Blind Sacrifice

For the last week of Lent, Toronto area broadcaster Drew Marshall decided to give up his sight. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, Drew placed specially made contact lenses over his eyes which prevented him from seeing anything. As you can imagine, he’s been asked many times… “Why?”

“Aside from having great admiration for the visually impaired, I’ve often thought that being an overly visual North American male has meant that Ive missed out on the more subtle movements of God. My sight has always gotten in the way of my spiritual growth, because of issues with either trust or lust. So maybe… just maybe, with the absence of sight might come a more attuned sense of the quiet whispers of the Holy? Being blind for an entire week was by far one of the most mind blowing experiences I’ve ever had.”

Be sure to listen to our Saturday April 18th show on our listen page as Drew debriefs about his blind experience with… Grammy Award Winners, The Blind Boys of Alabama – Christie Healey, Widow of Juno Award Winner, Jeff Healey – Hollywood Actor & Author, Tom Sullivan. (If anyone knows Stevie Wonder, could you tell him that we’d love to interview him someday as well?)

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