Special Guests

  • Kathy Ireland - Part 1
    Entrepreneur, Super Model, Author, Actress & Mother... Kathy began her career as a supermodel (a term she humbly avoids) and morphed into what the Associated Press and London Times call "a best friend to working mothers" because women all over the world are embracing her designs and products. Drew asks Kathy many questions about her faith, including how a genuine follower of Christ can do the whole "modelling" thing! Listen to this incredible interview with one of the world's most successful women, and find out what Kathy Ireland's views are on a variety of issues facing women today.

  • Kathy Ireland - Part 2


  • Jeff & Liz
    A young couple involved with the church as youth leaders, who found themselves pregnant before marriage. We find out what it was like for them when the "church people" found out they were having sex before marriage and how they dealt with the "shame" that comes with all of it, within the Christian world!

  • Denise Mountenay
    Denise was raped at the tender age of 13, and as a result turned to alcohol and drugs to cover her pain and shame. For years she searched for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. Denise found herself pregnant and afraid. Like many women today, she was advised by friends, doctors and family to have an abortion. She took their advice. Today, Denise is now the Founder & President of "Canada Silent No More", an organisation that compassionately ministers to women of all ages. She is also the author of the book, “Forgiven of Murder…a True Story.”

Talkback, etc.

  • Which should be more of a priority for a woman - her husband or her kids?
    On Oprah a few weeks ago, a lady took some real flak for saying that her husband is more of a priority in her life than her children. What's your opinion?

  • Should mother's work if they don't financially have to?
    Is there anything wrong with the stereotypical mother staying at home, cooking, cleaning and being the primary caregiver for the kids? We also find out a few of the favourite things our moms used to make in the kitchen. (How sexist!)