Do you agree with the 100 Huntley Street decision to not re-broadcast their live interview with Drew? On Jan 29th, after a few years of considering their kind invitation to appear on 100 Huntley Street (Canada’s longest running Christian TV program) Drew finally accepted. The result… Drew was Drew, and Huntley was Huntley. However, later that day the host was kind enough to let Drew know that the interview had received a substantial reaction from viewers across the Country… roughly 60% in favour and about 40% not! Drew was inundated with love mail but Huntley received some heat! So not only did they not re-play it, they deleted it from their website!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Part 1
Part 2

A Message From Drew

Hi folks,

Just wanted to take this opportunity to clear up a few things as a result of the overwhelming response we've had to the 100 Huntley debut.

The hosts who interviewed me, Reyn & Kathy Mainse, I have great respect for. They are definitely not one of the many "Jesus Salesman" on TV who live lifestyles of opulence! I felt they handled the interview quite well considering the fact that I pretty much used that time to vent 25-years of frustration with "Victories Only - Jesus TV" which has left the rest of us "messy losers" a tad alienated and utterly bewildered at our spiritual ineptness. My "Ken & Barbie" comment was meant to only illustrate just how good looking they are - NOT how fake & plastic they are!

As for Norm's comments at the end - "Get a life Drew. The Howard Stern of Christian Radio" - I'm pretty sure he felt a little flustered after my interview, having just assaulted many of his traditions and beliefs, and he tried to recover with "funny." Hey, if anyone knows about trying to be funny and it not working... it's me! As for being called the "Howard Stern Of Christian Radio"... if that means that I talk about things others are thinking but don't have the guts to bring up... no worries. God knows, that if the Church had actually been talking about some of the stuff we talk about on our show, my spiritual life might have been a whole lot healthier along the way!

A few people were surprised at how intense or even angry I came across during this interview. Some have said that maybe I just need to take a break and "get healed" or "filled." Maybe my emotions just stood out so much because no one is EVER encouraged to be that vulnerable or honest on these types of God shows? I AM FRUSTRATED and actually, YES... I AM angry. Very angry, at how Christian leaders have been allowed to consistently get away with selling a North American, narcissistic, materialistic, "what's in it for me", squeaky clean, sterile Christianity. The Christianity I see being sold (You can't actually sell something unless people buy it - so wake up people and stop empowering these Princely Pawns) is quite simply, getting in the way of people finding Jesus, following Jesus, being in a relationship with Jesus. I think I actually hate "Christianity!"

Cultural Christianity is KILLING US!

There is so much more to discuss, and that's what our show is about. It's about provoking discussion in a numb and desensitized culture, begging for authenticity! Our show is NOT a ministry! Yes, it has "ministry' like qualities, but I am not a spiritual leader nor am I a leader of a "ministry." I just don't have the integrity for that at this point in my life. And the main purpose of our show is NOT to sell Jesus! TDMS exists to pull the curtain on "spoon fed spirituality!"

So, will you join with me as we spiritually bumble forward, together? I know that there are 7-Steps to fix me, that I should be Purpose Driven and praying like Jabez with my Spirit Filled Bible! But I also know that there's a massive underground church out there of people like you and I who yearn for something more, something real, tangible, genuine. But we make the "Permission-Givers" and the "Kingdom Monitors" feel uncomfortable. We are the messy ones! The Unpretenders, The Unfinished, The Spiritually Incompetent, The Awkwardly Desperate, The Unqualified, The Whosoevers and the Just Anyones... Who Would Jesus Reject? Well according to donor based Jesus TV - ME!

There are multitudes who are just flat out "pissed off" with Christianity and her church. (And then there are those who are just pissed off that I said "pissed off.") And herein lies the problem. It shouldn't be HER church. It belongs to Christ. I want Him to take it back, because right now it sucks. St. Augustine had it right when he said, "The church is a whore, but she's your mother!" As sick of her as I am though, she still gave birth to me and I will be forever grateful.

Look, I'm not trying to re-invent another product to sell. There is truly nothing new under the Son. Maybe what I yearn for will only be fulfilled when my passport expires. Maybe it's just my soul crying out, much like Creation does, for the return of the Master? (Starting to sound like a tree hugger from B.C.)

As a side note, to all of those non-conformists out there who simply gravitate to the latest and loudest rebel, I am NOT your Pied Piper! Hang around long enough and I'll offend you too! I'm simply on my own awkward and somewhat elusive quest to have my own built in spiritual thirst quenched. The Plastic Jesus you have sold me, the one we worship here in our fatally comfortable backyards of life... it just hasn't done it for me. The Jesus I'm desperately and awkwardly trying to follow is definitely the Lord of The Losers!

As the Huntley host told me, "Drew, we just ran out of time to show people the rest of your heart."
Well there it is... sorry it ain't exactly a Hallmark Moment!

- Drew

The following is a collection of some of the emails from the massive response we received after people watched Drew's appearance on Canada's longest running God Show.

Dear JOY 1250

I had never heard of Drew Marshall before this week when he was
interviewed on 100 Huntley Street.

What a disaster that was. From what he said you have allowed him to
interview a Wicken priest on your radio station! How ungodly is that?
Wicken priests on Christian radio! Drew Marshall himself should not
even be on Christian radio as far as I am concerned. On 100 Huntley Street he
bad mouthed Christians, the church, Christian TV, and all in all did not
glorify the Lord Jesus. Who would ever want to follow Jesus listening to him?

I would recommend that you get Drew Marshall off your station. You can
have other hosts with a sold Christian foundation that will give you a great
talk show! But Drew Marshall is not coming from a solid Christian
foundation, and seems to be proud of his failure to walk with the Lord.

You can listen to his interview on line at if you are
interested. I look forward to hearing from someone in management at Joy 1250.


Dear ______

Thank you for your email. I would love to have seen the program but
when I tried to view a later edition they had replaced it with another.
In fact the archive you directed me to also has the replacement program.
Drew seems to be like a banished member of the old Soviet
Politburo...his presence forever expurgated from the files; as if he
ever existed. That's scary.

Don Millar
Program Director

Dear JOY 1250

Thank you for your response. I didn't realize that the program had been
replaced but I am thankful. I would imagine crossroads didn't want any
more viewers to be exposed to the interview as it did not glorify Christ but
in fact detracted from Christ.

You didn't respond to the fact that Drew interviewed a Wicken priest on
Christian radio. Do you actually have Christian businesses, schools etc.
advertising with you with this kind of programming? I think Drew should
be replaced with a Christian host with a solid foundation. I think someone
like Michael Coren would be a great replacement. I don't agree with
Michael all the time, but he is grounded and has a walk with the Lord, which it
appears Drew doesn't. Note I said appears.
I hope for the sake of the spiritually weak and seekers and other
non-believers that you would not permit those who practice Wicken to be
on your programming again.


Dear _________

You do seem to be parked on the Wiccan priest interview. May I suggest
you actually listen to the interview? It's posted on the past show file
at Just go to the October 28, 2006 program...and
then read the ensuing discussion on the site. You then might understand
the context...not to glorify Wicca but to give Christians a better
understanding of their ways and methods.

And while I'm at it, I'm much more comfortable with an interview with an
obvious non (anti)-Christian than I am with the promotion and puffing of
the numerous false teachers and heretics which seem to be crowding the
airwaves in the content hungry medium of television.
Thank you for your interest (and zeal).

Don Millar
Program Director


I moved out here from Ontario 3 yrs ago to rescue a church that was
devastated by former leadership and became a casualty of the "system".
it has been a struggle to rebuild but i have always sensed God telling
me, "this church will not be again as it was before" I have been in
ministry for 20+ yrs and am a 3rd generation Pentecostal preacher. By
now you would think i should be able to handle this. But this
experience has been different than anything i have been in before. I
have been looking for a new approach, not wanting to continue, "doing
church" as our culture and society dictates.

Today, a friend emailed me the link to your Huntley St interview that is
posted on i am quite certain he sent it for entertainment
value. I need to tell you, as I watched parts 1 and 2, I had a genuine
change in my philosophy of ministry. You said so many things I have
felt but was not able to express. You offered so many ideas and yet I
am sure many never heard them because their defensive poise became an
offensive surge.

I want to thank you! I am going to play that interview for my
congregation tomorrow, and have them write down ever idea that comes to
them as they listen. i guarantee, they will confirm every good thought
i received and i can only hope that someday you can come to speak to us
and witness the ministry you inspired.
God Bless You!

Moncton, NB

Hi Drew,

This is the second time I have written you and I thank you for your
reply when I did. It was when you had interviewed Brennan Manning.
I just watched your interview on 100 Huntley. I could not believe that
at the end Norm said, "the Howard Stern of Christian radio." Howard
Stern is very nasty man and for him to have said that offends me!
I wanted to tell you I thought it was a great interview and I feel like
you said a lot of things that know one ever really gets to say.
This is the short version but there is much more to my life than this.
Here goes. I was involved in a church for over 15 years I gave them my
life. I attended alone because my husband was not a believer. I raised
my kids in the church. I did choir, bible study, women's ministry, led
teams to Romania to minister to the poor and orphans and on and on. I
could never quite put my finger on it but I still never felt like I fit
in. I felt very alone. I felt like everyone wore a mask and I was dying
inside wanting to share my past full of hurts and deep rooted sin
issues. I kept trying to do everything I could to be the best Christian
on the outside so I would fit in more.

Please hear me when I say this. I loved God more than anything and
always have. With my marriage in shambles and no help in sight I made
some wrong decisions which caused everyone I had trusted and believed
loved me at my church walk away, and not only walk away but judge me.
They might as well have stoned me to death. That would have been
painful but over more quickly. Know one ever asked me what happened or
wanted to hear my version they just walked away
I felt like my life was over. I didn't know who I was. I then broke my
back in two places sledding with my son a month later and a month
after that my grandfather died of a massive heart attack while my
grandmother was in the hospital near death. Yes, a ton of bricks. I
became very angry and bitter! My health deteriorated.

Several reached out to me out of pity but most were know where in
sight. This was a church I believed to be my family for over 15 years.
I thought they had loved me and would always be there for me. It wasn't
a hospital at all like church should be. That is why Jesus came to
heal, to love to embrace the poor. There were very few open arms.

I did fall off the deep end and went a way for a while to seek some
healing from a devastation I will never forget. I found hope. Not in
man, or the church but in Jesus my redeemer. Why he would love a wretch
like me I am not sure but he does. I have been learning to forgive. It
has been a very long process. I have been extremely disillusioned by
the church.

I became a part of a ministry called REFLECTIONS. It is a place where women can find healing. It is a Post-Abortion ministry. That was my hidden secret I could talk
about for over 20 years. Know one at church was safe. This ministry
changed my life. It was a place where you could be real. In all the
ugliness of sin laid out on the table there was still hope, freedom,
mercy and grace and also forgiveness. Definitely something the church
did not provide for me. I would love to hear what you think of the

I do go to a church now because my friends are there. I don't go just
to go. I can't do that anymore. I go when I want to. I know I am
rambling, I just wanted to say thanks for challenging people to
re-think why they do church. It is not about the programs and the money
and how many people are there on Sunday. It is about
relationships...being real...laying out the crud. People are hurting.
People have made mistakes. Does that make them love God any less? I
hope to see more people trying to encourage one another when life
doesn't make sense.

Thank you Drew...for being real! My one question to you...
Do you love people? Really love people?

Bakersfield, CA


Re: 100 Huntley - I listened to some of the discussion on your radio
show last week and see both sides. God doesn't fit in a box and
neither do His people. I was particularly impressed by how you ended
the show with reading the email/letter from Reynold Mainse. I found
both his email and your willingness to read it as well as asking for
prayer for Norma-Jean indicative of true Christian spirit. ie. Despite
differences, respect and concern (love) for each other is fundamental

ON, Canada


Hey man just wanted to write because I caught you on 100 Happy Street,
and couldn't agree with you more. Unfortunately I've never heard of
you before but wanted to encourage you in your cause. I grew up in a
Christian home and been to church all my life, but in the last 5 years
had become sick of myself and of church because it was all a big farce,
I looked the Christian part, but was a helpless porn addict, wondering
if I had anything legitimate. Church was no help as fellowship was
talking with the men about the Leafs the night before, and then sitting
through a mind numbing sermon sprinkled with a few jokes leaving me
emptier than when I came in. (and this is a so called Spirit filled
Pentecostal church.) Anyways, I have since left the organized church
system and haven't looked back. I have found security in the Lord,
freedom from my addiction, and a true relationship with God that I used
to fake. So anyways, I wanted to say, keep up the good work, and stay real as
that is what the "world" is interested in anyways, a real guy, with
real struggles, saved by grace, doing your best to live for Christ.
God bless.

St Catharines ON


Your debut on Huntley was the most freeing message i have ever heard.
Up until that point i knew there was something wrong with church,
Huntley, the preaching, etc...the whole Christian package sounded like
lies to me...and you nailed it exactly. Like you, Drew, i am a
struggling Christian and it is not getting easier. In fact the closer
i get to God the harder it gets.
Thanks for the relief!

West Hill, Ontario, Canada

I caught your interview on 100 Huntley street last week and thought
there were some great thought provoking and challenging things that
stir people up! Sadly, when I went to the 100 Huntley site to show my
husband the interview, they have not posted that episode to be watched.
I was wondering if you would be able to help me find that interview if

Thank you and God Bless

Salmon Arm, BC

Hi Drew. I saw your interview on Huntley St. on the web. You are a
man after my own heart. Keep on attacking mindless religion at every
opportunity. My wife and i are Brits, living in Germany as
missionaries. There are many here who are as dissatisfied with the
experience of Jesus as presented by the established (inc charismatic)
church, as you are. Keep on telling the truth.
Loadsa blessings

Nuremberg, Germany

Hi Drew,

I'm listening to you online...there don't seem to be many
female callers responding...hmmm. I served at Crossroads on the prayer lines
for a while in the past. Your interview should NOT have been pulled. I think
that 'they' succumbed to peer pressure. I think if Jim Cantalon were there, he
wouldn't have pulled it. AND look at Jim's son, I can't remember his
name, but he runs a church in Toronto that had a 'wine and cheese'
night...imagine if all the viewers of 100 Huntley new that. And also...wasn't David
Mainse a rebel as well???? AND what about the disciples...if we only knew what
their lives were like. Keep On, Keeping On....

ON Canada

Hey Drew

I don't know what all the fuss is all about, you did not disrespect, but you
should respect 100 Huntley Street and all of us viewers.
I just wanted too say, I'm so thrilled, that one of your last callers,
called in on Saturday too apologize too you, I was going too call too
say the same thing, but the lines were busy, i too want too apologize
too you for that very upsetting phone call (please mind my spelling)
and as the famous saying go, a big to-do about nothing. I thank God for
you and your show. I too was told that i was not a Christian, and have
demons and no faith etc. cause of my sickness.
hmmm, all i can say too that is Thank God HE is who He is, always. eh
at the same time I'm energized that the body of Christ, maybe will start
being open and humble or just kind in truth. I don't go too church anymore, and i miss that. I thought when i became a Christian, i would have an extended family, but nay. when the service is over, its over. That's all folks, tune in next week same time, same
seat. Thanks for listening
God bless you Drew, praying for you and your family.
In Christ

Toronto, ON

Here's why I think Huntley St didn't air the program and removed it
from their archives:

  1. Although I don't watch often, I like the testimonies and it's
    important for people who are down to hear them. Imagine how hopeless
    someone would feel if they hear someone like you, a Christian for 25
    years who used to pastor a church, has still not gotten it together.

  2. They were embarressed by the way Kathy behaved. She and Ron probably
    wish they could redo that interview again. Highfiving you and laughing
    at everything you said practically.
    I wish you didn't talk about nosehairs, booggers and the rear end
    thing. AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop saying "doing the Jesus thing" I
    cringe every time I hear you say that.
    You bring up issues that we need to address and I'll keep listening.

Bless you

Mississauga, ON


Just watched the Huntley Street interview. Thanks for putting words to
my thoughts and feelings. Listening to what you said has changed my
pessimism, criticism and scepticism into hope that I can not be just a
downer but someone who can effect change in their environment.

Grand Prairie, TX


Way to go man!!! Not sure if you remember me but I (met you at Huntley when I used to work there) You led me to read a book
by Neil T. Anderson about addiction as I was struggling with cigarettes.
Things are fine now and I work in the field with developmental
pedophiles. Yes it is not always fun, but at least it is real. Crossroads
fired me because I asked (my boss) for a reference letter to get the job.
So I ended up in the hospital because I took it personally and I had
break down. To get food I had to go to the food bank. The reason why
they didn't run your second interview was they don't want to hear the
TRUTH about what these people look like to real life people. I noticed
what Norm had to say afterwards, what a useless witness for Christ,
grow up Norm. Do these people know that God won't share his GLORY with
anyone or someone should help them pull their heads out of theirs
buts........Anyways Drew e-mail me, I love your style and you know that
because I couldn't trust any of them religious people with my problem or
they would have called me the devil for smoking and that is why I
trusted you and your sincerity of heart. Thanks man
God Bless

ON, Canada

Dear Drew,

I just heard you for my first time on the 100 Huntley show via streaming
on the Internet. I want to thank you for having the courage to speak out about the
churches of today. I have been asking God to help me build
my personal relationship with Him. In this growing process I have quit
attending "corporate" churches. as I did not feel like I was growing in my relationship with God because of all the rules and customs, which Jesus condemned in His own time on earth. I felt like a "stepford christian". I don't believe that a person needs to
go to a building call a church to grow in their relationship with God.
Actually church is the body of Christ not a building. Anyway I am
pursuing my relationship with God on a more personal level at home by
studying the Bible, praying and having quite time with God and asking
Him to give me His wisdom, guidance and direction. As you stated in your interview you are struggling in your growth with God just like I am and so many other people are. Thank you for your truth and honesty. That helps people like me know that we are not alone in this relationship growing process.
I am praying for you and your family.
God bless you;


Hey Drew,

i listen or get downloads when i can of your show, been
listening for about two years now.

John 10:2-4
2But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.
3To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he
calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out.
4And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and
the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.

Drew those that don't prescribe to doing the actions of Christ are of a
different mentality. They may put their spin on their motives, but if
they have a problem with you merely commenting on our churches over all
failings, and treat you as you have discredited them, then we all have a
BIG problem. Because individuals who have problems with the absolute
nature, of control and censorship, must continue it in all the
environments they come into contact with. This is a huge contrast to the nature and personality of Christ but two different groups with two different motives can't have the same head spokes man. But I was at that point too as well, so I'm no better, I
just see different now.
Continue the Great Work!


PS. By the way I already see the steam picking up for a call in TV show
happening; I think everybody Christian or not, But probably more
non-Christians, like to be challenged, shocked and have their
foundation turned upside down. I think Vision TV would allow for more
controversy than CTS but you never know!?

Hi Drew,

I work Saturdays and listen to your show on my way back. I wish I could
have call today to express my opinion. I did not have opportunity to
listen to your interview, but I can tell you one thing: Huntley Street
became a high rated show with standards established by those who view
and donate (!) They are not spontaneous any more (if they ever were) So
it was not them but the "system" that pulled you out of the show (you
know what I mean) In my long life i encountered different religious
"systems", none of them 100% in pace with the bible. Now, when I hear
somebody telling how bad he was and how God changed him and how
wonderful everything is now, I say he is 100% phoney Christian. We will
struggle one way or the other till the end. That is the part of growing
in Christ. My opinion is that those 40 % with negative opinions do not
belong to the church of Jesus Christ, because the bile teaches us to
confess to each other (struggles, sins etc.) and to support each other
in every possible way. They reject you because you are different. I
realized that there are not too many people you can open to without a
threat of rejection, gossips etc. I would not worry too much. Your show
is true to every day life and I am sure you have plenty of "normal"
people that like it including me.

Mississauga, ON

Dear Drew:

I can't for the life of me think why. Who is 100 Huntley trying to
protect? I'm for you Drew. Don't change. They would probably cancel Jesus if
they interviewed Him. What He would say would quite possibly not be
accepted either. Although I don't quite think He would have used the
same words that you did. Most likely they would have been stronger. Hey
All things work together for good. Blessings to you and your dancing
daughter. Didn't people dance before the Lord? Keep on ruffling the
feathers of all these fine birds who have already arrived. Maybe it's
time they started to interview the real people in the body of Christ
such as yourself and others. Don't get me wrong I love The Lord Jesus
and am trying to live my life for Him, but it's hard. I too have great
respect for the crew on TV but lets get real. The average Joe in the
body of Christ is having a real battle and I know the battle is the
Lords. But It sure would be an eye opener for some of us, if they were
to have a few more guys like us on their TV program. Then we wouldn't
feel so all alone at times. Hey drew keep up the good work don't ever
change cause when and if you do I won't listen anymore May God's
richest blessings befall you wherever you go

Toronto ON

Hi Drew,

I just wanted to forward you an email I sent to Huntley Street re: their decision to not air your interview. I listen to your show quite a bit--there are a quite a few things I've disagreed with you about and if I ever had a chance to sit and talk to you there are some poignant questions I'd like to talk to you about. But, overall I'm a fan of yours and watched the Huntley street interview. I'm disgusted by the fact that they didn't re-air the show. Absolutely disgusted. So I wrote this letter. Who knows if it will get read at all but just needed to express. I appreciate your vulnerability and I appreciate you getting to the nitty gritty of things.
Take care, you're doing a great job.

Mississauga, ON

To Whom It May Concern,

I must tell you that I am extremely disappointed by the way your show has handled the "Drew Marshall" interview and responded to viewers' comments. I watched that interview--and Drew was himself and you were yours. Why did you have him on the show?? You knew his ideas and views don't fit the scope of your show, you knew he would say things that you found controversial.

I am a 32-year old female and I consider myself to be a fairly strong Christian, although I do have my struggles. I don't necessarily agree with Drew's way of saying and doing things but I identify more with him than I do with the image your organization tries to portray. In making a decision to not re-air his show you are acting like the very insular type of cultish organization Drew so vehemently opposes. If we call ourselves Christ-followers and we are all part of the body of Christ then every brother and sister deserves respect, a right to be heard, an opportunity to be encouraged and to ultimately be pointed to Christ. I think what bothers me is that there are SO many people who are strong Christians who feel the way Drew does, although may not express it in this way. I too am sick of churchiosity, religiosity, hypocrisy, religion and I'm sick of Christian Television that wants to look so perfect and doesn't want to get down to the nitty-gritty of what people are dealing with in this Christian journey. I don't think my church is anaemic, I love the Lord and I have hope that we will grow as a body to glorify God. But, who is helping and addressing the people who don't feel this way and who REALLY just don't like doing "North American church"? In my opinion, the WRONG answer is to just turn away (which is what you did) and say "We don't' know how to deal with this, We don't know what to say so we're just going to forget about it and hope people like this just learn to deal with their issues". You have succumbed to peer pressure and it's disgusting. You should not have pulled the second interview. You should have aired it with a possible disclaimer that Drew's views did not necessarily reflect those of the show.

I'm not impressed with 100 Huntley Street to say the least. I don't normally watch the show and this makes me want to watch it even less.

Mississauga, ON


I have called your show before and on the phone last Christmas
hoping to arrange an interview with Gipp Forster and you on radio. You
were able to do it this year and it was great. I just had to respond to your Huntley Street interview. You are too honest! (Tongue in cheek) You came on their show and tried to answer their questions as honestly as you could. It was very uncomfortable for
them. It really caused them to question. Their concern, of course, is
the older audience of retired, middle class givers who keep them
employed by watching and supporting their show. Those are the feathers
that they are trying to protect. I don't think it is personal - I think
deep down they know you are right. But that is a very comfortable
Christianity. You made them feel uncomfortable, that maybe there was
more to this life than building pretty places to "worship" God in. I
hear you and your heart.
I really would love to go to lunch or dinner with you in the near
future. I would really enjoy that and I hope it would encourage you
also. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Toronto, ON

Dear Drew,

I was so glad you offered your Huntley Street interview on your
website. I was hoping to catch it on TV, but missed it.
I'm not a regular viewer of the program, because I feel like you that
it's just too polished. Too trite.
I just wanted to say thanks for being a voice to the many of us that
share your views.
Just the other day, I was discussing Revelation 3:14-22 with a friend
and we realized that the harsh words that Jesus gives to the "lukewarm"
are not to those who have lost their passion, but to those who are so
busy (to put it in modern vernacular)"doing church" that they've missed
the point of their desperate need for a Saviour.
How sad that your interview was pulled.
How sad that when a person offers to be transparent and honest with his
struggles and fights to have them heard, that he is labelled a "Howard
Stern" of Christian Radio.
I tend to think of you more as the "King David" of Christian Radio. He
was an honest man... read the Psalms... talk about transparency.
My prayers are with you... actually, that's a lie... my prayer life
sucks too!
My admiration is with you... thanks for doing the thing you do!

Oshawa, ON


I just listened to part one of the Huntley Interview and I am totally
in agreement with your perspective! When the traffic on the site dies
down a bit, I want to listen to part 2. You put into words what I have
been feeling for many years, and you are somewhat at the place I find
myself (Trying to get my deck chair open). I've been a Christian for
over 30 years, and suddenly I find I don't really know anything anymore
other than what you mentioned about Jesus hasn't given up on me. That's
all I really know for sure after all these years of teaching and
sitting in church. I'm sick about the garbage I have learned and even
more sick about what I have passed along to others, thinking it was
truth, when it was really crap. I am even more sick when I watch TV
shows such as Huntley Street or The Miracle Channel (Aptly named
because it is a miracle God hasn't burned the station down).
Carry on Drew ... prophets come in unusual containers these days!

In His Service

Calgary, Alberta

The first I heard of Drew was on 100 Huntley St the other day. What he
had to say was not only refreshing, but right on the mark.
It is so nice, to hear a man, who has the guts, to tell people what
they need to hear, instead of what he thinks they want to hear.
Keep laying it on 'em brother!
Would you please give more information as to where I can get in touch
with Drew Marshal whom I just seen on your show Jan 29 07. Only his name
is on your Web site. I live in a tiny community in BC. and I had gone
through so much including churches discriminating because of my
sufferings ( which was taken away from me over 2000 years ago) Since I
was raised with Gods curses, and punishments and I was an undeserving
little girl it had taken me to understand that God even loves me. I was
given "shock treatments" by my own family and I was not even told, and
I did not found out till much-much later in life when my Father in
Heaven thought that it is time for me to know it. He had opened doors to
do that. But no one had taken any responsibility or given me
encouragement or any loving care ( I even had "Christians" telling me I
do not want to hear this things they are in the past, ) SO HOW COME I WAS
So I like to talk to Drew Marshal please give me his Phone Number, he
is so honest and true and want to thank him for this honesty about the
Thank you,

Whitby, ON

Just watched Drew Marshall on 100 Huntley St. and was wowed to know
there is a champion for the cause of the broken out there. I'm one
follower of Jesus that doesn't have it all together... and it's okay.
Jesus was about "broken people" That's the God we serve...

Thanks Drew.

Calgary, ON

Dear 100 Huntley Street,

I just wanted to say thank you for interviewing Drew Marshall on your show. My mom was a faithful watcher of your show when she was alive, but it hasn't really connected with me, until your interview with Drew. When I have tuned in to your show, i actually always feel bad afterwards because I am not "happy", "content" and "joyous" in my Christian life. I certainly believe in God, but it is not easy to be a leader in the church, especially in this world today. I work as a lay chaplain at a Catholic Secondary school and try endlessly to engage youth in their faith - this is an exhausting effort.

To see Drew on your show and to talk openly and honestly about the challenges of being a Christian was refreshing to know that I am not failing because I struggle as a Christian takes a load of my shoulders. Ideally, it would be nice to just give it all to God and be joyous, but it is difficult to not be human when dealing with teens, suicide, cutting, drugs, sex, and plain meanness of others. I recognize, thanks to Drew, that I am human and that I am Not God, and that it is okay to struggle....Drew taught me that God would still love me if I struggle.

Anyways, thank you for your ministry and please contact me if you have others on your show who are like Drew.
God Bless,

ON, Canada

Dear Brother Drew,

Greetings in Jesus name! This morning I saw a portion of the Christian
TV program, 100 Huntley Street. You were spotlighted in the portion I

I must say that a lot of what you said about the Body of Christ is
true; however, everything you said about the Body of Christ is also
false. Why false? False because there are believers prospering in
Christ in spite of everything that you said that is true.

Jesus is either the Truth or He is a liar. So far, I have discovered
Him to be the Truth. I became a follower of Jesus Christ in the summer
of 1993. To date, I have experienced some of ev Holy Spirit to lead
our lives. When we believe, we would be confident in what we believe
when the word of God work in our lives, much the same way we would toot
the horn for a business, which gave us good service. Another factor
here is for us to have the right view of God according to the Bible. If
we do not have the right view of the Godhead we would not find God.
This effort would be like living in Toronto and pointing a plane to the
erything you mentioned,
but I have also experienced a whole lot more glory as I live above my
circumstances. He healed me of insecurity, worry, anxiety and fear.
Deliverance from these four giants represents a fraction of the grace
He poured and still pours into my life.

Respectfully, I have to humbly say that there are babes in Christ and
also mature believers in Christ. When we call a person a mature
believer, it is about the spiritual growth of one believer relative to
another believer, who is much less spiritually mature than the other
believer. It is also true that all believers are babes in Christ
relative to God and Jesus. The more of the word of God a believer has
in his or her heart, not head, the more mature a believer is.

It is true that none of us know it all, but serving God and His
Son Jesus is all about believing and allowing theNorth Pole, but expecting to arrive in New York City in two hours. If
we do not believe in the Bible and do not allow the Holy Spirit to lead
our lives more and more, we would not be followers of Christ. As such,
we would not taste the goodness of God.

Bear in mind, I agree with much of what you say concerning the status
of the Body of Christ, but the Body of Christ is also in great shape
and it is a personal choice to taste and see that the Lord Jesus is
good. He promised to manifested Himself in our lives, He did in mine
and continues to do so (John 14:21).

Once He manifests Himself in our lives, He would give us a word to have
peace and joy in the midst of all the chaos in the Body of Christ. The
word He gives us would also allow us to go and tell others how they can
overcome all the things that are not needful. He would do the latter
because it is God s divine purpose to use people, who allowed Him to
heal them of their brokenness (our healing is continuous because all of
us are dysfunctional to one degree or another), and point people who
are floundering like we once were, to Christ.

In closing, I would like to add that all the hypocrisy in the
Body of Christ does not surprise Jesus (Matthew 13:27-30, 41; 15:7-11,
7:21-23). If we allow the Holy Spirit to lead out lives increasingly,
we would do the will of God and we would be confident in God and not in

Coquitlam, Canada

Dear Coquitlam, Canada

Thanks for your email. Drew received quite a bit of email after his appearance on 100 Huntley Street, and although he is unable to personally respond to it all, he has read each one. Drew has appreciated the number of people, like yourself, who have taken the time to contact him.

You can listen to The DREW MARSHALL Show Saturdays from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. EST live online through If you haven't already, you might want to check out some of the many archived interviews on, as well as the discussion forums.

Again, thanks sincerely for your email,

Dear TDMS,

Thanks for responding on behalf of Drew. Just let him know that now that he has more truth, which are answers to some of the things he said on 100 Huntley St; from now on his speech should reflect what he read in my response to him. If he does not believe my response contains truth; tell him I am open to any questions he might have (John 5:34, 15:22).
Thanks for you time!
God's Blessings,

Coquitlam, Canada

Heard the last half of your interview on 100 Huntley Street today - Mon
Jan 29th. YES! Christianese and the lack of recognition for the hypocrisy within the
church drives me crazy. Church is the hardest place for me to go and
keep my faith.

Kamloops, BC, Canada


I saw you on 100 Huntley Street, a show that I DO NOT watch for
all the same reasons as yourself. But when you only have two TV
channels sometimes that is what you see. Anyway, to get to the
question, I was curious what you thought about Bruxy Cavey and The
Meeting House. I am sure this is not the first time you have been asked
this. Everything you talked about on Jesus TV are things that ring very
true with me and I also find Bruxy's preaching extremely refreshing.
But let's face it, I could also see you butting heads with anybody!!
How different or similar are you guys?

Thunder Bay, ON

Hey there Drew,

I have one question, will you hang around with me in Heaven?
I saw you the other day on Huntley Street and you had me yelling at the
TV. Some of which was right on! Amen! Yes! What a refreshing child of God you are Drew! Too bad cloning is not allowed. i was so moved I immediately went to the website and listened to a few past interviews. Thank you brother for your inspiration. I'm going to my church board and seeing if i can get you as a guest speaker at my church. Keep up the good work and God continue to bless you in your ministry.
Love in Christ,

Cobourg, ON

I heard you for the first time while you were on Crossroads this a/m.
You are saying what others are thinking.

Chilliwack, BC

Good day Drew:

I had just dropped into a church about an hour ago
requesting if they were interested in starting a 12step program that
was not out too lunch from a Christian perspective I would be
interested in helping. "We are but trusted servant we do not govern" I
then called my friend Betty and she said that she viewed the Huntley
street program and that there was a guy on the show that thinks and
talks like us. I have a passion for ministry for people who are
hurting. My life is recovery. I do not attend church anymore but I
believe that I am more in love with God now than ever before. My
stomach turn sometimes because of the way many Christians go about
every day life with no concept of what it i s all about. I know that
God has a calling on my life to be a speaker or a life skill's coach.
However, I have told the Lord over and again that I could not do it in
his Chruch because most of them are out to lunch and don't get. If you
can be of any help to myself and the Lord puts this request on your
heart to do so it would be awesome to hear from you.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and God Bless Sincerely,

Nanaimo, BC Canada

Hi Drew

I saw your interview on 100 Huntley today--love you brother. I am a
life-long christian, filled with the Holy Spirit at 6 and the whole
thing--but as of the last 3 or so years, I have left the church. I just
don't want to be an unloving, judgemental person like so many of us are
and have been--if our theology is not in agreement with yours. That's
it in very short. I'm learning to live in faith, by love and I'm
learning every day--I love Jesus and His Church--it's just so
complicated. Okay that's enough. Do you know if you are heard in
Windsor, Ontario, Canada--if so what station. I'd love to tune in. I
listened to a few of your interviews online this afternoon. Thanks for
your time. Blessings

Windsor, ON

Hello Drew,

Wow all the power to you and I am thanking God for seeing you on
Crossroads this morning. finally who ruffles the feathers almost as
jesus did way back. I am not going to write a book simply because my brain was destroyed by "shock treatments" which I did not know till after 26 yrs later. I was
not even able to write words or pages (yet I have a wonderful story of
my Father in heaven) who stood by me when all , everybody and everything
disappeared from around me. So when I became a Christian I was told over and over again that jesus taken all of my past away (Except I felt lousy inside) so i went from
one church to an other without help. So finally I went to God to tell
me why is he "punishing" me just for being born to abusive parents who
had cursed me with Gods hate and punishment. Well the final answer is he
did not. when people have not taken responsibility for their actions well
they have to find an escape goat as my DEAREST JESUS BECAME FOR EACH
AND EVERY ONE OF US. Well and now I have a personal relationship with
him (no church group) but every day notes of communication with him
even when I am angry, hurt and feel still betrayed he is with me and no
one ever was with me and now I am almost 69 and he does love me like
His child which I had never really experienced from any one. No loving
hugs, or encouragement, ever till much later He started working on me
(OH YES AND I DO HAVE TO WORK ON IT IT DID NOT COME IN TO MY SOUL WITH "FLYING COLOURS") Wow did I blame my Father for everything, and some
time I still do yet I am still here and getting better as He guides me
each and every day, and NOW I LOVE IT IF HE CONVICTS ME, because I know
that with that I can repent than I am forgiven and I can go for the CHANGE, HE IS MARVELOUS. HE IS MY REAL FATHER, MY CREATOR HE ADOPTED
ME OUT OF THE PIT OF HELL (DURING MY LIFE OF HELL HE STUD BY ME KEPT ME WHOLE AND UNENJURED) BECAUSE HE KNEW MY HEART, LIKE NO OONE ELSE DOES OR DID. HE ACCEPTS ME AS NO ONE EVER DID, AND CONTINUES WITH MY BEING REPAIRED AS A DAMAGED GOODS I WAS as I was thought by my parents that HE HATES ME, I WAS CURSED WITH THE WRATH OF GOD SINCE I KNOW MY SELF AND EVEN MORE AFTER I BECAME HIS CHILD AND THAT WAS AFTER I TURNED 44 YRS. Well I am sorry that this is turning out to be a mini book but Revelation also says that the end times there will be only two Churches that the Father will be please with. And that people are such
phonies and so where does the devil starts his destruction (the world is already his) BUT IN THE CHURCHES. Also as I know my God and every body else's God is the one who created all things and all people (except our "wonderful human nature" loves to be "RIGHTEOUS") AND DISCRIMINATE. So here I am alone as a human being, but not From my Creator, Saviour, my love and husband, who cares and understands me
more than I my self.

OK. I quit now, I am sure and I am so joyous to see and hear you for ruffling those feathers. KEEP ON GOING, WE NEED YOU. AND I WILL COME IN THE WEB FROM TIME TO TIME THE ONLY WAY I CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU. Or

Seton Portage, BC

I watched 100 huntley street this morning, and was very impressed with
what you had to share...I agree, that it is time for us all to wake live consciously on this mother earth right show up
for our own lives, and for walk our talk as the elders
say...i host a weekly show The Goddess & TRU, in
Kamloops, thursdays at noon-2pm...
it is native spirituality & storytelling.. would love to hear form
you....blessings to you at this time in history,as my grandfather would
say, May You walk In Beauty (Navajo prayer)...

Kamloops BC Canada

Hello Drew
I happened to turn on 100 Huntley Street today Jan 29th and you were the guest today. I was very excited that someone finally went on television and told it like it is. The Barbie and Ken of Huntley Street comment was fabulous. The comment about how everyone comes onto the show and says how down and out they were and then they accepted Jesus and all was peachy afterwards...... was fabulous!!!!!!! Those are the reasons that I quit going to church and now attend our cities Mosaic in downtown Vancouver. They are real and our pastor would have said exactly the same thing that you did. He thinks and acts "outside the box" as well. I wonder what your radio station numbers are and if it is on for more than those 5 hours on Saturdays?
My Son has ADD so I found it quite funny, and totally understood your point, when the host missed the bit about her hair being nice. LOL Good demonstration of what ADD is. Great job!!!

I'm excited to have met you even if it was on television. It was so refreshing to see someone real on T.V. I don't watch Huntley Street for some of the reasons you mentioned but just happened to turn it on for no particular reason and there you were. The hosts of the show say that you provoked a lot of people, BUT that's a fabulous thing. People need to be shaken up sometimes (and more often than not) so that they don't become stale and complacent about Jesus. You're fabulous and thank you for being you!!
I will bookmark your webpage and try to find the radio station that you are on. Thanks again.

Vancouver, BC

Thank GOD you were on 100 Huntley Street this morning! Everything you
said made SO much sense to me - i haven't been able to stomach the
organized church for the "black sheep" in a religious
family, and even though I love Jesus and am WOEFULLY real, they look
down on me and my views, and see me as LACKING.....I get so fed up with
the JUDGEMENT and arrogance. It's got nothing to do with the love of
God. Thank you for your refreshing interview on the show - i normally
turn the dial and think the Blonde Barbie and Ken show is too much, but
YOU kept me watching.

Thanks Drew......Blessings. Thanks for being REAL.

Vancouver, BC

Dear Drew

I watch you on 100 Huntley St. today and one thing you said was let's
help those Mentally and emotionally challenged poeple. So I am going to get to the
point. My daughter is now 29 years old She stepped out of life at 20
years old. She said that people are too hard to deal with. With much
prayer she went back to school and got her degree in office
administration and with much difficult. But because of that experience
she could not go look for a job. The church did not know how to help
her so I just stopped asking for help. One person laughed at me when I
told her she has had no friends for so long. How can anyone understand
no one at all calls her to see if she is ok? So we silently suffer.
When people ask me how your daughter is doing I would answer them in
what I call Christianese so that would stop them for going on with
their questions. I believe if you re going to ask and you know that
there is a problem than you should go to the LORD in prayer for some
answer. So you don t go empty handed. Jesus never come to us empty handed he has
something to give, something!
But it s now going on to more years and I don t even answer them and
walk away, change the subject. So why am I emailing you. Because you
live on the outer edge were most Christians don t want to walk around?
Yes my daughter is emotionally hurt and needs someone to give her a
chance to prove she can work and someone who will understand that she
is fearful of people hurting her. So if you know of anyone that can
help her and give her a chance to work please give them her resume.
That s all I am really asking for someone to understand and give her a
chance. Thank you

Scarborough, ON

Hi Drew

Just wanted you to know that I loved watching you on Huntley Street
today. I hardly ever watch that show for the same reasons you so boldly
admitted (!) and it was a breath of fresh air to hear what you had to
say. I was even taking notes! I'm serious. I am so tired of thinking
that I have to conform to be accepted as a Christian. Like come
on...why can't we fart in church?!
Maybe that should be a topic for a show. Hehehe.
Thanks for making my day today.

Courtenay, BC Canada

Attn Drew Marshall,

Saw you on Huntley Street - usually dislike that show -thank you from
the bottom of my heart. I love God, and I am miserable in a traditional
church setting.

I'm a recovering alcoholic, and during my "very early" recovery, my
husband (who had his own issues), and I ran a twelve step program in
our church in Vancouver. You're laughing and mocking now... and if
you're not, you should be. God showed up in spite of "my husband's"
denial and my "hyper-ventilating faith". However, the more we recovered
and got real, the less we were able to relate to the Christian culture
around us. The more we knew God, the less we seemed to know what we
were doing, and why we were doing it.

Speaking for myself, I'm basically cranky and critical, and so all
weekend, ( and for a lot of my life) I've been in a pretty dark hole
because, I can't relate to church people or to church services - what
is that all about anyway? I feel like I don't get it. We are at our
fourth church in this area.

I particularly like the "holy hand grenade - pull the pin". I guess
Elijah felt like you do, quite a lot of the time. Hang in there Drew;
you give hope while cutting to chase.

Thanks again - it's fuel for one more day, in figuring out why God put
two people so misfitted to "churchianity" right in the middle of the
Canadian Bible belt.


Beaumont, AB

No need for a reply!
Thank you...for your honesty about the church and for sharing about
some of the nonsense going on in the church today. I just caught your
interview on 100 Huntley St.
I share some of the same concerns. Are we really about our Father's
work or are we more concerned with running a social club, scared to
rock the boat and go against tradition? Are we too comfortable? At
the same time, our world is hurting and we have the answer!! Jesus!!
Are we doing a good job at being His hands and feet, extending His
love...or do we fear change so much that we do nothing, or continue to
do the same old same old, while so many fall throught the cracks!
I struggle with wanting to be Spirit led in a world where the spirit of
control is alive and well(dare I say even in the church!!)

Blessings to you,

Fredericton, NB

Hi Drew,

I am young male currently attending University of Waterloo, I saw you on 100 Huntley Street this morning while I was at the gym( not the university one, they'd never allow that). I agree with/understand alot of what you where talking about. I think many times people become Christians and then forget about the whole carrying of the cross part. I think sometimes people become Christians, and forget about how hard it is going to be. Jesus said if anyone wants to follow me, let him pick up his own cross and follow. This does not meet God is going to leave us, God's grace is most important thing for getting through a struggle. I recently become Catholic about a year ago, before that I suffered from a pornographic/alcohol addiction. I still struggle everyday with the images, and temptations. My girlfriend has been helping me along the whole way. When I first become Christian I had many views against the Catholic Church, that it was a cult, that it constricted my freedom, that their priest are only men and rape little boys. As I started going to Church I realized there was some depth that was missing at Protestant churches that was only found at the Catholic Church. That is not to say the Catholic Church is perfect, we are still sinful people. I found the Protestant Church to be more wishy washy, more on the surface everyone praising and worshipping not dealing with their real struggles. I remember going to an Anglican Church and I was praying and they asked me if everything was ok. That was one of the first things that pulled me away, while I appraite their compassion, if someone is at deep prayer in a Catholic Church it was normal. Anyway when I heard you on TV today alot of what you where saying was the way I first felt toward the Protestant Church, until I realized the fullness and depth of Catholism. I found it be more you pick up that cross and carry it, and Jesus and us will help you. Where was the Protestant Church had a mentality of once save, always saved, where they did not deal with life problems head on, but tried to suppress them. I was just thinking maybe if you ever had the time you would look into Cathilism, with an open hear to see if it is true. I just sympatically wanted to help out another brother who is going through the same thing. Don't look at people when you research Catholism look at it's teachings/history and why, there are still many Catholics who just don't get it. Please don't look at me either, I am not perfect . If you also wanted I could send you a Catechism of the Catholic Church explaining all it's teaching, at least if you don't agree with it, it would be a good straight source for your show to help clear up some of the miss conceptions people have and would defiantly create some intense discussions.
God bless,

ON, Canada

Hey Marshall,

Thanks for being on Huntley St. I have been a Christian for 30ish yrs. I
am a Mum & now a grandmum. My husband & I struggle to see God in our lives
because we are going thru difficult financial things 4 1 thing. And because
my husband has not been a believer or professor of Christianity all these
years we have some hard questions to ask like, where will Ghandi spend
eternity? And I am not afraid of hard questions, but hardly anyone wants to
deal with these.

I think I would find your call-in show interesting. I live in MB & do not
have high speed. That is a province just west of the centre of Canada 🙂

I really struggle right now with traditional Christianity because it is too
boring & frustrating to sit & listen to sermons that you could have preached
better yourself, things you've heard for yrs & yrs, & etc. However, when I
do go, (about 1/mon to learn new songs & sing old ones), I every once in a
while hear something that was really worthwhile; something that keeps me
thinking for the wk & on; and then sometimes we pay a visit to a part of the
Bible that I haven't thought about for a while & I hear God speaking (may
not be quite what the preacher is saying)- it is so cool to hear God
speaking inside you.

I personally feel there is so much to learn about walking with God in this
world that I also feel very frustrated about the waste of time & money to
just say & do the old same. I realized this when I became part of a
business culture yrs ago. the business meetings I went to were always
cutting edge because they were people actually doing something & sharing
their secrets with people who intended to do it too. You know when Paul
preached & preached so long that a guy fell asleep & fell to his death out a
window, that was a spell binding meeting - it was so fresh! And then it was
a terrible meeting cuz a guy fell to his death & 911 had not been invented.
And then it was amazing because Paul went & reversed the situation - rebuked

OK, keep doing what you are doing - searching. Your interview on Huntley
was painful for me (I don't watch much Huntley, but certain Christian
programs have been my meat & drink for 30 yrs cuz I am rural & somewhat
isolated). Yes I am feeling a pain in my heart & I believe it is your pain.
Yes, you have pain inside. May God grant you a sense of rest in His love.
Maybe I will be able to pray for you a little.

Manitoba, Canada

Hello Drew

Your interview on 100 Huntley was the first time I was able to watch
the show for more than 30 seconds! Your sincere, honest approach to spirituality was amazing!You see things as they are! Most of the folks on 100 Huntley, with all due respect, appear to have had a labotamy. Very refreshing! I related to your words, I was raised a Roman Catholic, in a good, upper middle class family in Toronto.

Our family attendend church service on special holidays etc, and the
church brought me absolulty nothing. Just like you said, sing a song you don't know, agree with the nonsense and "fit the mold" or be gone. I left any idea of spirtuality for 30 years and never thought that I would enjoy spiritual faith again.

During the 30 years I was a miscreant, I was affiliated with the Montreal Hells Angles, and the Mafia. Thankfully, I didn't hurt anyone but myself, I was living in darkness.

Incredibly! Through His causless mercy I found the answer to my
spiritual void, the Vedas, the translation of Sanskrit, the oldest text
known to man.

It's incredible! I've read the bible twice, cover to cover and the
bible does not come close to the Bhagavad-Gita!

Now I'm studying the Srimad-Bhagavatam and have come back to spiritual
life in devotional service with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

I would highly recomend that you read the Gita and I sincerely hope
that it brings you what it has brought me.

The process of pruifying the senses and then purifying the intellegence
has changed my life.

* no drugs or alcohol [10 years]
* 100% vegetarian,
* no gambling,
* celebate [5 years]

I'm now practicing Bhakti Yoga,the yoga of devotion, and bringing
others to the absolute truth. I would enjoy being on your show to tell my story anytime.My story is very compelling.
Thanks Again Drew!

Your the real article my friend!
Peace Bro

Mt Tremblant, Quebec.

Dear Drew,

Wow! I just saw your interview on 100 Huntley Street. (So glad you didn't
wear the suit!) I was watching as I worked out on my treadmill and was so
charged up by all that you were saying that I forgot to be fatigued--my
adrenalin was pumping! Though Reynold and Kathy looked a little stunned as
you were talking, had I been there I think I would have been jumping on the
couch, cheering.

Much of what you said has been the topic of lengthy and passionate
discussions between my 21 year-old daughter (who seems to have quit church)
and myself (who is very tempted to quit). In the past couple of years I've
been really questioning "church" as we do it, and wondering why it feels so
shallow to me. I began to read about the post-modern movement and had an
epiphany of sorts. Then, God began loading my bookshelves with works by
people like Brian MacLaren, Donald Miller, Greg Garrett, Erwin McManus,
Brennan Manning, and many others who have helped me see that I am not alone
with these questions and longings. When I saw you today, it was another

I've been a "Christian" for most of my life, but I still managed to make a
big mess of it. I became disordered, dysfunctional, and ultimately suffered
a serious case of depression and anorexia nervosa. So, I was a totally
defeated Christian...I spent 80 weeks in a hospital psychiatric ward.
Medical treatment didn't help me, but ultimately Christ healed me. (I've
shared this story on It's A New Day-"Jesus T.V." from Winnipeg, and am now
writing a book about the spiritual journey out of depression.) I have not
arrived--in a sense, I feel like I am just beginning my spiritual
journey--but I can say that finally choosing to be a follower of Jesus
(rather than just a Christian) is changing me. But, it sure is

Thanks for being real and sharing what was on your heart in spite of the
fact that you'll probably receive some hate mail as a result. Hopefully this
letter will balance it out a bit.

By the way, I live in rural New Brunswick and never heard of you before
today. I look forward to listening to your show on-line!

NB, Canada

Saw you today on 100 Huntley Street. You are so right on about those
success stories vs. real life. I think hay, I'm walking with Christ,
etc. and how come nothing seems to really be working in my life?
What's wrong with me? And your right about the daily secular issues?
Don't these hosts ever have to deal with them, and if so how? They do
look perfect. I asked one of Huntley's host to be a speaker at a
benefit and was turned down because "they were too busy"! Things like
that are really hard to come to terms with sometimes!
So you know what, keep pushing those buttons!

Brampton, ON

Hey Drew!

It must have been a God thing that I happened across 100 Huntley St.
this morning just in time to see your interview. I never watch that
show... on purpose... but for some reason that is where I landed.
Having never heard of you before, I was impressed to see that there is
another person somewhat like me out there. I am totally on the same
page as you are concerning issues of the church not
understanding/reaching the culture(s) we live in, and all the
surrounding stuff that goes along with that. I've been consulting
churches for several years on those exact topics. It certainly is an
uphill and rarely rewarding battle.

I'm looking forward to listening to your show online, and want to throw
a note of encouragement your way to hopefully counteract the wealth of
negativity that people likely direct at you for your approach to
ministry. Unless I'm missing an inside joke, I'm thinking 100 Huntley
St. apologizing if you "ruffled feathers" and then telling you to "get
a life" after what I saw was a successful interview must have been
rather, well... they have terminology for that in our culture that I'm
sure you're aware of.
Thanks man... rock on.

Hamilton, ON

Hi Drew,

I just saw you on 100 Huntley Street and I can totally relate to what
you said. We are on a constant journey,
'nobody ever arrives', truth, and vulnerability is what it is all about
Authentic people. I was anti-organized religion and still am to a great degree - it is
all manipulative and not 'real'.
I red a book several years ago that had a geat impact on me. Now, I
understand people and all their behaviours and from that am beginning
to understand 'God' and spirituality. The key is 'unconditional love'
on earth as it is in heaven. Never being 'left' when you are behaving
badly. Just as Jesus has never left you.
Thank you for speaking out,

Georgetown, ON

Hey Drew,

I am impressed that you kept your cool and that you were respectful to Reynold and Kathy throughout your show today. Good on you to read Reynold's email publicly. It shows his vulnerability too along with your own. I think big things are going to happen for you and your career as a possible 'Michael Coren' of Christian TV. I think this is Romans 8:28 at it's best. Keep pressing on, cuz the enemy is going to attack you from all angles. I was blown away with the fellow who diss'd you for allowing your daughter to attend a dance....whoa! Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. You handled him with grace too. We need more folks like you who keep Christianity real. One cool aspect throughout all this too - the forum is now riding a wave of activity! Yeah! Looks like there are over 10 new members! On that note: I apologize for taking too many liberties and hogging forum posts, so - knock me back if necessary. It's just too tempting to visit and address issues when you're laid off for the winter with not much on the go. I'm learning. Your posts are just too darn interesting and act like a small, home-group environment of sorts.

Toronto, ON

Dear Drew

I just read the below - Wow I sound like a preacher - the following is just
a few thoughts I feel I need to express before you go to air. I was
thinking I shouldn't send it because I am rambling (packing for Africa) but here it is.


My Dad has done his best to be faithful to the call of God on his life. Many
have said he is perhaps the most respected Christian leaders in Canada.
This is because he has prayed and worked for unity across denominations and
focused on preaching the Gospel. He is now 70 and has handed over the
reigns to the younger generation. He always said that he didn't want to
grow old on TV. Crossroads has produced so many different programs through
the years because we knew that 100 HS can't be the all and all and appeal to

Drew you mentioned on air about the church not being available ... re.
taking calls on non-office hours from distressed people. 100 HS has for
almost 30 years been there for millions of callers. We have over 1000 calls
every 24 hours from people that need to talk... we handle many suicidal
calls as well - and yes we are open on Christmas and all holidays.
Crossroads is a large ministry that has always tried to serve the body of
Christ in all of its diversity, and introduce people to Jesus every day.
100 HS and Crossroads is doing what God has called it to do. Is there room
for a Drew Marshall type show??? I think so, but it needs to be created - I
still say that you would host a very entertaining and thought provoking

By the way... I know you love Ranch ministry. Crossroads has the Circle
Square Ranches - We have over 10,000 kids a summer having a blast.

Drew, I think that we ran out of time on 100 HS. We just needed to turn the
corner to something up... positive... hopeful. Ya that might be the 100 HS
formula... but I think it's just being a witness... testimony. We have to
make Jesus attractive and draw people into relationship with Him - the bible
says, "taste and see that Lord is good"
Ya I know sometimes life sucks, and we mess up big-time but there's got to
be a Jesus factor that makes a difference - And if it is true we need to
tell people the "positive".
Got to go … Africa

Be Blessed
Reynold Mainse
Co-Host, 100 Huntley Street

"Well, Norm is a very close friend of mine and 1 thing he is never short of is an opinion. That is not necessarily bad because Norm loves God and he loves people. I think most everyone on the set that morning were unprepared to handle Drew's approach. This was evident by delayed and somewhat "random" responses. I don't think Norm had given much thought nor time to his comment. I do know that Norm and I have a difference of opinion on this issue because we discussed it. But I need to paste a copy of the letter I sent yesterday (Sunday Feb 11) to Reynold Maines @ Crossroads."

Hi Reynold,

Greetings! Hope all is well.

Good to see you on Huntley Street when I get a chance.

Hey, I need to share something with you about your interview with Drew Marshall.

I know there was a bit of turmoil as a result of that interview, but let me perhaps encourage you with something. 1st of all, I loved it! But, that could also be that I tend to live on the edge of controversy myself. In 25 yrs of ministry I have never thought of ministry the way I do today.

Well anyway, a friend emailed me the link to that interview which is on His intentions were purely entertainment but when I watched I heard something beyond the mere venting of a critic. I had prepared a message for this morning on Gal 5:1 "Liberty". When I heard Drew and 3 words that he used, "Vulnerable, Genuine and Teachable" I thought, "That is LIBERTY in it's purest form!!!". One of our greatest bondages in the church is the "pretension" we adorn ourselves with when it is "Sunday go to meeting time". The thing is, those people to whom we (the church) are to be a "city set on a hill" and "the salt of the earth", those people work with us and they recreation with us, they live with and observe us Monday to Saturday. They know us and our struggles, and therefore they are NOT fooled by us on Sunday. I could not escape the thought that what Drew was speaking of, and confessed he had not attained is true "liberty"! That is our journey.

So, I gave the introduction to my sermon this morning and then played the interview in it's entirety to my congregation. I explained ahead of time that some of the content was controversial, and though I agree, there are some things I would not have said on that venue. But, I encouraged the people to listen as I believe Drew was sharing the heart of society's majority, and what society is looking for in a church. I encouraged them to take notes and write down any ideas as they come to them and then we would take time for discussion.

Reynold, I was amazed!!! Not one person gave a negative word. Not even after the service. I can honestly say, I believe we were convicted, forgiven, and received a new sense of creativity for ministry, all in the same service!!! Even the part about the "Holy Grenade"! One of the men said, "pastor, I think you have been pulling the pin on us for 3 years now and today I believe it exploded". Many, many people spoke and shared ideas for ministry to the down and out. We will immediately begin looking to fill our 3 freezers in the church basement and instituting a revolving schedule for people to answer a cell phone after hours for those in need. What resonated so clearly with us is how we build our services to satisfy us and disqualify those we are responsible for, and as of this morning our focus of ministry is what we do from Monday to Saturday.

In January I had a banner put on the back wall of the platform that reads, "It's Not about us"! This was a great reminder and strong confirmation.

It is like anything else, if we can hush our spirits long enough to hear the heart of God, we will understand the conviction beneath our offended nature.

By the way, I have sent Drew an email inviting him to come and speak at our church sometime.

God Bless You, and tell Kathy (Barbie) ha ha, hello. If you are ever coming to New Brunswick, let me know. I am looking forward to seeing your dad out here in a few days.

Carried By The Cross,

Moncton, NB