Special Guests

  • Chuck Norris
    What comes to mind when you hear the name Chuck Norris? Action movie star from such films as Lone Wolf McQuade, Missing in Action, Delta Force, Sidekicks, The Hitman and Firewalker. Television star on his long-running CBS television series, "Walker, Texas Ranger". Martial Arts instructor to the Stars, with students like Steve McQueen, Bob Barker, Donnie & Marie Osmond and Priscilla Presley. But did you ever think you would associate Chuck Norris with "fiction author?" His latest book, "The Justice Riders" has just been released!


  • Terry
    Imagine being married for 26-years when all of a sudden your husband informs you that he hasn't loved you for years and that he's leaving. Just over a year ago, Terry was faced with this scenario. Listen as Terry shares how she's coping with this ultimate rejection, her new life as a single, and what's happened spiritually as a result of this new reality!

Talkback, etc.

  • Do you think there are people who are so evil that they just need a bullet?
    The only thing that will help them is the death penalty or maybe a sound beating from Chuck Norris. Are you in favour of Capitol Punishment?

  • Should a divorced Christian get married again?
    Isn't remarriage going against God's Word? Aren't we justifying it because of our own selfish desires... Loneliness, sexual intimacy, a fresh start and chance for new love? Or is there total freedom in this issue?

  • Do you have to get baptized in order to get to heaven?
    Is Baptism necessary for Salvation? How do we interpret this in light of Mark 16:16 & Acts 2:38?

  • What's the best book you've ever read?
    For all you super-spirituals... Aside from the Bible!