Special Guests

  • Kay & Rick Warren
    Kay is SO much more than just the wife of Rick Warren, founding pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life. This is a woman who is using her far-reaching influence as a voice for those who are suffering in the world's HIV/AIDS pandemic. Kay Warren is the Executive Director of Saddleback Church's HIV/AIDS Initiative.

  • Meighan Stone
    Bono's One campaign is probably the most powerful lobby group forcing world leaders to actually do something about "the least of these." Today we speak with his representative, Meighan Stone.

  • Rauni Salminen
    Rauni is the Executive Director of the Philip Aziz Centre, a non-profit home hospice providing practical, physical, emotional, and spiritual support for people living with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.


  • Jane Otai
    Through Jane, we will take a quick look into the eyes of the poor of Kenya! Into the eyes of the least of these... those from the Mathare Valley slums of the capital, Nairobi. Jane has worked as a field supervisor for the Africa Institute of Health and has done considerable research into health issues affecting the slums. She is recognized as an expert in HIV/AIDS issues as they affect the poor of East Africa.

Talkback, etc.

  • Saturday Survey — Now that AIDS has been around for approximately 25 years, do you still think it's God's judgment on man?
    Remember back to when we first learned of HIV/AIDS? Were you part of that group that thought this was God's wrath on gays? So, now what do you think?

  • Will you join us in our attempt at getting 10 African children sponsored, through Compassion Canada?
    If you listen to our show regularly, and apparently more than 100,000 people do every week, than you know we totally give our stamp of approval to Compassion Canada! You know we feel that they are without question, THE #1 Child Sponsorship organization out there... especially if you want to guarantee that the child you sponsor will hear about Jesus! And you also know that many of you have just been putting off the whole, "Sponsor A Child" thing for way too long now! So please join us this Saturday as we attempt to provide HOPE for at least 10 children from Africa! PLEASE?