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  • The Cherry Trees Band
    “We are ‘The Cherry Trees Band’, members of Team Aqua, a group of volunteering Torontonians who have come together with a common goal to provide fresh, clean water for thousands of Africans. Our talented team consists of over 30 accomplished Toronto business people, musicians, and entrepreneurs including the rock group “The Cherry Trees Band”. Team Aqua dedicates 100% of efforts to supporting the “Global Aid Network Canada’s” Water for Life Initiative. We’ve joined creative and strategic forces to create and promote our second rock album: ‘Aqua’ written and dedicated 100% for this cause. This initiative is being supported in a number of ways… sponsorships from foundations and corporations, purchases of the album, a fundraiser being held at Hugh’s Room on December 3, and donations made on our website…all are directly supporting new water wells being drilled in African communities. These water wells provide fresh drinking water, hygienic improvements, social and economical benefits, among others. Our goal in 2018 is to drill 10 new water wells, supply 10,000 people with freshwater. In 2015, we raised funds to drill 5 wells and supply 5,000 people with fresh water.”


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  • Elaine Pagels — Author of WHY RELIGION?
    Why is religion still around in the twenty-first century? Why do so many still believe? And how do various traditions still shape the way people experience everything from sexuality to politics, whether they are religious or not? In Why Religion? Elaine Pagels looks to her own life to help address these questions. These questions took on a new urgency for Pagels when dealing with unimaginable loss—the death of her young son, followed a year later by the shocking loss of her husband. Here she interweaves a personal story with the work that she loves, illuminating how, for better and worse, religious traditions have shaped how we understand ourselves; how we relate to one another; and, most importantly, how to get through the most difficult challenges we face. Drawing upon the perspectives of neurologists, anthropologists, and historians, as well as her own research, Pagels opens unexpected ways of understanding persistent religious aspects of our culture.A provocative and deeply moving account from one of the most compelling religious thinkers at work today, Why Religion? explores the spiritual dimension of human experience.

Special Guests

  • Cheryl Hotchkiss — VP of Public Engagement World Vision Canada
    Cheryl is the Vice President for Public Engagement which includes the following teams: Public Relations and Communications (media relations, corporate social media, public relations supporting marketing activities), Engagement and Awareness (non-financial actions with Canadians, support to volunteers, youth and celebrities), and Brand & Creative Solutions (creative components to World Vision’s work for internal and external resources). The Public Engagement department’s key objective is: To provide consistent messaging, aligned with the vision and brand, for World Vision Canada to Canadians; to create awareness, engagement and support with Canadians around the issues advocated by WVC. Cheryl has been with WVC for almost 10 years and entered the organization in the role of Advocacy Campaigns Manager. Some of Cheryl’s larger projects over the years include leadership for the implementation of the Child Health Now Campaign including the 2010 G8 Summit public engagement work and the development and implementation of the No Child for Sale campaign (2013 – onward). She is also responsible for Brand strengthening and strategy and has implement Brand campaigns (increase Brand awareness and lead generation for future supporters) such as Hunger Free and #LoveCan… She is currently working finalizing WV Canada’s brand framework and narrative.

  • Pete Enns — Professor, Author, Speaker, Podcaster
    Pete Enns is the Abram S. Clemens Professor of Biblical Studies at Eastern University. He is a former Senior Fellow of Biblical Studies for BioLogos and author of many books and commentaries, including Inspiration and Incarnation, The Evolution of Adam, and The Bible Tells Me So. His most recent book is The Sin of Certainty: Why God Desires Our Trust More Than Our "Correct" Beliefs.

  • David Trotter and Tripp Fuller — Producer and Co-star of the Film The Road to Edmond
    David Trotter
    David Trotter is a writer, producer, and director leading “The Road to Edmond” team. Previously, he has produced and directed three award-winning documentaries including Set Free Posse: Jesus Freaks, Biker Gang, or Christian Cult?, In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom, and Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan, and he is also the author of numerous books. David lives with his wife of 23 years, Laura, and their two teenagers in Newport Beach, California.


    Tripp Fuller
    “I am a proud nerd, but not just a Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica type of nerd, I am a theology nerd who is committed to bringing theology to the people. This is how you end up a podcaster with a PhD in Philosophy, Religion, & Theology. In the classroom, pub, or congregation I love teaching. In particular, I love the energy of conversations where new ideas are encountered and better questions are posed. For those too busy to tackle giant texts, I read big books, so you don’t have to… but I may try and talk you into it. Unlike many of my friends I had some rather amazing experiences growing up in the church. It was in the church that I was challenged to grow in compassion, seek after justice, and invest in people. Knowing the potential power of a community centered in the way of Jesus I remain invested in the life of the church. For the last 200,000-ish years planet earth has been rocking humans. I’m not sure the other species have decided if we are much of a blessing, but in the meantime we may as well look into creating a more beautiful community of life together. In an attempt to minimize my own tribal outrage and judgement on the vile uninformed masses, I try to use all that caveman juice in support of the Lakers. The NBA is the best professional sports league and the LA Lakers are the single superior team. In heaven Jesus will be wearing Purple and Gold.”

  • Trevor Brisbin — Theologian, Pastor at Progressive Faith Collective
    "[Progressive Faith Collective is] a diverse people in the Greater Toronto Area who realize that the faith and tradition in which we once thrived, no longer works for us. Many of us no longer want to be associated with a religion that is not completely open to LGBQT+ people. Many of us are uncomfortable in a world that fits neatly into categories of good/evil, in/out, heaven/hell. Many of us reject the idea that a divine being would require blood sacrifice for forgiveness. Others simply feel they have outgrown the church they have known. As people jump ship from a religion once important to them, we hope to be a lifeboat; a space where you can reimagine your faith alongside others looking to do the same."

  • Steve Norton — Pastor, Storyteller, Podcaster and Film Aficionado
    Steve Norton is a husband, father and pastor of youth and community outreach in Scarborough, ON. He's passionate about seeing the justice of God's kingdom in our city. He's also one of the founders of, where he loves to start conversations around the stories of our culture through podcasting, reviews and interviews that speak to deeper truths.