Special Guests

  • Cheryl Ladd — Charlie's Angel
    Broadway, movies, television, author – Cheryl Ladd is so much more than Charlie's Angel. She's played roles in NBC's Las Vegas & ABC's Hope & Faith. Cheryl has worked with Michael Caine, Sam Elliott, Steve Martin, Micheal Landon, John Schneider, Tom Skerritt, Drew Barrymore & Kris Kristofferson. Cheryl stars in a new film set to open in theatres July 11th called The Perfect Wave, along with Clint Eastwood's son and rising Hollywood star Scott Eastwood ("Gran Torino," "Flags of Our Fathers") & Rachel Hendrix ("October Baby"). The movie, follows the true story of Ian McCormack, who grew up surfing the waters of New Zealand. During his adventure, Ian (Eastwood) falls in love with a beautiful, free-spirited girl, Annabelle (Hendrix). Ian's pursuit of her leads him to the African island of Mauritius, where his life is forever changed by an encounter with a school of box jellyfish during a fateful evening swim. Infamous for venom so deadly that a single sting can kill a man, Ian is stung multiple times, and pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at the hospital. Following a divine post-mortem encounter, Ian miraculously awakens with a transformed understanding of life and a chance to begin anew. The Perfect Wave was shot on location in South Africa, Australia, Bali, Mauritius and New Zealand, and opened in South Africa earlier this year.

  • Rebecca King Crews — Reality Star, Recording Artist, Wife Of An Old Spice Guy!
    Rebecca Crews, known for her hit reality show on BET, “The Family Crews,” alongside her actor/comedian/ex-NFL husband Terry Crews (Everybody Hates Chris, Bridesmaids, Friday After Next, White Chicks, The Longest Yard, Expendables, Arrested Development, Blended, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire), will release her debut single “Can I Stay” this summer. Falling into the smooth jazz genre, with a gospel/pop influence, fans can download the summer jam on July 8, when it hits radio stations across the country. The single will be a teaser of what is yet to come, when her full-length album releases in October 2014. The former Gospel singer wrote the inspirational track after a spiritual experience. “It was so overwhelming, that the lyrics immediately started flowing while I was heading home from church,” explains Crews. “I felt like I was able to remove myself from the chaotic world around me, and see clearly that God has a plan for me and my future. Having that security and peace was something I wanted to share with the world!” Infused with musical influences from Sade to Adele to Norah Jones, “Can I Stay” is a mixture of genres that will touch any listener. “This music is lo-o-ong overdue,” laughs the former beauty queen. “I have been busy tending to my big family, my larger-than-life husband, and producing a hit reality show. Now that the kids are older and things are looking up for us, I know the timing is perfect!”

  • Scott Harrison — Founder & CEO of charity: water
    Scott spent almost 10 years as a nightclub promoter in New York City before leaving to volunteer on a hospital ship off the coast of Liberia, West Africa as a volunteer photojournalist. Returning home to New York City two years later, he founded the non-profit organization “charity: water” in 2006. Turning his full attention to the global water crisis and the world's 800 million people without clean water to drink, he created public installations and innovative online fundraising platforms to spread international awareness of the issue. In seven years, with the help of more than 400,000 donors worldwide, charity: water has raised over $125 million and funded over 11,000 water projects in 22 countries. When completed, those projects will provide over 4 million people with clean, safe drinking water. Scott was recently recognized in Fortune Magazine’s 40 under 40 list, the Forbes Magazine Impact 30 list and was recently #10 in Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business issue. He is currently a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.


  • Jamie & Katrina Holtom
    On July 14, 2000 around 7pm MST, an F-3 tornado touched down at the Green Acres Campground at Pine Lake, Alberta. More than 100 people were injured & 12 people killed. Among them, 2-year old Lucas Holtom, who was literally pulled from his father's arms from the force of this deadly tornado.
    “It really just started like any other storm. You see the clouds coming over the lake. There’s almost a sense of excitement. But then it quickly became something different. Hail the size of oranges began falling and soon afterward the winds began to pick up. Vans were shaking and trees were starting to get pulled out. We were like, ‘What is going on here?’ We just hurried to get into this bedroom in this tiny little cabin. We hadn’t gotten there for more than a few seconds down on the ground and, boom, it was just like an explosion. Everything was gone. Lucas was gone.” The irony - the Holtoms were visiting family and friends in Alberta after spending a week building homes for Habitat for Humanity.

    For Jamie & Katrina, the death of their son has driven them to help others. Within a few years, the family put on the first ever Lucas Holtom Carnival day in Brampton, which now attracts over 5,000 people. “It’s been an awesome way to almost redeem a very horrible situation.”
    The Lucas Holtom Carnival - Saturday July 12th 11:00AM – 3:00PM in Leander Park, 363 Howden Blvd, Brampton

  • Journey Update — Karl & Lenore
    Nothing would have ever prepared Lenore for the worst half-hour of her life. She’d only been working at a local clothing shop a couple of weeks and this was her first shift by herself. Then, with only five minutes left in her shift, a man entered the store and proceeded to strangle her, kick her, and stab her 31 times. Somehow, Lenore had the presence of mind to fake her own death just so the assailant would stop. The man eventually did stop, shut off the lights, locked the front door of the store and left out the back of the building. Laying there hearing the sound of blood leaving her body, Lenore knew that if she didn’t at least try to go for help that she would bleed to death. She would never see her three girls or husband again. So with everything she had, Lenore began to get up. However, the man who had so savagely and randomly attempted to murder her hadn’t actually left. He’d only gone into the washroom to clean the blood from his hands. When he saw that Lenore was still alive, he came back to finish the job. Somehow – someway – eventually, Lenore found her way to the front door and collapsed on the sidewalk in front of the shop, where she was able to get the attention of a man who called 911. She had only one unit of blood left in her and to this day is called “a walking miracle” by the local police.
    *Lenore and her husband shared their story with us a few years ago. However, they just got some news about the man who did this and join us to bring us up to speed on one of the most inspirational journeys we've ever had on the show.

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • This Week's Recording Artist: Peter Tigchelaar
    By the time he’d reached his teen years, the music of the Beatles, Bach and Handel, Bob Dylan and choral singing were significant influences. Peter’s signature style includes thoughtful lyrics set to engaging arrangements shaped by his diverse melodic influences. Whether they soothe the soul or challenge the heart and mind, these are songs that appeal on many levels and reward careful listening. His music is a complex mixture of genres reflecting the many influences he loves. His clear strong tenor voice is a distinctive feature of his melodic approach to song writing. Rock, blues, gospel, choral and reggae are all alive in his eclectic tunes, played passionately on guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and Hammertone.

God Blogger

  • Rev. Jennifer Crumpton — The Modern Girl's Guide To The Good News
    “If you are a woman who doesn’t submit — to intimidation, to the traditional model of the “good religious girl”, to lies dressed up as faith, to the distorted mirrors society holds up to our faces -- then you’ve found the right place. Let’s talk about the intersection of religion and politics, think about the effects of popular culture on women's equality, open our hearts to the wisdom of inter-religious dialogue, and imagine a new world into being. With our passion, we can create a new era of respect, equal standing, abundant opportunity, and a feminism that can still claim the “good news” of the euangelion that is central to Christianity, while learning from and honoring our sisters of other faith traditions and backgrounds. We are all in this together -- and we need every idea, every effort, every voice. To believe in your creator means you must also believe in yourself. God's spirit is within you, guiding you, and that's the good news. Let's go tell it. Let's make it happen. Let’s get Femmevangelical.”
    *Rev. Jennifer Danielle Crumpton spent 13 years as a corporate advertising executive for Fortune 500 brands before graduating with a Master of Divinity in 2011 from Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York. There she immersed into inter-faith dialogue and faith-based social justice, feminist theology, and Christian social and structural ethics. An author and public speaker, Jennifer has also previously worked as a playwright, and a theater, commercial and indie film actress.

  • PROJECT SLIM TIM - THE GRAND FINALE! THE BIG WEIGH IN! THE FINAL COUNT DOWN! THE...last time we have to hear about this!
    As some of you may know, our good buddy -Tim The Tool- had mentioned a few times during the show how frustrated he was getting with his weight. So we surprised Tim and reached out to Whole Fitness Canada to see if they could help him out. For the last 10-weeks, Tim went “Under Construction” with the gang at Whole Fitness Canada! Join us this week to find out if he was just faking the whole "getting in shape" thing or if the last 10-weeks have really made a difference!
    **To hear Tim's big reveal, scroll down to our W.T.F segment and have a listen!

Talkback, etc.

  • The Pub Crawl
    “Drew & His Mates” crack open a few - topics! Current affairs, pop culture, even touchy-feely-relational stuff! Listen in OR call and join us, as we crawl from topic to topic! (Got a topic you want the gang from the pub to crack open? Click here)

    This week on The Pub Crawl:

    1. Only one question this week folks... Why church? To be more specific, why GO to church? If “the church” is all believers, everywhere – then why do we have churches?

    To worship! If you mean sing together, that's lame. It might create a nice feeling for some, but for most, especially men, not so much! If you mean hang out with other Christians – why? More to the point, why hang out in a large group sitting beside each other for an hour or so then superficially schmooze with a select few after the service is finished? It's impossible to have authentic relationships with a crowd, so wouldn't it be better to “fellowship” with a smaller group of other believers?

    To serve! Wouldn't it be better to “serve” within the community you live, along side other people who aren't from your church or who may not already be part of “the tribe”?

    To learn! Really? In the age of information? Chances are that you'll find better communicators, wider perspectives, and less “tribal conditioning” by learning from the teachers of THE Church rather than the teachers at your church!

    Bottom line – isn't doing church these days more for “socially unaware” people who need a social construct to help them connect with other like minded people? And for old people who like tradition? Wouldn't our money, our time and our talents be better spent elsewhere?

  • W.here's T.he F.aith?
    Join Drew and various religion reporters from an assortment of news outlets, as they catch up on happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults (Oh My!)
    Todays W.T.F Guest is: Eric Marrapodi - CNN Sr. Producer & CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor