Special Guests

  • Phil Ehart — Founding Member of KANSAS
    Since the 1970s Carry On Wayward Son and Dust in the Wind are only two from a library of classic rock songs, which came from a band out of Topeka, Kansas. While some of the original members have moved on, Phil is still touring and still drumming for one of the most famous bands in the history of Rock.

  • Brian McLaren — Author of A New Kind of Christianity: The Questions that Are Transforming the Faith
    Brian is the theologian/activist and best-selling author who helped start the emergent church movement. In his latest book he identifies ten key issues that will shape the next generation of Christianity and says that new approaches to issues such as sexuality, pluralism, biblical authority, questions about whether God is violent, why Jesus matters, and the future of the church, will reform the Christian faith. McLaren, whose groundbreaking bestseller A New Kind of Christian helped shape the emergent church movement’s exploration of new ways of being Christian in the post-modern era, has never shied away from hard questions. Nor has he been deterred by criticism. The former college English instructor, musician, and pastor says he never planned to become a “controversial religious leader.” Yet he has been called “heretic” and worse by fellow believers threatened by his willingness to challenge conventional religious thought. Brian has appeared on Larry King Live, Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, and Nightline. His work has also been covered in Time (where he was listed as one of American's 25 most influential evangelicals), Christianity Today, Christian Century, and The Washington Post.

  • Mark Schultz — Dove Award Winning Singer/Songwriter
    Mark has become one of Christian music’s most acclaimed singer/songwriters, as well as tasting success on the mainstream adult contemporary charts with such hits as He’s My Son, Letters from War and Walking Her Home. Back in His Arms Again was named BMI’s Christian Song of the Year in 2003, Letters from War was the centerpiece of the Army’s Be Safe-Make It Home campaign and Schultz has flooded radio with nine No. 1 songs, such as Remember Me and I Am the Way. He’s also earned the top spot on Billboard magazine’s Christian Adult Contemporary Songwriter list and has been featured on the national TV program, 48 Hours, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and CNN. His 2005 release,Mark Schultz Live…A Night of Stories & Songs, sold RIAA certified Platinum and garnered Schultz his first GMA Dove Award.

  • Dr. John Stackhouse — Theologian & Author
    John is a scholar and public communicator who analyzes multiple intersections of contemporary religion and society. He also vividly presents the wisdom of ancient traditions from the perspective of contemporary scholarship to equip audiences to face today's challenges at work, in the public square, and in private life. Dr. Stackhouse is the Chair of Theology and Culture at RegentCollege and is the author of seven books; the editor of four volumes; and the author of more than 500 articles, book chapters, and reviews in leading academic journals, major newspapers, and magazines. His writings range over history, sociology, philosophy, theology, and comparative religion. John's commentary on religion and contemporary culture has been sought by ABC News, NBC News, and PBS in the United States and by CBC TV and Radio, CTV News, and Global TV News in Canada. He has been reviewed or quoted in The Times Literary Supplement, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time, Reader's Digest, The Globe and Mail, The National Post, and Maclean's.


  • Rhonda Funk — Publicist, Singer/Songwriter, Author
    At age 26, Rhonda Funk was a single mother and pregnant with her second child. Learning that her boyfriend was engaged to another woman and that he may pose a danger to her and her children, she found herself faced with making an impossible decision. Could she provide for this new baby properly, or should she give the child up for adoption? Eight months into pregnancy, she took down the crib, returned the clothes she had purchased and signed papers that handed over her rights as a parent to someone else. Just 7 months after buckling her son into the car of his new family, this now professed Christian, found herself pregnant again. Not sure she could handle the pain, or the shame of admitting she was once again expecting, Rhonda made what many consider a woman's choice-abortion. Rhonda tells what the last 14 years has been like living with the after-effects of abortion, the impact on her family, and the knowledge that she has a teenage son out there somewhere who may or may not even know her name. Does he feel rejected, angry, and alone? Or does he pray for her and hope that someday she will find him?

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  • The Counsel Of Many!
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    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a mother is worried about her adult son and the "insane" mother of his child who constantly stalks him.

    “Last year my adult son fell into a sexual relationship with a woman who has been stalking him for ten years. She moved to this community to be close to him after his last relationship broke up. When he tried to break off the relationship with her last December, she became pregnant with his child. I know, stupid move to have unprotected sex with a woman who is "insane" - and believe me she is - but that's what happened. Now she calls and shows up at his door five or six times a day demanding that he talk to her. She refuses to leave when he asks her to, which he does when he feels himself about to lose it. He has to physically remove himself from the premises to get away from her and if he walks away instead of taking his car, she follows him - even if he has his eight year old son with him. I was here once when she showed up on the doorstep for the third time on the same day, and when my son refused to talk to her - after giving in twice before and already spending six hours with her that day - she sat on the rocking chair on his porch and stared through the window at him for two hours - in a terrible storm! I am currently staying with my son for a few weeks and am seriously concerned for his safety - not to mention the stress of having to deal with her every day myself. (She was at the door looking for him an hour ago and asked me if he'd gone off "to spend the day with his girlfriend". She believes he's seeing someone else.) My son is really a decent guy who wants to do the right thing and be a father to this woman's baby but there's no way he wants to be in a relationship with her. She refuses to accept anything less. I pray for them every day - and for God's protection over us. My son is not a believer. I've already advised my son that it's time to involve the legal system in this situation, perhaps apply for a restraining order, but it's hard for him to talk about it to other people. He's afraid they won't believe him. We live in a small community and she has already spread lies about him making him out to be the bad guy: a cold-hearted irresponsible philanderer. My fear is that someone is going to get hurt before anything is done to stop this obsessive behaviour. Any godly advice for me?””

  • Should preaching in public that homosexuality is a sin be illegal? Would you do it?
    This past April, a hidden camera captured police arresting a street preacher in England, for saying homosexual conduct is a sin. He was defended by The Christian Institute and prosecutors have since dropped the criminal case stating that there was not enough evidence to secure a conviction. Do you think this could happen where you live? Should street preachers be saying that homosexuality is a sin? Should it be illegal? Should there even be street preachers? Would you do it? Watch Video Here

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