sin-filled New Orleans and earthquakes to hit Voodoo-honouring Haiti. To summarize - given that God has intervened in the past, and that He COULD intervene in our world at any time, DOES HE, and how much? 1-10 please.

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My! Religion & Faith & Cults - Oh my!
    Today's God & Stuff guest: Paul Brandeis Raushenbush - Senior Religion Editor for The Huffington Post