Special Guests

  • Amy Grant
    Probably one of the purest voices in the business, Amy Grant seems to be coming into a season of renewal, feeling like her best song writing is yet to come. With years of chart topping hits, America's "Sunday School Sweetheart" suddenly became the bull's eye of church gossip when she started singing "normal" music, and then again when her marriage to Gary Chapman began breaking down. We'll find out how Amy Grant's new life is these days with her children and husband, Country Music sensation, Vince Gill, being her priority.

  • Scott & Bethany Palmer
    Money arguments remain today's number one cause for divorce! Now, the dynamic husband and wife financial-counselling team of Scott and Bethany Palmer offer practical guidance on disarming financial time bombs in their new book... "Cents & Sensibility; How Couples Can Agree About Money"

  • Kerri Pomarolli
    As TDMS "Special Correspondent" reporting from Sodom & Gomorra, Kerri brings us up to speed on the GMA Awards in Nashville, Tom and Katie's baby, Britney Spears...and all the Hollywood happenings!


  • Marcella Cross
    Marcella is a young woman in her 20's whose body is slowly shutting down from M.S. But she is so much more than that! This is one amazing woman whose incredible story you will not want to miss.

Talkback, etc.

  • Is the King James Version really the ONLY translation of the Bible we should be reading?
    We have a quick chat with Pastor Perry F. Rockwood from the "People's Gospel Hour" who feels that the KJV is the only way to go!

  • Shouldst thou readest thine King James Version ONLY?
    Noweth and hitherto, we taketh thy calls!

  • Should baby boys be circumcised or not?
    A bit of a touchy topic... Some say it honours God and is a hygienic benefit, while others say that that we're hygienic enough in the West and that God really doesn't give a rip if we snip the tip!