Special Guests

  • John Ratzenberger — Actor, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Author
    Known by many for his role on Cheers as the knowledgeable, slightly irritating but loyal postal worker, Cliff Clavin, John's voice has also been a constant in such Pixar animations as Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and his acting and improv skills have landed him a variety of roles in countless television and motion picture productions. John was just eliminated from Dancing With The Stars this week, so we'll find out how he handled being the oldest man on the show.

    John is also the host and executive producer of the Travel Channel show John Ratzenberger's Made in America. John is truly an advocate of American invention and ingenuity, which he discusses in his recently launched book We've Got It Made In America: A Common Man's Salute to an Uncommon Country. He carries that message forward with his new non-profit organization "Nuts, Bolts, and Thingamajigs Foundation" whose focus is to revive dignity and esteem to the manual arts and to promote the industry to children across America. He'll celebrate Nuts and Bolts' first "Tinkering Day" at his charity event "John Ratzenberger's Discovery & Invention", being held this November. Please visit www.nutsandboltsfoundation.org for more information.

  • Jim and Casper
    Matt Casper is an atheist unafraid to say what he really thinks. And his friend Jim Henderson pays people to go to church. In fact, he made national news when he "rented" a soul for $504 dollars on EBay after its owner, Hemant Mehta, offered an "open mind" to the highest bidder. Put the two together and you get Jim & Casper Go to Church, the true story of Jim hiring Casper to visit ten leading churches with him and give his perspective as a non-believer. What follows is a startling dialogue between an atheist and a believer about church culture, effective vs. ineffective presentations of the gospel, and the perceived relationship between faith and action in a variety of denominations. Providing a sneak-peek into some of America's most well-known churches, Jim and Casper offer thought-provoking first impressions of mega-churches like Saddleback, Joel Osteen's church, and Willow Creek, as well as "emerging" churches like Imago Dei and Mars Hill.


  • Helen
    Last year we spoke to a lady from Australia who was excommunicated from her church because she reached out to her daughter who had been excommunicated from the same church. Then, acting on the advice of this cult like church, her husband kicked this poor woman out of the house, divorced her and has since remarried. As a result of listening to that interview on our website, another family who had gone through similar spiritual abuse at this church, has since seen the light and made the decision to not only leave this church but restore the broken relationships in their own family! We'll chat with Helen about her experience being deprogrammed from this cult and find out more details about this other family as well.

  • John Reynolds & Rene Meshake
    John, originally from the GTA, recently moved 1300 km's North of Toronto in order to serve Canada's own "third-world" communities - the First Nations. Rene grew up as a First Nations survivor of a residential school where more than 50% died while in school or within 5 years after leaving. He later lived on the streets of Toronto for 7 years before praying and miraculously turning his life around. He now lives in Guelph and is writing and illustrating a series of children's books that tell the history of the Ojibwa Peoples.

Talkback, etc.

  • "We'll pay you to go to church! $500 To Visit 5 Churches!" We need your help with a little experiment! Will you help us?
    Evangelical Christians think they know how church should be done in such a way as to be "seeker friendly" but do we really understand just how much of a culture shock "Church" is for many today? If someone who had never experienced "church culture" in any form whatsoever stepped inside your church, what reaction do you think they'd have? How do you think a Pagan or a New Ager or an Atheist or an Agnostic or a critical thinking skeptic would react to the North American church culture? Would It would seem that even the ordinary housewife or blue collar worker or University student would have a pretty tough time understanding our language, our rituals & tribal nuances? More importantly, how would they be treated? Well, let's find out!

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  • Do you agree with the church member who is suing her former church because she injured herself while she was "slain in the spirit"?
    Yes, this is a true story, and before the courts this week. A church of 4,000 with obviously not enough manpower to handle things when the Holy Spirit "shows up!" Aside from Christians suing or not suing each other, is there a deeper issue here? If God is genuinely knocking you over in a state of spiritual ecstasy, do you think He would allow you to get hurt in the process? Who's more to blame here... a church culture cultivating unwise worship formats or a litigious "who can I blame" society of sucks?

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