Special Guests

  • Suzanne Somers — Chrissy Snow from Legendary TV Show Three's Company, Las Vegas Female Entertainer Of The Year, Health & Wellness Guru, Author, Entrepreneur
    Suzanne Somers has played Las Vegas for 36 years and just completed a 2 month residency at the Westgate Resort & Spa, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton where she spent 3 years in the 80’s. Most people know her as Chrissy from Three’s Company, Carol from Step by Step, the author of 26 books on Health & A New Way to Age (most, New York Times Bestsellers) or a savvy entrepreneur who develops and markets products that improve lives. Suzanne is also partnered in other businesses that create unique products and technologies that improve lives. She has starred in her own one woman show at the Brooks Atkinson on Broadway and in many TV music specials and movies. Most people who have never seen her on stage in Las Vegas, really have no idea what she does. Yes, she sings, she dances and she's HILARIOUS. Might be why she was chosen as “LAS VEGAS FEMALE ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR”.

    *Suzanne Somers will be performing LIVE at Casino Rama on Saturday, May 14th @ 8:00 PM Tickets are $29/$39/$49

  • THE HELL OF GRENVILLE — With Andrew Hale-Byrne & Heather Bakkin
    (Both recently featured in W5's exposé of Grenville Christian College - “In The Name Of God”)

    Andrew J. Hale-Byrne - Author of GRENVILLE
    Andrew is one of many students who are telling their story of abuse at one of Canada's premier boarding schools, Grenville Christian College. He is the author of Grenville. In 2007, he exposed the cult boarding school, known as Grenville Christian College, in the Canadian press. Subsequently, there has been an Anglican Church enquiry, Ontario Provincial Police investigation and an ongoing class-action lawsuit. Indeed, Andrew attended Grenville in the 1990's and saw first-hand the horrific abuse that was inflicted on minors. Currently, he serves as a representative plaintiff and press officer for the Grenville Christian College Class Action. His book is the culmination of his research going back nine and half years. Andrew is British. He and his family reside and work in the United Kingdom, but he travels regularly to Canada to brief the media on matters pertaining to the cult, which damaged numerous lives. Andrew has a long history of social justice and human rights activism, and his exposure of abuse at Grenville is in keeping with that tradition. Andrew is a practising Anglican.

    *GRENVILLE - “Andrew Hale-Byrne tells the bizarre story of how an elitist cult on Cape Cod, founded by two self-proclaimed holy women, managed to infiltrate and take over a preppy Anglican boarding school in Ontario, Canada with an international student body. This happened with patronage from the highest levels in Canada's government, political class, and business community, and in some cases included their active participation in covering up abuse. What followed were many years of institutional abuse -- psychological, physical and sexual -- of the children under the protective camouflage of Anglicanism. Andrew tells the history of the abuse victims and how he exposed the school, the cult and the Ontario establishment. The upper-crust cult on Cape Cod was a “who’s who” list of the cream of society, including a Rockefeller heiress, a Chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and a Chairman of Arthur Young. It is a look inside the peculiar world of a cult at the apex of American and Canadian societies. Due to Andrew's exposé the victims of abuse have been re-victimized by retaliation launched by the defendants and the corrupt Anglican hierarchy. Death threats have not intimidated Andrew from his mission and the fight for justice continues in the courts.”

    Heather Bakken - Freelance Writer and Photographer, Social Justice Advocate, Agnostic.
    Heather's life story of grit and determination is highlighted by her full recovery from a debilitating spinal cord injury and her survival skills while enrolled at a cult-run boarding school in Eastern Ontario. Heather has written a fictional screenplay based on her experiences at Grenville Christian College. "Crossed" is the tale of three teenage girls who are boarding students at a private school run by wolves in sheeps' clothing. They bond in their rebellion against an elite corps of staff members who have signed a contract for immortality in exchange for fealty to satanic cult leaders. Their fight against the church hierarchy lands them in social purgatory and takes them on a journey of faith, sisterhood and discovery. Heather recently shared her personal account of one of her interrogations at the school in an excerpt for "Grenville", written by former Grenville student Andrew Hale-Byrne.

  • Latania Christie — Author of Take Me To Church
    Take Me To Church is a testimony of God’s love in spite of horrible life circumstances. The experiences of the character Valene, based on Latania Christie’s life, lead her toward faith instead of away from it. When a life-altering event occurs in her preteen years at the hands of a church leader, she is left devastated and disillusioned. Take Me to Church is an emotional exposé of how sexual abuse, victimization, and shame, were handled in an independent black church in Ontario, Canada. The character Valene finds that the problem is humanity and although she struggles, she concludes that the love of God can help anyone through it all. Exposing her story to the world was never her intention, but when Latania decided to start writing, her memoir is what came out. Immigrating to Canada as a young child, Latania chronicles her difficulties in fitting in with her peers in her new Canadian neighbourhood and at school. Get to know Latania Christie: wife, mom, legal professional and author. Through the character Valene, Latania gives the reader a window into a teenager's conflict with her mother, the abuse scandal that rocked her Ontario church and how she got the help that she needed. Now married with a daughter of her own, a promising career and another book in progress, Latania is a shining example of what the human spirit can overcome. (Take Me To Church is available to order or download on Amazon, Kindle or Indigo's Kobe reader.)

  • Larry Alex Taunton — Author of The Faith of Christopher Hitchens:The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist
    For many people, Christopher Hitchens stands as a symbol of unbelief, and one of the past century’s most antagonistic voices to organized religion. For author and Christian apologist Larry Alex Taunton, however, Hitchens was more than a worthy debate opponent or enemy — he was a friend. In The Faith of Christopher Hitchens: The Restless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist, Taunton offers a personal perspective on one of Western culture’s most interesting and misunderstood public figures. In an uncompromising but compassionate narrative, readers are given a unique view of Hitchens as he really was. We travel along with these two on their road trips, we see their debates, and we even listen in as they study the Bible together during Hitchens’ last days. Speaking of The Faith of Christopher Hitchens, author and speaker Ravi Zacharias says, “Christopher Hitchens was a force to be reckoned with, whether one was a theist or an atheist. While I never met him, I know firsthand through friendships with those of other world-views that ultimate issues can be discussed without compromise, yet without animosity, with gentleness and with respect. Larry Alex Taunton traveled this road with Hitchens and reveals a man few knew: brash and confident in public, in quieter moments he wrestled with deep questions about ultimate truth that would not go away. In the end, Larry demonstrates that while arguments and debate have their place in winning the mind and heart, it is love that is the most powerful apologetic for the truth and beauty of the gospel. This book will surprise and challenge you — and I hope, open fruitful conversation among atheists and theists alike.” Ultimately, The Faith of Christopher Hitchens provides readers with a candid glimpse into the inner life of an intriguing and unexpectedly vulnerable man, and offers a useful reflection on the dangers of pride and the promise of faith.
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LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • This Week's Recording Artist: Nathan Hiltz
    It’s been ten years since jazz guitarist Nathan Hiltz released his first and only solo album Your Love Is A Plane Crash (2007). He’s spent that decade touring Canada several times in addition to lending his immense talent to a wide variety of recording projects and song-writing collaborations including Jill Barber, Hawksley Workman, The Griffith Hiltz Trio, Melissa Lauren, and many others. At long last, Hiltz finally hit the studio to record his second solo project Songs Poetic. The setting is an intimate guitar trio, the songs are choice standards, and most importantly this live-off-the-floor session is swinging. Songs Poetic, recorded in August 2015 in Toronto, is a collection of songs that represent the real Nathan Hiltz: an open-eared guitarist steeped in the bop tradition. Hiltz makes each musical moment count. He offers every audience his very natural, organic melodic instincts. In tandem with bassist Pat Collins and drummer Morgan Childs, Hiltz and company create multi-dimensional improvisations together. Throughout this record of original arrangements of classic tunes, the band supports each other with the ‘give and take’ that makes small group jazz so exciting.


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  • W.here's T.he F.aith?
    Join Drew and various religion reporters from an assortment of news outlets, as they catch up on happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults (Oh My!) Today's W.T.F. Guest:
    Cathy Lynn Grossman - Senior National Reporter with Religious News Service