Special Guests

  • Dean Jones — Hollywood Actor
    One of the most recognizable actors of our time, Dean Jones is probably most remembered as race car driver Jim Douglas in the highly successful The Love Bug. He also appeared as the evil vet, Herman Varnick, in the popular family film Beethoven, along with many other Disney favourites such as That Darn Cat, The Ugly Dachshund, Blackbeard's Ghost, and Snowball Express.

  • Dr. Darrell Bock — Author of The Missing Gospels: Unearthing the Truth about Alternative Christianities
    It has become fashionable to revise Christian history, to claim that new discoveries shed new light on Biblical truth. The latest to join the fray is the documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus, brought to us by James Cameron, producer of The Terminator and Titanic. Have they really found the bones of Jesus along with his wife and children? Most of us also recall the recent hype about The Gospel of Judas. What are these other gospel texts? Did they really go "missing?" What is missing is an understanding of what is really going on. Best-selling author and research professor of New Testament Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, Darrell Bock, says Da Vinci-spawned books & movies aren't just harmless stories. They're part of a much larger, less known agenda active in some of our key universities that teach about Christianity. Their goal is to alter radically, traditional views of Jesus and the faith.

  • Stephen Lewis — Former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa
    Canadians have heard the plight of the African AIDS epidemic from this man more than any other Canadian. Stephen Lewis shares with us his opinion on the role the church has played in eradicating this dreadful disease and gives us an update on what seems to be today's other, trendy global issue.

  • Kerri Pomarolli — Actor, Comedian, Author, Nutcase!
    Our monthly visit from our very own Hollywood correspondent!


  • ???????????
    This is the story of a mother and wife living with HIV. The story of a women who follows Christ but has to remain anonymous and live in the loneliness of secrecy due to the persecution and judgement of not only the world, but the church!

Talkback, etc.

  • If they could actually prove that Jesus was married, had children, and that they've found His bones — what would that do to your faith?
    Would you still believe in Christ as Lord or would it cause a crisis of faith? Would you just never believe the scientific findings, no matter what they found or does this kind of thing make you question and wonder?

  • Is there anybody out there who thinks that HIV/AIDS is God's wrath on the gays?
    Is this your opinion? Can you defend it Biblically? If you don't think that God sent HIV/AIDS to punish the gays, what do you say to someone who still thinks this way? And if it is God's judgement, does that mean we respond any differently to the infected person?