Special Guests

  • Eri Inazato — Happy Science Toronto, Deputy Minister
    Eri was born in Japan then raised in the United States. She has been working for Happy Science for the past 9 years, after graduating from International Christian University in Tokyo. Eri is currently working at the Toronto branch to spread the message of Master Ryuho Okawa. According to happy-science.org, “Ryuho Okawa is a renowned author in Japan with a simple goal: to help humankind overcome religious and cultural conflicts and achieve peace. His first book, The Laws of the Sun has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and is translated into more than 8 languages. Okawa started receiving spiritual messages from Heaven in 1981. Holy beings appeared before him with impassioned messages urging him to deliver God’s words to Earth. Within the same year, Okawa’s deepest subconscious awakened and revealed his calling to become a spiritual leader, inspiring the world with the power of God’s Truths. Through these conversations with divine beings and profound spiritual contemplation, Okawa developed the philosophy that would become the core of his teachings. His communications with Heaven deepened an understanding of God’s designs and intentions — how God created our souls, all worlds, and the Laws that are the very fabric of the universe. The universal meaning and integrity of Okawa’s spiritual teachings, are delivered in a uniquely simple and pragmatic way that have attracted millions of readers in over one hundred countries. In addition to publishing over 1,400 books, Okawa has given more than 2,100 lectures, and continues to share God’s Truths throughout the world.” Master Ryuho Okawa’s book, The Laws of Success: A Spiritual Guide to Turning Your Hopes Into Reality, is a classic in Japan and is touted as the modern world’s universal guide to happiness and success in all aspects of life.

  • David Essel — Author of Positive Thinking Will Never Change Your Life But This Book Will: The Myth of Positive Thinking, The Reality of Success
    The following message from David Essell is why he’s on the show today:
    One of the greatest teachers that has ever walked this earth has to be Mahatma Gandhi. When we look in the world of personal growth, he was a leader because he wasn't engaged in the nonsense of wishful thinking, or affirmations for success. He did the hard work every day. I try to emulate his work as a best-selling author, counselor and coach and international speaker, but I will tell you it's a lot to live up to… it's hard to do on a daily basis. But there is one of his teachings that I have fallen in love with and I am currently practicing every minute, of every day, in my professional life. And what is that one special teaching? The ability to call yourself out, to be vulnerable and honest, when your teachings in the past have been wrong. This is a trait that very few people know about Gandhi. Before he went into his complete non-violence stance, he actually encouraged his brothers in India to take up guns, and the stand side-by-side with the British government, and defend the British rule against Indian dissenters. 30 days later, after encouraging his Indian brothers to do this very thing… He made a complete turnaround! He said I was wrong! I apologize! I told you 30 days ago to pick up arms, but now I am saying don't. Put them down. Peaceful resolution, nonviolence, is the only way we will reclaim our country India. In my own professional practice, I have done the same thing. I used to teach the ridiculous statements like "the universe is conspiring to meet all of your wishes, your thoughts become things so if you think about becoming a millionaire you will become a millionaire… Visualize the perfect soulmate and they must come into your life…"And on and on and on. I was wrong. Dead wrong. And I am sorry. For the past several years I have totally changed my approach to teaching the reality of success, not the wishful, fantastical thinking that is being promoted by such well-meaning books like The Secret and The Law of Attraction. I was wrong. I am sorry. For misleading anyone in the first 20 years of my work. In the last 17 years I have made it quite clear on every radio interview, television interview, blog post, and most importantly in my number one best-selling book "Positive thinking will never change your life… But this book will! The myth of positive thinking, the reality of success." Now, I have made a 180° turnaround. I tell people that when I used to say that positive thinking can change your life not only was I wrong, but also that all of the positive thinking, affirmation, and vision boards in the world will only account for 20% of someone's success when they're going after a huge goal. Unless of course a miracle happens. So I try to live like Gandhi, apologizing for my earlier errors, and working harder than I've ever worked in my entire life to get the correct message out there. And I pray, that the end result in my professional career will be just like Ghandi's. That my reversal of my earlier teachings, will have the most profound effect on this world. When Gandhi started teaching his new truth, and apologized for his earlier beliefs, India then found her own independence from the British rule. I hope, every person that I come in contact with in anyway, will learn from my error, pick up my new teachings, and get the hope they desire, to create the life of their dreams. With their money, relationships, body, career drive and more. This is my new destiny. My new purpose for living. And I'm giving it all I got.
    *David Essel. M.S., is a Master Teacher, Author, Storyteller, Radio/TV Host, Little Kid in a Man's Body, Adjunct Professor, Seeker, Finder, Addiction Recovery Coach, Inspirational Speaker and All Faiths Minister who marvels at the beauty of life...the life that God has blessed him with.

  • Natalie Harris — Author Of Save-My-Life School: A First Responder's Mental Health Journey
    This true story chronicles Natalie's mental health journey after attending a high profile double murder at a Barrie motel in 2012. Treating her patient, the accused and now convicted Mark Dobson, caused Natalie to experience what experts call a "moral injury." Save-My-Life School is a raw, compelling, emotional and sometimes laugh-out-loud first-person account of Natalie's journey with three overdoses, a suicide attempt, hospitalization and rehab. This is a story of reclamation that candidly reveals some of the challenges and stigma many people with PTSD, depression and addiction face.

  • Michelle Mary Lelwica — Author of Shameful Bodies: Religion and the Culture of Physical Improvement
    What happens when your body doesn't look how it's supposed to look, or feel how it's supposed to feel, or do what it's supposed to do? Who or what defines the ideals behind these expectations? How can we challenge them and live more peacefully in our bodies? Shameful Bodies: Religion and the Culture of Physical Improvement explores these questions by examining how traditional religious narratives and modern philosophical assumptions come together in the construction and pursuit of a better body in contemporary western societies. Drawing on examples from popular culture such as self-help books, magazines, and advertisements, Michelle Mary Lelwica shows how these narratives and assumptions encourage us to go to war against our bodies-to fight fat, triumph over disability, conquer chronic pain and illness, and defy aging. Through an ethic of conquest and conformity, the culture of physical improvement trains us not only to believe that all bodily processes are under our control, but to feel ashamed about those parts of our flesh that refuse to comply with the cultural ideal. Lelwica argues that such shame is not a natural response to being fat, physically impaired, chronically sick, or old. Rather, body shame is a religiously and culturally conditioned reaction to a commercially-fabricated fantasy of physical perfection. While Shameful Bodies critiques the religious and cultural norms and narratives that perpetuate external and internalized judgment and aggression toward “shameful” bodies, it also engages the resources of religions, especially feminist theologies and Buddhist thought/practice, to construct a more affirming approach to health and healing - an approach that affirms the diversity, fragility, interdependence, and impermanence of embodied life.

  • Vahen King — Author of Going Farther: Experience the Power and Love of God That Turns Tragedy Into Triumph
    One year after graduating college, Vahen received an engagement ring from the love of her life Vaughan. She was overjoyed and filled with so much love and excitement; her life seemed perfect! Then things took a drastic turn and exactly one week after Vaughan put the ring on her finger, she was rushed to hospital. After a week of tests, Vahen was finally diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a condition that left her physically disabled and dependent on the use of a wheelchair. However, her biggest question was, "Did she still have a fiance?" With a resounding, "YES! I still want you," from the love of her life, Vahen adapted to her life and surroundings as a Person with a Disability and views her disability as an advantage, and changing people’s perspectives gives her great satisfaction. Vahen believes that all the events in her life–both good and bad, have given her a unique platform to show God’s glory and unfailing love. Vahen currently lives with her husband Vaughan in Alberta, Canada and has devoted her life to sharing her journey with others, in the hope that people will be challenged and inspired to Go Farther.

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • Brother Neil
    Neil K. Parent, aka Brother Neil, is dropping by to announce his soon-to-be released second album called Away Avenue Away. Brother Neil recruited a bunch of professional musicians, many he had performed with in the past, to help record the album in an old dance hall that longtime friend Mike Whaling (who was also featured on his last album) purchased and turned into a recording studio. The two musicians have toured together in the past and spent the last two-plus years working on the album. In Neil’s earlier years he was also into jazz and is known in those circles as Neil Kristian. He also has performed with the a cappella group FATE and the 10-piece Uptown Swing Band. In one of the highlights of his life, Parent took his team, Airborne 11, to the winner’s circle on the Global television series “Canada Sings!” in 2011. His group, named for the airport where they worked, won a $10,000 donation for Ronald McDonald House.

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