Special Guests


  • John Quesnelle
    John was abused by his father, shipped off to foster care & reform boarding schools, then eventually ended up getting involved with a biker gang and found himself in prison. This is the story of a man's life brought to brokenness by the desperate need of his daughter's constant torment. She was nick named "ape girl" because of a severe need for cosmetic surgery. Pride could no longer keep him from reaching out. No money, no food, he couldn't read or write, but John found much more than he bargained for at Kerr Street Ministries in Oakville, Ontario.

Talkback, etc.

  • Masturbation!
    Real life scenario. A Doctor needs a sperm sample for medical reasons from a teenage boy. Should the boy masturbate or not? As a parent, what's your call?

  • Church Membership, is it really necessary?
    I mean honestly, what's the point? Sure you get to vote and you get donation envelopes, but really, what does it matter? Are you an official member of your church? Why or why not?