Special Guests

  • John Tesh — Author, Composer, Broadcaster, Recording Artist
    John is an incredibly gifted and successful musician, world traveler, prolific composer, and past television sports commentator for the Olympic Games on NBC. He is the former co-host of Entertainment Tonight and currently produces and hosts Music and Intelligence For Your Life, heard each day by almost eight million listeners on over 350 radio stations!

  • Louise DuArt — Author, Comedian
    Just off her recent tour with the co-stars of the Carol Burnett Show, Tim Conway & Harvey Korman, celebrity impressionist Louise DuArt joins us for our April Fool's Day Special! Discovered by Donna Summer on the hit TV show Star Search, Louise has been making jaws drop all over the world. Her uncanny impersonations of everyone from Barbara Walters to Judge Judy, Joan Rivers to Jane Fonda, and Barbara Streisand to George Burns, have landed her on such television shows as Entertainment Tonight and Hollywood Squares

  • Victoria Jackson — Actress, Comedian, Musician
    Appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson over 20 times was just the beginning. Victoria eventually joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live and worked with the likes of Dennis Miller, Steve Martin, Demi Moore, Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman & Joe Piscopo. This comedienne, actress and musician also has a spiritual side to her that is genuine and sincere.


  • Tal Prince — Host of Tal Prince Live
    Hooked on pornography at age 8, an addiction which continued until he was 32, Tal Prince didn't believe that God could possibly use him. He was sure that if people knew where he'd been, what he'd done and who he was they couldn't possibly love him. But God in his mercy has a way of pursuing us, even while we are in rebellion and hostile to him. After being in recovery for several years from sexual and pornography addiction, he finally learned that if he surrendered his secret life to God, that He would take all of his struggles and brokenness and use them for His purpose. "By honestly acknowledging what was going on in my life, I have been able to move forward towards transformation. That is what 'Tal Prince Live' is really about - transformation through openness and transparency. God always uses the unlikely to accomplish his purposes, and I'm definitely that. I used to always fear that I was unlikable. Now I know that I'm just unlikely."

Talkback, etc.

  • Drew's Favourite Internet Funnies
    Ya ya ya... we all know there's a bunch of nasty stuff on the internet, but DANG! there sure are some pretty good funnies as well. Drew will share some of his favourite internet funnies - ones that will actually translate over the radio.

  • Guess That Sound Bite
    What better day to indulge in such frivolous immaturity. We'll play a sound bite - you guess what it is - you win absolutely nothing!

  • Useless RadioBite
    Join Drew & his co-host Tim Miller as they eat up a perfectly good air time with nonsense from callers and a practical joke on his son who was sleeping in his bed Down Under!