Special Guests

  • Humble Howard and Fred — Hosts of The Humble & Fred Show (sort of)
    According to Wikipedia, “The Humble & Fred Show was a Toronto-based radio morning drive time show featuring co-hosts "Humble" Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson. It began in 1989 on CFNY-FM (later renamed Edge 102) before moving to Mojo 640 in April 2001, and finally to Mix 99.9 in August 2003. Glassman had previously left CFNY for CKFM in May 1991 (which became Mix 99.9 later that year), only to return 19 months later at the end 1992. As of 2003, the show had been named Best Morning Show in Canada four times by the Canadian radio industry. But we all know how trustworthy Wikipedia is! Anyway, Humble has been a previous guest on TDMS but never with Fred. So since Humble & Fred invited Drew on their show (CAUTION: May contain swearing, unbelievable inappropriate humour, and traces of nuts! (Internet Radio = NO RULES!) DO NOT LISTEN IF SENSITIVE, HOME-SCHOOLED OR BAPTIST!) Drew thought it was only appropriate to return the favour. So, for the first time on radio, two of Toronto's biggest broadcasting names, together again, talking about GOD!

  • Dr. Brian Walsh — Theology Professor, Author of Kicking At The Darkness: Bruce Cockburn & The Christian Imagination
    Dr. Brian Walsh For forty years, singer and songwriter Bruce Cockburn has been writing beautifully evocative music. Bestselling author and respected theologian Brian Walsh has followed Cockburn’s work for years and has written and spoken often on his art. In this creative theological and cultural engagement, Walsh reveals the imaginative depth and uncompromising honesty of Bruce's Christian spirituality. Cockburn offers hope in the midst of doubt, struggle, failure, and anger; indeed, the sentiment of “kicking at the darkness” is at the heart of his spirituality. This book engages the rich imagery of Cockburn’s lyrics as a catalyst for shaping and igniting a renewed Christian imagination. Brian J. Walsh is the bestselling author or coauthor of several books, including The Transforming Vision, Truth Is Stranger Than It Used to Be, and Colossians Remixed. He is a chaplain at the University of Toronto and an adjunct professor of theology of culture at Wycliffe College in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Graham Watt — National Creative Communication Director of Power to Change - Students (formerly known as Campus for Christ)
    What are students really learning about nowadays? They're learning to be selfish, materialistic, and how to be active, but about the wrong things. Sound like anyone you know? In a world where media is "king" and everyone is looking out for "number one" there is a ministry out there helping them find a better way to live life. Power to Change Students, formally known as Campus for Christ, is helping students discover not only themselves, but Christ too. They're focused on changing the hearts of Canada's future generation to care for others more than themselves. Graham Watt, National Creative Communications Director of Power to Change “ Students, is leading the charge by creating ways that will engage students across the nation. Whether it is through social media, survey contests, or by simply being a friend to someone, Power to Change-Students is there."

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on The Counsel Of Many: A man who is known as "the Christian guy" at work, let loose a little too much at the office Christmas party is embarrassed about his behaviour and is too ashamed to go back to work. He's thinking about resigning.

    "Everyone at my office knows that I'm a Christian and over the years I've shared my faith with most of my co-workers. Some of them think I'm a bit of a goody goody. Some of them avoid me and talk about me behind my back. Some of them come to me with their problems. Anyway, last week we had our work Christmas party and I guess because of a few struggles in my personal life, which they know nothing about, I decided to join in with everyone else and ... well I got pretty hammered. And I can't really go into detail about the stupid, stupid things I did but trust me when I tell you that my co-workers were completely surprised. The next morning I was completely broken and ashamed. I'm not sure I can ever face them again. I mean there's no way that a "Christian" should ever behave the way I did. What an absolute joke they must think I am. Especially those who I've been witnessing to. And ESPECIALLY the others at work who are Christians. (Most of them closeted.) At this point I'm considering resigning and finding a job at another organization in January. I just can't live with the fact that I've totally ruined the reputation of Christ, let alone blown any testimony I had. I told a friend of mine about my decision and she thinks I'm crazy to resign, but my Pastor thinks it might be the best thing to do. I'd like to know what your listeners think. Should I resign? What would you do if that was you?"

  • God Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My! Religion & Faith & Cults - Oh my! (Feel free to call in and join the discussion.)
    Today's God & Stuff guest: Sarah Pulliam Bailey - Editor for ChristianityToday.com & Contributor for www.patheos.com/blogs/getreligion/