Special Guests

  • Mark Burnett — Emmy Award Winner & Creator of "The Voice" (NBC), "Survivor" (CBS), "The Celebrity Apprentice" (NBC), "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” (FOX), “Shark Tank” (ABC) and “Expedition Impossible” (ABC)


    Roma Downey — Emmy and Golden Globe Nominated Actress, “Monica” on Touched By An Angel
    From Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett comes The Bible — an epic 10-part miniseries retelling stories from the Scriptures for a whole new generation. Breathtaking in scope and scale, The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation. This historic television event is sure to entertain and inspire the whole family. Last Sunday's History Channel premiere drew 13.1 million total viewers, topping any show on the major broadcast networks!

  • Alister McGrath — Theologian, Historian, Apologist, Author of C.S.Lewis – A Life
    Even those well-acquainted with the life and work of the legendary Chronicles Of Narnia creator, will discover never before revealed information, including provocative facts that re-open the question of the chronology of Lewis’s faith conversion. Dr. Alister McGrath is the only scholar to have conducted a complete, chronological analysis of the entire collection of Lewis’s letters and archives. Alister McGrath, one of the world's leading Christian theologians, is Professor of Theology, Ministry, and Education at King's College London, and Head of its Center for Theology, Religion and Culture. Before moving to King's College, he was Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University. Like Lewis, McGrath was born in Belfast, and became an atheist as a young man, before rediscovering the Christian faith at Oxford University. McGrath's deep knowledge of Christian theology, history, and literature allows him to interpret Lewis against a broad backdrop, presenting a fascinating portrait of the development of Lewis's mind and his impact on western culture.

  • The Most Loyal — Recording Artists
    The Most Loyal is a folk rock project led by Gatineau-born songwriter Sarah Davignon. The band, composed of neighbors and loved ones, is performing their newly-recorded full-length album all over Toronto. Dave Burke – bass / Melissa Burke – vocal / Sarah Davignon - guitar, lead vocal / Ian Koiter – piano/organ / Ian MacKay – drums / Andrew Patten - electric guitar / Caitlin Wood - vocal

  • Eryn-Faye — Canada's Passion Coach, Author of The Essential Elements of Sex: 9 Secrets to a Lifetime of Intimacy
    For almost ten years, Eryn-Faye (LL.B) has done extensive research and coached thousands of individuals and couples. The results? While 70 per cent of divorces are instigated by women, most resources on the topic of sex in marriage are written by men. After uncovering this enormous problem, Eryn-Faye has been even more committed to being a thoughtful, respectful but very real voice addressing marital intimacy. “Sex is consistently listed as one of the top 2 factors contributing towards divorce. When a couple is having difficulty in their sex life they are usually facing problems in other areas of their marriage as well. My goal is to resource these couples with tools that will guide them towards getting their marriage in a healthy place again” said Eryn-Faye. In December 2012 she released her most popular workshop to the public as a book, entitled The Essential Elements of Sex: 9 Secrets to a Lifetime of Intimacy. Both the book and workshop provides readers with the building blocks they need to achieve the sex life they’ve always hoped for in their marriage.

  • soulSURVIVOR!
    5 Religious Tribes Competing For The Soul Of One Person!

    Five religious Tribes competing for the soul of one person, by explaining to our soulSURVIVOR what it is that their Tribe actually believes! And the Tribal Leaders will NOT have immunity! Our soulSURVIVOR will be able to challenge, critique, or question any aspect of all Tribal codes! At the end of the contest, our soulSURVIVOR will then decide which Tribe presented the most compelling case for faith - Then reveal to us if they'll be joining that Tribe! Listen in as 5 religious Tribes witness, sell and explain their faith to a genuine & passionate seeker! A soulSURVIVOR, who's been given the opportunity to speak with some of the most respected religious Tribal leaders in the world!

    *If you'd like to be our NEXT soulSURVIVOR, email us all your contact details and why you think that YOU would make the best soulSURVIVOR! soulsurvivor@drewmarshall.ca
    To find out more go to www.soulsurvivor.com

    THIS WEEK: We introduce you to our soulSURVIVOR Contestant – Catalina.

    Today we'll check in with our contestant, Danielle, and find out how the search for Mr. Right is going!
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    Are you single and looking? (Yes there’s a difference!) If so, then Drew wants to help you find that special someone! If you’re up for a bit of fun – we’ll pick up the tab – while you look for love! TO BECOME A CONTESTANT: Send us (mingle@drewmarshall.ca) 1/Your contact details 2/Your picture 3/As much information about you as possible, including why YOU would make the best choice as a contestant on THE DATING GAME! **Contestants must be over 21 and live in the Greater Toronto Area.

God Blogger

  • Peter Enns
    With a B.S. in Behavioral Science, a Masters Of Divinity, and a Ph. D. from Harvard in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Peter has taught at Westminster Theological Seminary and at Harvard University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Fuller Theological Seminary, Lutheran Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), Biblical Theological Seminary, Temple University, and Eastern University. He is currently on the faculty at Eastern. His academic interests include: Old Testament Theology, Biblical Theology, Wisdom Literature (esp. Ecclesiastes), the NT’s use of the OT, Second Temple literature, and the general issue of how ancient Scripture intersects with modern thought. Blah blah blah... What you really need to know is that he's a fan of The Simpsons, The Office & The Yankees! A few of his posts: Outgrowing Evangelicalism: It's Not Just for Scholars Anymore / The Most Frightening Verse in the Bible (at least for me) / “The Bible” on the History Channel: Not the Absolute Train Wreck I Thought it Would Be / The Deeper Scandal of the Evangelical Mind: We Are Not Allowed to Use It

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel of Many
    This week on the Counsel Of Many: A man wants to know if he's out of line for wanting women, especially Christian women, to stop dressing like they want sex!

    I realize that my opinion will be considered sexist by many, but speaking as a single male, I personally think that the majority of women are dressing like sluts. And yes, what I mean is that they are dressing like they are trying to attract a male for the purpose of – as Sheldon says from Big Bang Theory – coitus! And the church is no different. Women from my church at least, seem to have no clue that how they choose to dress, actually compels men to look at the various body parts they are obviously trying to highlight! And when we focus on your body parts, we focus on sex. It's pretty easy. And it seems like you are too! When us guys can see your thong lines or thong straps showing – it turns us on. When you bend over and reveal your tramp stamp – it turns us on. When we can see your nipples through your top – it turns us on. When you wear pants tight enough to reveal – well, EVERYTHING – it turns us on. When you push your breasts up to the point of major cleavage exposure – it turns us on. Now, the usual responses I get from people when I bring these points up are: “Well you're the one getting turned on so it's your problem!” OR “So what, you expect women to dress like they're from Little House On The Prairie?” I realize that the lust issue is ours – BUT DRESSING LIKE SLUTS DOES NOT HELP US! And no, I obviously don't want women to dress like the Amish! But shouldn't the Christian women at least be aware of how their dress choices are affecting us men? Shouldn't Christian women dress differently then the rest of the world? There was a Toronto police officer who got into trouble a while ago for saying to a bunch of college aged girls, something to the effect that, if you're going to dress like sluts then don't be surprised if you are sexually assaulted. Maybe not the best thing for someone in such a politically correct position to say – but is it not true? I'd be interested to know if I'm the ONLY man who feels this way.

    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life? Click here to tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

  • God & Stuff
    Join Drew & Tim The Tool as they catch up on current events and the week's happenings in the world of Religion & Faith & Cults – Oh My!
    Today's God & Stuff Guest: Manya Brachear - Religion Reporter at The Chicago Tribune (This week, Manya is reporting from Rome.)