Special Guests


  • Ashley Lewis
    At the age of 16, Ashley suddenly lost her mother from Leukemia. One week her mom was feeling fine, then a few weeks later she was dead. How does a young person survive such a loss? What does this sort of traumatic experience do to someone's spiritual life?

Talkback, etc.

  • Has your spouse chosen a different spiritual path than you?
    What impact has that had on the marriage or on raising the children? What advice would you give someone who may be considering marrying another who has chosen to not follow Christ?

  • Will you boycott Famous Players Theatres because they are showing a pre-film add promoting same sex marriage, paid for by the President of Famous Players Media?
    Drew speaks with the gentleman who purchased the add, Salah Bachir, (well known Toronto philanthropist, especially within the gay community) about the recent call for a boycott by various Christian groups and his organisations refusal to put a similar add up in favour of the traditional definition of marriage.

    Since our interview, Famous Players Theatres has stopped playing the add saying, "We do not want to be seen as having been strong-armed by anyone to cancel the ad. However, it is clear that the issue is far too political and as a result we have determined not only to stop running this particular ad, but any future political advertising.
    Thank you to Mr. Bachir who was very gracious in granting us this interview.