Special Guests

  • Scott Stapp — Front-Man for CREED!
    Creed has sold close to 35 million albums and has performed live in front of millions since forming in 1995. Creed was the first act to have seven consecutive number one rock radio singles, four of which came off of their debut album, My Own Prison. That album has sold more than six million copies in the U.S., and the follow-up, Human Clay, was certified Diamond for sales in excess of 11 million copies. Weathered, their third album, tied The Beatles’ Anthology for the most consecutive weeks at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 chart. After disbanding in 2003, Creed reunited for a three-month North American tour in the fall of 2009. Following the tour, the band released their fourth album, Full Circle, which debuted on Billboard’s Top 200 chart at number two, behind Michael Jackson’s This Is It. Creed has received numerous accolades, including several American Music and Billboard Awards, and the band won the GRAMMY for Best Rock Song for “With Arms Wide Open.” *CREED @ Casino Rama - Thursday August 5th - 8:00 PM - Tickets Start @ $45.00 www.casinorama.com The boys will be performing new songs such as “Rain,” “Overcome” and “A Thousand Faces” from Full Circle, their 2009 release and first new album in eight years, as well as hits such as “Higher,” “My Sacrifice,” “With Arms Wide Open,” “One” and “What’s This Life For.”

  • Jason Boyett — Author of O Me of Little Faith: Confessions Of A Spiritual Weakling
    In his brutally honest spiritual memoir, Jason Boyett looks at the struggles of a self-confessed spiritual weakling. O Me of Little Faith combines personal accounts of Boyett’s own religious doubt with his trademark self-deprecating humour in order to encourage other doubters. Along the way, he asks hard questions about his own faith. Written by a doubter for other doubters, Boyett wants readers of to know that spiritual weakness is not the end of faith—in fact, it might be where faith grows strongest. Most of all, he wants those who doubt to know they’re not alone. “I am a Christian, but I’m a big fat doubter. And I have to be honest: there are times – a growing number of times – when I’d rather be a doubter than have it all figured out. There. I said it.”

  • David Sawler — Author of The Disciple: God’s Blueprint
    No matter how long you have been a Christian, The Disciple will challenge you to reconsider what following Jesus looks like. It is a journey of realizing that Jesus did not just leave us with the Great Commission to complete. He, in fact, showed us what living it out looked like. This book will challenge every leader, parent, and person as to what the cost and joy of discipleship truly is. This book is not about a program or new ideas on discipleship. It is a discussion on the foundation each of us must grasp in order to truly live like Jesus, both in character and deed. Be prepared for change. (David is our seventh Canadian author we’ve highlighted during our Book Month! Go CanCon eh!)

  • Chantal Desloges — Immigration Lawyer
    Everyone’s favourite immigration lawyer is back! Chantal Desloges is a specialist in both immigration law and refugee law. Her successful practice encompasses every possible area of Canadian immigration. Do you know someone who has experienced immigration or residency problems, maybe through international marriages or ministry/missionary situations, etc?

  • Brian McConaghy — RCMP Forensic Scientist & Child Human Trafficking Expert
    Brian has played a key role in apprehending Canadian men who have traveled overseas for the purposes of raping child prostitutes. His heart has changed forever seeing what he sees, so Brian founded The Ratanak Foundation, bringing life to the killing fields of Cambodia. In 1994 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police recognized the work of the "Ratanak Project" and presented Brian McConaghy with the Commissioner's Commendation for outstanding service for his humanitarian efforts. In 1997, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, the Governor General of Canada honoured Brian with the Meritorious Service Medal. Five years later in December, 2002, Brian was again honoured and decorated with the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Comedian, Actress, Author
    That's right folks! It's time for our semi-regular visit with our favourite (and only) Hollywood Correspondent!

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    This week on the Counsel of Many: a man wants to know what should be done about a pastor going through his second divorce.

    “What does a congregant do in this situation? The senior pastor of a church was married, had an affair with someone in the church and had a child with that person. Shortly thereafter, divorced his wife but married another woman (not the one he had the affair/child with - she was already married) and recently disclosed to the church that he is in the process of divorcing his second wife? Does the church just keep forgiving and pretending NOT to see that there are some REAL serious and obvious issues that are NOT being addressed in this particular church? I'd really be interested in hearing what people have to say about this one.”

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    Every Saturday in July we have committed to lighten things up at the end of every show! Useless Television Trivia – Useless Movie Clips – Useless Sound Effects - Whatever we end up doing, it’s guaranteed to be 100% USELESS!

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