Special Guests

  • Skip Prokop — Juno Award Winning Founding Member of LIGHTHOUSE
    In 1969, Skip founded the rock group “LIGHTHOUSE” (with long time friend and co-founder Paul Hoffert) who brought us "Sunny Days" & "One Fine Morning". The world’s first 13 piece rock orchestra that went on to achieve international success as Canada’s leading rock group. A four time Juno Award winner, Skip has written eleven North American and international “top 40” hits, he's been the composer and arranger of four Gold Records and one Platinum. Skip was the first rock musician to ever address Parliament and was the honoured guest of Pierre Elliot Trudeau as well as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He established Canada’s first underground group “The Paupers”, who were the first Canadian group to sign a major US record deal and spent their first hours on a live stage opening for The Rolling Stones. Skip played and recorded with: Peter, Paul and Mary, Alvin Bishop, Mama Cass Elliot, Janis Joplin, Carlos Santana, Ritchie Havens, Steve Miller, and Super Session with Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield. Since 1965 he has been composer of several film scores and popular advertising jingles.

  • Frank Schaeffer — Bestselling Author of Why I'm An Atheist Who Believes In God: How To Give Love, Create Beauty & Find Peace
    Caught between the beauty of his grandchildren and grief at a friend’s death, Frank Schaeffer finds himself simultaneously believing and not believing—an atheist who prays. In Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God, Frank wrestles with faith and disbelief sharing his innermost debate with the poignant lyricism only a great writer of literary nonfiction can achieve. Schaeffer writes as an imperfect son, husband and grandfather whose adoration of his family, love and art trumps the ugly theologies of an angry God.
    *Frank Schaeffer is a New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen books. Frank is a survivor of both polio and an evangelical/fundamentalist childhood, an acclaimed writer who overcame severe dyslexia, a home-schooled and self-taught documentary movie director, a feature film director of four low budget Hollywood features Frank has described as “pretty terrible.” He is also an acclaimed author of both fiction and nonfiction and an artist with a loyal following of international collectors who own many of his oil paintings. Frank has been a frequent guest on the Rachel Maddow Show on NBC, has appeared on Oprah, been interviewed by Terri Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air and appeared on the Today Show, BBC News and many other media outlets. He is a much sought after speaker and has lectured at a wide range of venues from Harvard’s Kennedy School to the Hammer Museum/UCLA, Princeton University, Riverside Church Cathedral, and DePaul University.

LIVE! on TDMS - Devoted Souly to the Art of Music

  • This Week's Recording Artist: Kev Morse
    Over the past 25 years, Kev Morse has honed his talent as a Singer Songwriter, and Guitar Player in various bands, including being a co-founder of the Storytelling group, The Great Wooden Trio, who since it’s formation in 1998, are still a part of the Arts Scene around southern Ontario and the GTA. Through a variety of musical incarnations, much of his song writing was a collaborative effort. This experience came as he co-wrote material with his band Grey Town, eventually leading to third place honours in Q107′s Home Grown Contest, and a Video on Much Music, in the early 90′s. After recording his first ‘Live’ Solo CD in 2010, his desire to pursue a solo career was solidified. Kev, along with his band mates, Greg Woods (Drums) and Jeremy Giesbrecht (bass and keys) have just released their latest album called, “In The Blood”. Armed with new material, they hope to bring some new fans into the fold of their Power ”Roots” Trio. With engineer Tim Alberts (True Music Studios) at the helm, this new CD also features a killer string section with Sharon Tiessen on Cello, and Sahra Featherstone on Violin.

God Blogger

  • Teresa B. Pasquale
    Teresa is a "crooked" mystic, a trauma therapist, a mind/body/spirit yoga teacher, advocate for the underdog, hope conspirator, lover of pups, creativity-monger. She believes we can all find healing and help others heal by sharing the deepest parts of our souls & our selves. Her first book is Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through the Stages of Trauma + Recovery. She is currently working on her second book, which is a personal and professional exploration of spiritual wounding and "church-hurt" titled The Journey of Desert Flowers. She believes: "Whatever you love, live it out with a mystic heart."


  • Larry Willard
    A few months ago, Larry and his wife were involved in a fatal head on collision. Although both he and his wife survived, their injuries were horrific. Larry shares his journey through recovery – physically and spiritually.
    *Larry Willard is the president of the Faith Family Books & Gifts and is the owner and publisher of Castle Quay Books Canada and BayRidge Books, Canada’s largest non-denominational publishing company. He also spent 9 years with Tyndale University College & Seminary in various VP roles.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Pub Crawl
    “Drew & His Mates” crack open a few - topics! Current affairs, pop culture, even touchy-feely-relational stuff! Listen in OR call and join us, as we crawl from topic to topic! (Got a topic you want the gang from the pub to crack open? Click here)

    This week on The Pub Crawl:

    1. The U.S. Trademark & Patent office has revoked the trademark “Washington Redskins” stating that the NFL franchise has a team name that is “disparaging to native Americans”. Politically incorrect insanity or about bloody time?

    2. Christian fundamentalist preacher/broadcaster/author John MacArthur has a video on YouTube called "How to Respond to a Homosexual Child". His advice: Tell them to repent (stop being gay), if they don’t repent, bring a small group to tell them to repent, if they still don’t repent, tell your church community and confront them publicly, and then if they still don’t repent - alienate, isolate, and don’t share a meal with them. Now, although it's taboo these days to have a religious or personal moral belief that homosexuality is “wrong/perverse/sin” imagine being a gay kid at MacArthur's church? Is he taking the Bible too literally and being legalistic about this particular situation, or should he be praised for trying to obey Scripture and teaching what “it really says?

    3. The government in the UK has ruled that Creationism (the world was created by God in 6 literal days) is not allowed to be taught as a scientifically valid theory at academies and public-funded schools. Is this a win for the secular liberals or just common sense?

  • W.here's T.he F.aith?
    Join Drew and various religion reporters from an assortment of news outlets, as they catch up on happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults (Oh My!) Today's W.T.F. Guest: Paul Young - Best selling author of The Shack