Special Guests

  • Danny Gokey — Country Recording Artist, American Idol Finalist
    His wife encouraged Danny to give American Idol a shot, but just a month before the audition, Sophia died unexpectedly after what should have been a routine heart surgery. The couple had been high school sweethearts, and Danny was devastated. Danny has soaked up more life experience than most people twice his age. From the joyful to the heartbreaking, those experiences infuse his debut album My Best Days, a collection of songs that resonate with honest emotion and tap into the collective hopes and dreams that define life. During his time on American Idol, Danny impressed the judges with his versatility as he performed hits by The Temptations, Carrie Underwood, Michael Jackson and Rascal Flatts. As he continued to rise through the ranks of Idol hopefuls, it became increasingly clear that he was blessed with a voice that could sing any style of music and turn any song into a compelling moment. So why did he choose a career as a country artist? “I felt like I could be myself,” and admits he got some career advice from someone he respected. “Randy Travis was a mentor for American Idol, and he asked me, ‘Have you thought about country? You really need to, because people would love you and the amount of soul that you could bring to country. You bring a uniqueness to it.’”
    *Danny will be coming to Toronto July 15th joining Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour 2011.

  • Abby Sunderland — Author of Unsinkable: A Young Woman’s Courageous Battle On The High Seas
    Almost a year after a rogue wave nearly took her life at sea, teen sailor Abby Sunderland tells the story of how, at 16, she set out to become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe alone. It was June 10, 2010 when, already over four months into the voyage, 60-knot winds and 50-foot waves capsized Abby’s boat Wild Eyes nearly 2,000 miles east of Madagascar. Her parents lost contact with her and for a time, she was feared lost. However, her story was broadcast worldwide. Then rescuers – the nearest of whom were 400 miles away – found her afloat and alive after having spent two days in the perilous waters of a remote region of the Indian Ocean. Within the pages of Unsinkable, readers discover what it means to boldly face any challenge, to strive after something great, and to plumb the depths of faith, fear, and desperation only to emerge changed, renewed, and emboldened. In this day and age, when the most productive thing a teenager may do is play video games, Abby’s ambition and tenacity is a real-life parable of what can happen when we choose to exceed our own limits, embrace faith, and strive after what all the naysayers say is impossible.


Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on the Counsel of Many: A Christian mother wants parenting advice regarding what boundaries, if any, to put around her child spending time with a friend who has lesbian mothers as parents.

    "My daughter asked to go to the movies with a friend from school last week. I have been around this girl several times as she has been involved in activities with us - choir, dance, volleyball, and I like her a lot. As a matter of fact, one of her moms was my daughter's volleyball coach. Ouch-I hate to admit it, but my daughter's coach being a lesbian really threw me for a loop. Now, her daughter is asking my daughter to hang out. When my little girl tried to explain how one of the moms was going to pick them up she paused -a little confused herself -and I said, "she has two moms doesn't she?" We haven't really discussed this as a family because honestly I didn't want to draw attention to it. As a Christian parent, what is my responsibility here? Do I allow my daughter to build a friendship outside of school with this classmate with the hope that God will use my daughter to draw her to Christianity? OR Do I forbid my daughter from having any relationship with her to shield her from exposure to this behaviour? Do I keep my daughter from building a relationship with this classmate because of the choices her moms have made? If so, does this cause me to be a finger pointing Christian? (I mean let's get real here-I've had an abortion, so what would make me think that my sin is pardonable and not theirs?) The Bible says to hate the sin, love the sinner, but am I throwing my 10 year old to the wolves if I allow her to view a lesbian home from the inside out? And-we're not just talking going to the movies here. What do I do if this little girl asks my daughter to stay the night?"

  • Should movie theatres have the right to choose which pre-movie advertisements to play and which ones not to play?
    Is this an “appropriate” setting for religious advertisements?
    A church paid $5,000 for a 30-second commercial to air on 45 movie screens for three weeks, just prior to the feature presentation. The advertisement was to promote the church’s upcoming Easter service. However, the ad was pulled and the money was refunded. "They told us the ad was great, it looked nice. It's just that we couldn't put the name of Jesus in the ad," said Dr. Mike Fabarez, senior pastor at Compass Bible Church. The pastor was provided a list of restricted items which could not be advertised, such as mention of nudity, alcohol or drugs. However, apparently nothing was said about using words like “Jesus” or “Christianity.”

  • Prayer Requests
    Every once in a while we open the phone lines to anyone who would like our listeners to pray for them or their loved ones. We all know that being vulnerable is tough, especially on radio, but with tens of thousands of listeners around the world, the TDMS listeners would consider it an honour to pray for you this Easter weekend.

  • TDMS Banter
    The beginning and the end of the show is like any good sandwich. The stuff in the middle is what it's all about - The rest is just crust! Sometimes it's worth listening to. Sometimes - not so much.