Special Guests

  • Gavin MacLeod (Part #2) — Known for his roles as "Captain Merrill Stubing" on The Love Boat & "Murray Slaughter" on Mary Tyler Moore
    Over the years, Gavin has battled with alcoholism and subsequent divorce from second his second wife Patti. However, his spiritual life experienced and major turn around in the mid-80s and he ended up remarrying his wife and wrote a biography called Back on Course: The Remarkable Story of a Divorce That Ended in Remarriage.

  • The Toronto Mass Choir
    Have you ever had a Gospel choir just absolutely drag you into the presence of God like no other worship music could? Get ready for it...

  • Kerri Pomarroli
    Our monthly visit from our very own Hollywood correspondent!

Talkback, etc.

  • Do you agree with the 100 Huntley Street decision to not re-broadcast their live interview with Drew?
    On Monday this week, after a few years of considering their kind invitation to appear on 100 Huntley Street (Canada's longest running Christian TV program) Drew finally appeared on their show. The result... Drew was Drew, and Huntley was Huntley. However, later that day the host was kind enough to let him know that the interview had received a substantial reaction from viewers across Canada... roughly 60% in favour and about 40% not! Drew was inundated with love mail but Huntley received some heat! We'll play the interview (or watch it here!) then we'll get your opinion!

  • Did the government have the right to seize three of the four remaining sextuplets and give two of them blood transfusions over the objections of their Jehovah's Witness parents?
    What if they forced your children to undergo medical treatment, which went against your spiritual beliefs? What if you wanted to "wait on the Lord" (or Benny Hinn) to heal your child?