Special Guests

  • Drew Marshall — Broadcaster, Voice-Over Artist, Speaker, Comedian, Potential Model etc. etc.
    Drew is the host of one of the most brilliant radio shows on the planet and without question could have easily made it as a male model, should he have chosen that career path! (He made us say that! Sorry...) Drew will be joining us by phone today, from Salt Lake City, Utah. Today we’ll find out if our Guest Host Melinda Estabrooks Williams can make him cry the way he made the Little Mermaid cry a couple of weeks ago! To have Melinda ask Drew your question, send us an email.

  • Dr. David Fitch — Author Of The Great Giveaway: Reclaiming the Mission of the Church
    David Fitch (PH.D. Northwestern University) is the church planter, and one of the pastors of Life on the Vine Christian Community, an emerging church of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in the NW Suburbs of Chicago IL (www.lifeonthevine.org). He also is the B R Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary, Chicago IL. He is co-founder of up/rooted (up-rooted.blogspot.com) a collaborative friendship of pastors engaging postmodernity in the Chicagoland area and blogs at reclaimingthemission.com. He is a regular contributor to New-Wave E-Zine, Church and Postmodern Culture Blog, as well as Christianity Today’s Out of Ur Blog. He is a regular speaker on the topics of emerging church, evangelicalism, postmodernity and the challenges facing the church in North America. Dr. Fitch will be a guest at the upcoming "Evolving Church Conference" at The Meeting House in Oakville.

  • Eric Swanson — Author of Externally Focused Church
    Eric works with Leadership Network in Louisville, Colorado, as Leadership Community Director for Externally Focused Churches. He is also co-founder of GoodCities, a global movement focused on kingdom transformation. Eric has a passion for engaging churches to the needs and dreams of their communities, working toward spiritual and societal transformation. He’ll be speaking at the upcoming "Cross the Street Conference: Engaging your community with authentic faith" in Calgary, Alberta May 1-2, 2009. This interview is brought to you by Billy Graham's Soul Chat! A place where conversations can begin, where a community can be built - go to www.soulchat.ca today.

  • Brad Woods — Professional Storyteller
    Brad employs traditional tales, literary stories and personal experiences to create and perform anywhere people are willing to listen. He is as likely to tell a folk tale as he is to tell a Mark Twain story or expound on his desire to fly. Brad is a former board member of the Storytellers School of Toronto, the recipient of the 2002 Anne Smythe Travel Grant for Storytelling and was the 2004 Storyteller in Residence at the Guelph Civic Museum. In 2005 Brad was featured at the Yukon International Storytelling Festival in White Horse and in 2006 he was the first Canadian featured at the Los Angeles Storytelling Festival. In 2007 Brad released his first full length CD of original material and had a story in rotation on Talk Story Radio out of Hawaii. In 2008 he took his tales coast to coast, from Vancouver to New York City.

  • Emily Wierenga — Author Of Save My Children: The Story Of A Father’s Love
    Save My Children is the compelling story of a young couple from Alberta who became mother and father to over 800 abused and neglected children. Harvey and Elsie Jespersen had one desire: to provide a safe place for any child needing a family. This is a partly fictional retelling of the true story of the founders of Bethany Homes for Children. Between the years 1948 to 1991 the Jespersens fostered up to 55 children at any given time. Their home consisted of a set of old army barracks housed on 42 acres of Albertan farmland. Through hard work, determination and patience, the barracks were transformed into a place of refuge for generations of children. Refusing to take any payment, except what parents could afford, Harvey and Elsie depended solely on the power of prayer and God to meet their needs. Written in honour of Bethany Homes’ 60th Anniversary, Save My Children tells the heart-warming stories of love’s ability to mend hundreds of broken children through two open and willing hearts. Emily Wierenga is a freelance writer and artist who writes regularly for Christian Week, Faith Today and Adbusters. Her book Canvas Child was a finalist in the 2007 Castle Quay Books Best New Canadian Author contest. Emily is donating all proceeds from the sale of her books to support Bethany Home for Children.

Talkback, etc.

  • The Counsel Of Many!
    Brought to you by family lawyer Dawn Bennett. With a reputation built on Trust, Respect and Integrity, protecting your family's interests is Dawn's primary concern. Visit bennettlaw.ca today.
    Need Help or Advice On An Issue In Your Life?
    Tell us your situation and Drew will ask the listeners of TDMS!

    This week on the Counsel Of Many: a lady wants to know if she should rat out a missionary who's going around raising money, not for ministry, but just to help pay for his divorce!

    "I live abroad and have known a missionary family who founded and run a small ministry that helps young children. The father is mentally and physically abusive towards his wife and children. I know this after tending to the bruises the wife suffered. Recently the couple has secretly separated and the husband is threatening to get legal custody of the children. He is leaving on a fund raising trip to North America. Once the news of all of this gets out the ministry will certainly close. It's like he wants to get enough money to raise his legal fees while he still has a chance. The ministry doesn't have any real financial accountability. Is it wrong to speak up? Should I talk to the churches that support them? I know that I would be furious if I thought I was giving money to orphans and it was going to hiring pricey divorce attorneys."

  • Last week a man walked into a church then shot and killed the pastor during the Sunday service.
    • Question: Are church buildings holy?
      After all the consecrating prayers and binding of evil spirits and declarations that this building is indeed Holy ground, now what? Is there really such a thing as "Holy Ground"?
    • Question: Should we bother praying for protection?
      If a pastor can get shot on Sunday in his own church then don’t you think that kind of puts a cloud over the whole "pray for protection/traveling mercies" thing? If something is going to happen, it’s going to happen, right? Bad stuff happens to Christians too.
    • Question: Does this make you worry about the security in your own church?
      It was only a couple of years ago that a gunman opened fire at New Life Church in Colorado. A few weeks ago a man walked into the Crystal Cathedral and shot himself. Are you concerned that something similar might happen at your church?

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    Need to vent about a guest we had today? Well now’s your opportunity! Call in and talk about whatever you’d like, or just sit back and enjoy some chuckles and random ramblings and even the odd email from both fans and critics alike!**Send us Your Suggestions** They don’t need to be "Christian" but they need to be clean & suitable for radio! Click Here to send us your Clean Comedy Clip!