Special Guests

  • Clay & Rene Crosse — Authors of...I Surrender All - Rebuilding a Marriage Broken by Pornography
    In 1998, award winning Christian recording artist, Clay Crosse, confessed to his wife that pornography was a problem in his life and that he had arrived at the place where he knew that his life had to change, or else. This confessional was groundbreaking, and in the end, was key to saving their marriage. Was it easy? No, but it began the rededication and recommitment that was necessary for Clay & Rene to thrive as a couple and as a family.

  • Skip Matthews — President of Integrity Online - America's oldest and largest internet filter solution provider
    With 42% of Internet users ages 10-17 having seen online pornography in the previous year and of those, 66% said the exposure was unwanted. Skip Matthews says that this study is welcome and useful, but already out of date and therefore the percentages are even higher. Plus, children and teens often don't respond openly and honestly to researchers, especially discussing something as uncomfortable as pornography. So what can we do to protect our families?


  • Crissy — Ex Porn Star
    One of the biggest porn stars of this decade just recently left the industry and returned to the faith of her childhood. For the first time on radio, Crissy shares with us her journey out of porn and into the grace, acceptance and forgiveness of her Father's arms.

Talkback, etc.

  • Do you really believe that 47% of Christian families and 40% of pastors struggle with pornography? Does that sound right to you?
    Is porn an issue in your life, in your family or with someone you care about? Has porn been an issue in your marriage? Pastors??? A little vulnerability here people...

  • What was your reaction to the Toronto Star's expose on The Prayer Palace?
    Would you feel uncomfortable if your Pastor lived in a multi-million dollar country estate and drove luxury cars? Can a pastor be paid too much? How much is too much? And shouldn't Pastors at least live in the same neighbourhood as those who attend their church? Guess prosperity doctrine pastors need to be rich huh?