Special Guests

  • Mr. James Brown — Soul Brother #1! The Hardest Working Man in Show Business! Mr. Dyn-o-mite! The Minister of The New Super-Heavy Funk! The Godfather of Soul!... that's all we need to say!
    In a recent interview, Mr. Brown told Canadian radio personality, Drew Marshall, "I have a real story. At 72-years old it's like I've lived five life times! I was born dead. The midwives delivered me and threw me aside for 30-minutes. Then my great aunt, who raised me, picked me up and spanked me. I cried! Someone said I cried, "Please, please!" However, Mr. Brown only recently made the decision to return to the Faith of his youth as he began to take stock of his life. When asked directly by Drew Marshall about his spiritual journey and when it all began, Mr. Brown replied, "It was happening all the time, the same thing with you and everyone. We just fail to recognize it. But I got really into it, I guess, when I got to be about 62." In quite possibly the longest interview ever given by Mr. Brown, he speaks openly about his being "born again." Not only has he been born again spiritually, some might argue that Mr. Brown has been reborn physically... through much plastic surgery. Brown explained, "I've been born again. God made me born-again, born again by the spirit. And then man, through God's forgiveness and mercy on me, made me look like the way I do today. At 72, I look like I did when I was 37. I'm not bragging on me, I just look in amazement. I'm not bragging on me, I'm bragging on God!" Through all the fame and incredible success, Mr. Brown is the first one to give credit to God. And it's not just an "award show - credit to God," but done with genuine humility and a sincere understanding of God's hand on his life."My soul looks back and wonders how I got over. I got over because He carried me over. I didn't walk over myself; it's like 'Footprints In The Sand'. Nobody can fill my shoes because God won't let them." The man born with two Biblical names, James Joseph Brown, said that Psalm 37 is his favourite part of the Bible and that he particularly admired the patience of Job. Mr. Brown thinks that if he were to be one of the Prophets, he would be Moses, because when God finally used him for great things, "...he was a shepherd boy. I was a shoe shine boy!" At the end of this incredibly intimate conversation in which Mr. Marshall asks specific questions about a topic Mr. Brown very rarely talks about -- his spiritual life -- the Godfather of Soul closed with prayer. "Thank God tonight for this meeting. Thank God for this involvement. Thank God for me being able to testify and tell my side to the people who know where I came from. I feel like Will Rogers, Father. I've never seen a person I didn't love. I've seen some people I don't like because they don't follow the ways of You. But thank God for this time. Thank God for what You've done. I love my country, I love my fellow man, I love everybody's country because the world is the place that You sent me Father and wherever I go, it's Your place. You've made me a home everywhere I went. Thank You for this time... In the name of the Lord - Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen."