"When Drew was a young guy, I thought he was the craziest man I'd ever met. If he didn't end up in jail, Drew would really make an impact with his life. Well, he's not in jail and I think that Drew could become one of Canada's premier motivational speakers. I really believe that he's got what it takes."
~Paul Henderson - Canadian Icon, Team Canada, Summit Series Hero, Motivational Speaker

Drew can share with your group about his experience with...FAITH
As a former Pastor now disillusioned with religion, Drew Marshall has spent the last decade as the host of Canada's most listened to spiritual talk show. He's interviewed spiritual leaders, cultural influencers, and yes... even celebrities, to find out why and how people Believe! He's spoken with Marie Osmond about her Mormonism, Larry King about his Agnosticism, Alice Cooper about his Christianity, Sinead O'Connor about her Rastafarian Catholicism, and Penn Jillette about his Atheism. His quest to understand “faith” has taken him to Israel for a month where he meditated at the Wailing Wall; wept at Jerusalem's Holocaust Memorial; stayed at an orphanage in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve; herded sheep in Nazareth; and camped in the Judean desert during the worst sand-storm in 50 years. He's slept at Stonehenge, taken the pilgrimage to a monastic Mecca in the Scottish Hebrides, and waited for the tide to go out before traveling across the mystical road to Holy Island off the coast of England. He's consumed ales with Witches, drank mead with Druids, celebrated Solstice with Wiccans, discussed Hedonism with the High Priest of The Church Of Satan, and asked Canada's polygamist leader about his bed-sharing schedule. He was also invited to L. Ron Hubbard's 100th Birthday Celebration by the President of Scientology Canada. Drew Marshall's personal pursuit to believe in the "unbelievable" has even led to giving up his eyesight for an entire week during Lent. “The longer I search, the more I understand that doubt is actually more compatible with faith than certainty.”

"One of the most interesting interviews I've ever had!"
~Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Drew can share with your group about his experience with...DEATH
Growing up in a Funeral Home has given Drew Marshall a unique perspective on death. From embalming bodies to retrieving them from suicide and homicide scenes, he performed every task imaginable in the family business. As a Hospital Chaplain, Drew has been at the bedside of many as they've breathed their last breath. As a former Pastor, he has walked with family members through the loss of loved ones. Losing his own mother when he was 22 (on the same night his son was born) and surviving his own suicide attempt as a teen, has helped give Drew an intimate and insightful understanding into one of life's least discussed, yet most guaranteed events – DEATH. "Embracing my mortality has given me permission to live!"

"Drew is a gifted speaker with a keen curiosity and an irreverent sense of humor.
Hmm...wonder why I like him so much..."
~Kathie Lee Gifford, Co-Host of The Today Show

Drew can share with your group about his experience with...LIFE!
Not wanting to wait around for life to give him a shot after being asked to leave four schools, Drew Marshall finally dropped out after completing Grade 9 and took off to California. There he took a shot at being a wrangler at a ranch-camp in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. After returning to Canada in his early twenties, and having never played a game of football in his life, he took a shot at becoming a pro-football player and began playing semi-pro, which led to NFL & CFL tryouts. Then, Drew took a shot at voluntarism. He and his family drove around North America for six months, volunteering at over 50 non-profit camps for kids. Shortly after returning home, Drew took a shot at an overseas move to Australia with nine bags of clothes, two children, no place to live, and no job! Once there, he took a shot as an associate pastor at a church in the Blue Mountains. Five years later he moved his family back to Canada and in 2003 and with absolutely zero broadcasting experience, walked into a radio station and took a shot at hosting a talk show. Drew now hosts Canada's Most Listened To Spiritual Talk Show - listened to by an estimated 100,000 people around Southern Ontario and online by listeners from over 150 Countries! More recently, Drew decided to take a shot at improv & stand up comedy and became a student at the infamous Second City Toronto. To be continued...

"The longest, nicest interview I've ever done! I'm quite proud of it! Drew is a great interviewer!"
~Don Cherry, NHL Commentator & Former Head Coach



Radio & TV Personality

Journey to Christmas Highlight Reel

Journey to Christmas Trailer

A four-part reality-doc series.

The Devil We Know

Drew's clips from an Arcadia Entertainment documentary.




Listen to one of Drew's many "God Guy" appearances on the Humble & Fred Show CLICK HERE

"Drew Marshall is one of my favourite people. Articulate, engaging, charming, witty - who knew God Guys could be so much fun? I sure didn't! Nor would I have ever considered that a God Guy would be a good guest for a classic rock station. But, as it turns out, Drew was a superb guest - he spent over an hour with us talking politics, music, hockey and religion. His skills as an interviewer and his wide range of personal experiences make for a winning interview. The listeners love him, as do we. We look forward to every Drew call."

Patti MacNeil
The Terry and Patti Show

Q107 FM Calgary



As a professional communicator in a diverse variety of settings for over 20-years, Drew's style has been consistently described as...
"Very real! Genuine!" "Down to earth!" "Vulnerable!" "Incredibly honest!"

He's been invited to speak wherever he's lived - Australia, U.S.A or Canada! The functions have varied in size from 50 to 5,000.

  • Canadian Association of Broadcaster's Annual Convention, Vancouver - Guest Panellist ("The Societal Impact of Talk Radio")
  • Write Canada's Annual Writer's Conference - Faculty ("Authors... You can write but can you survive an interview?")
  • College & University Events
  • Staff Training / Team Building / Corporate Motivational Events
  • Service Clubs
  • School Wide Seminars
  • Sports Groups & Camps
  • Men's Groups
  • Church Retreats
  • Denominational & Inter-Denominational Conferences


    "It's always fun having Drew Marshall on our show.
    He's an interesting guest, with a lot to say and it always leads to some great comedy."

    ~David Shore, Canadian Comedy Award Winner, Second City Alumni, Monkeytoast Creator



    "Drew Marshall was a brilliant addition to our new groundbreaking politically incorrect series which combined comedy and debate with comedians and experts, tackling the most sensitive of political, racial or religious subjects. Drew was engaging, genuine, provocative, charming and funny! At the end of the show, one of our most strident atheist panellists insisted that the world would be a much better place if Drew Marshall were Pope. So when I say he was charming, I wasn't exaggerating."
    ~Tim Rykert, Programmer, Vancouver Comedy Festival




Dialogue is always more engaging than "jug to mug" communication.

In the North American television industry, there are countless talk-shows consisting of engaging dialogue amongst various participants, which continue to hold very substantial ratings. Yet when LIVE functions are held, we seem to insist upon the archaic format of inviting a "Guest Speaker" and have them pontificate for 30-45 minute. There are very few people that interesting or that engaging in a society of intelligent, quick thinking multi-taskers.

Even though the concept of inviting a Guest Speaker is substantially over done and very linear, there are some scenarios which simply require the old ways.

However, consider a second option. Invite someone to interview your guest! The right person with the experience, the professionalism and the reputation to ask the right questions at the right time and with just the right amount of well timed humour... now that sounds engaging! Both for your guest as well as the audience!

Drew Marshall is quickly gaining a solid reputation of being one of North America's premier celebrity interviewers. So much so, that the standard line from the vast majority of his guests is, "How did you know that about me? You've really done your homework."

For your next function, why not invite Drew to interview your Guest Speaker. He'll help you get your money's worth and make your event a success by helping your Guest Speaker relax and have fun, while keeping your audience completely engaged!



Whether it's an elegant gala dinner, an outdoor music festival or a charitable fund raiser - he's done them all! Drew will keep things moving with tact, yet remain flexible enough for those last minute changes. With his quick wit, attention to detail and ability to authentically engage any audience, inviting Drew Marshall to emcee your event will ensure that everyone will enjoy the evening, just that much more.

"Drew Marshall is a highly gifted, charismatic and witty MC who masterfully charms and engages his audiences. As the MC for the Kingfest concerts, he brilliantly and seamlessly delivered the evening program, generating enthusiasm, spontaneous laughter and high energy in the theatre. So much is his natural MC talent, that Drew was the pivotal factor in the events' overwhelming success, and this was in spite of appearances by world class recording artists."
~Nancy Bodi - President, Kingfest Chair of York Region Tourism Advisory Council

"Drew Marshall is more than good-natured, intelligent and funny. He acted as auctioneer at a number of our signature gala fundraisers and warmed up the audience to produce great revenue results. He also demonstrated compassion and care for our consumers in telling the March of Dimes' story."
~Andria Spindel - President and Chief Executive Officer, March Of Dimes Canada



Radio personalities around the world have branched into the voice over industry. Drew Marshall is no exception! From corporate videos to animation!

Burkina Faso Well Drilling - Drew Marshall Voice Over

Steakhouse 63 - Drew Marshall Voice Over