Special Guests

  • Aaron Neville
    This tough, tattooed man with the voice of an angel, oddly enough, has been strongly influenced by every woman in his life... Mother, Grandmother, Aunts, Wife, and even Bette Midler & Linda Ronstadt! With one of the most recognized voices in the business, Aaron Neville has won 4 Grammy's and has recorded albums in every genre, from Gospel to Country to Jazz!


Talkback, etc.

  • If someone feels that God is going to heal a person who is only weeks away from dying, should they tell that person, or would it be better to just keep it to themselves?
    Doesn't it seem that too many people use the whole... "God told me to tell you..." thing, only to find out later that they must have "misheard" God?

  • Who do you think won the recent National Leader's Debates?
    Did you watch? Do you care? Do you think Stephen Harper might actually become our next Prime Minister?

  • Is it possible for someone to be a genuine follower of Christ and also believe that all gods are one?
    Do you question someone's Christianity if they believe that people of other Faiths will go to Heaven?