Special Guests

  • A. Larry Ross
    Billy Graham's latest book "The Journey" has just been released! Larry Ross, who has been Mr Graham's spokesperson for the last 25 years, gives us the inside scoop on how Mr. & Mrs. Graham are doing these days and shares his insight on Mr. Graham's latest book. Listen to some very special words from Mr. Graham at the end of our chat with Larry Ross!


  • Nancy Heche
    Family therapist, Nancy Heche, joins us to talk about the recent death of her daughter and how this has impacted her own spiritual walk as well as her estranged relationship with her other daughter, Hollywood actress Ann Heche, whom you may remember from her many films as well as her lesbian affair with Ellen DeGeneres.

Talkback, etc.

  • Should gay or lesbian students be expelled from Christian Universities?
    Should Christian Universities engage gay activists in dialogue or not even give them the time of day? Jacob Reitan explains to us the reason for the protest rallies at various Christian Universities and Colleges, which discriminate against gay and lesbian students. In other words, gays and lesbians can go there, they just can't be gay or lesbian. Like this weekend for example, they were arrested at Liberty University, because big Jerry Falwell warned that they would be arrested if they stepped foot on the campus.

  • Is it OK for a Christian to go out on a date with an un-believer?
    We're talking, just one date! It just seems that there's a definite shortage of quality Christian guys and members of Christian singles groups seem to play so many games... so what's wrong with going out on just ONE date with someone who hasn't quite landed on the same spiritual path as you... YET! Anne Sharp joins us briefly to talk about her dating life! Anne is an independent publicist with 17 years of experience in corporate marketing & PR with major international companies such as Toyota, Sony Pictures, and Disney. She left her position as Vice President of Marketing & PR at a Los Angeles-based software company to promote Christian organizations... and she's SINGLE!

  • Would you go to a dead police horse's funeral?
    Recently, a Toronto police horse was killed in the line of duty and almost 1500 came to the service... children skipped school and people took a day off work! A little while ago in Dallas, people were OUTRAGED when Police shot and killed a Gorilla who escaped from the Zoo and mauled 3 people including a 3-year old. What's the most you would pay the vet to fix your pet? Are you one of those nutcases that put animal's rights over humans? Do you think "Sparky" will go to Heaven? (This segment proudly sponsored by PURINA... where one person's pet becomes food for yours!)