Special Guests

  • Randy Travis
    With 22 number one hits, 6 number one albums, 5 Grammy's, 6 CMA's, 9 ACM's, 10 AMA's, 6 Dove Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Randy Travis has been a major force in the world of Country Music.


  • Kelly Crowdy
    Kelly's son Ben has just recently been diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. How does a mother cope with this news, while dealing with her own "family baggage?" Growing up with all the fighting... the poverty... feeling shame and grief because of choices her parents made, and her mother's mental health problems. Then eventually ending up in the foster care system. Not having had the healthy role models to learn from, wouldn't that make you question what kind of a parent you might be? Why so much for one person, God?

Talkback, etc.

  • Ever wanted to ask questions of someone in the Funeral Industry?
    Katherine Downey is here to answer all of those questions you've had about Funerals. From cremation to prices of caskets to the details behind the preparation of the body - folks we'll leave no headstone un turned!

  • Does a church have the right to publicly reveal a person's private sins?
    We'll get you're your opinion on a court case in Dallas where a member is suing his church for telling people about his private sin with another woman.

  • Would you take a pill if it reduced your sexual desires?
    I don't know about you, but I get so much junk email about pills that will increase my sexual desires... so I got to thinking. What about a pill that would take away or reduce my sexual desires? Would I take it? I mean, wouldn't it be a big help to singles and those of us with lust issues?

  • The Saturday Survey
    Do you think something evil will happen on 06/06/06?